Texturizers room a hair process typically used by afri Americans and others with an abnormally tight curly pattern. Texturizers are similar to permanent relaxers, but unlike relaxers, texturizers don"t leave her hair straight. They just relax the curl pattern to make your hair more manageable. Texturizers are made up of solid chemicals and also should be used by a hair professional. If you choose to perform the process yourself, home kits are obtainable for purchase at beauty it is provided stores and drug stores. Following the directions carefully will afford friend the best results possible.

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Purchase the commodities you"ll need. Consult a expert stylist around which commodities will finest keep her hair shiny, curly and moisturized. There room several different companies the make texturizers and the accompanying maintain products. Ask her stylist whether you deserve to mix and also match, or if you have to purchase whatever from the same brand line.

Sleep v your head covered. The function of texturizers is come loosen her curl pattern to alleviate frizz and increase manageability. Sleep v a silk scarf on her head to save your hair from becoming dried out and to maximize the services of the texturizer.

Wet your hair daily. This help to re-define her curl pattern. Include moisturizing product to your hair while the is tho wet. Comb her hair before it dries to keep it from getting tangled and also frizzy. If you have to keep styling her hair after the dries, comb it v your fingers. Psychic that utilizing a comb on dried texturized hair will frizz the curl pattern.

Wash her hair as regularly as you typically would. Usage the form of shampoo and also conditioner encourage by her stylist come ensure your curls are protected. While in the shower, comb her hair from root to pointer to remove tangles. Shake her hair while you"re in the shower to loosen your curls. Tie a towel roughly your hair and enable the towel come soak up the water from her hair quite than rubbing the towel vigorously throughout your hair.

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Get a touch increase texturizer as needed, whenever you notice your curly pattern isn"t as serene as you"d like it come be. Make an appointment through your stylist; return there space at-home texturizer kits, don"t risk applying it incorrectly. Girlfriend don"t need to gain a touch up every 6 to eight weeks like a relaxer. Because both the texturized hair and also the un-texturized hair space both curly, it will be difficult to tell whereby your natural hair ends and the relaxed hair begins.