The suitable Time andFrequency for Communion

When and howoften have to Christians remember Jesus" death in the Lord"ssupper (communion)? have to we commune ~ above the first day that theweek (Sunday) or on the seventh-day Sabbath? Denominations mayhave the unleavened bread and also fruit of the vine weekly, monthly,quarterly, or annually. This research examines the to teach ofChrist concerning the time and also frequency because that partaking the theLord"s table.

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Introduction:When must we eat the Lord"s Supper?

Many denominations have the Lord"s Supper as soon as a month, once everythree months, as soon as a year, just on special holy days, or simply whenever theyfeel like it. Other groups sometimes have actually it top top weekdays.

Some non-instrumental "churches of Christ" have started havingthe Lord"s Supper on days various other than the an initial day of the week.

Some in "conservative" churches have actually told us that this issimply a matter of personal conscience, no a issue of right or wrong.

And part members the the church will certainly go weeks at a time not attending if saints commune, also when they might come. This mirrors they don"treally see participating each first day the the week together being important.

The objective of this examine is come examine bible teaching around when tohave the Lord"s Supper.

The concerns to it is in answered in this lesson, then, are:

(1) What day should we have actually the communion, and also how generally does thattime occur?

(2) How necessary is the job for having actually the Lord"s Supper? Does it reallymatter?

I. Background Information

A. Ethics of scriptures Authority

The following principles of scriptures teaching will certainly be necessary in our study:

We must have bible authority for everything we perform in offer God.

The bible principle

We should not take part in any practice in God"s service unless us findit teach in the gospel. If God"s word claims to carry out a thing, we must do itjust together He says and not change it.

Matthew 15:9 - Our worship to God is vain if that is based upon humandoctrines.

Galatians 1:8,9 - If us follow fabricated doctrines the differ from thegospel, we are accursed.

2 man 9 - If we do not abide in the to teach of Jesus, we execute not haveGod. To have God, we should abide in Jesus" teaching.

The holy bible is a complete and perfect overview to whatever God wants us todo (2 Tim. 3:16,17; man 16:13; 2 Peter 1:3). We carry out not need to have apassage especially forbidding us to do specific acts in order to recognize theyare wrong. When God tells us what to practice, climate it would certainly be wrong come dosomething different, even if he nowhere specifically said no to carry out the otherthing. If He says to carry out one thing, and also we do something else, then we arefollowing human being doctrines and a different gospel, therefore our worship is vain andwe have actually not God.

Some examples

Why shouldn"t we usage milk and also lamb top top the Lord"s Table? due to the fact that Godsaid to have actually unleavened bread and also fruit the the vine.

Why shouldn"t us sprinkle or to water for baptism? since God claims to buryin baptism.

Why shouldn"t we baptize babies? because God said human being mustunderstand, believe, repent, and also confess prior to baptism.

These and also many other acts room wrong, since there is "no Bibleauthority because that them," also though no passage expressly forbids them.They are different from what God said. They are nowhere taught in the Bible.

Likewise, if we discover that God has told us what day to have actually the Lord"sSupper, but we execute it on some various other day, climate we would certainly be acting by humanauthority. This would certainly violate holy bible teaching just as surely as the otherexamples we have mentioned.

This rule of following scriptures authority is fundamental to ourunderstanding the this and other subjects.

God teaches us, not simply by commands and also direct statements, but also byexamples and also "necessary inferences."

To abide in Jesus" teaching, we should know exactly how to determine what Hiswill is. His will is sometimes stated directly in commands and also directstatements. However it is other times taught by examples and also by thinking toconclusions the necessarily monitor from what is stated.

1 Peter 2:21 - Jesus left an example that we must follow His steps.

Philippians 3:17; 4:9 - Paul offered us an example to follow as a pattern.We need to do the points seen in Paul, and the things heard from him.

1 Corinthians 11:1 - We have to imitate Paul as he imitated Christ.

Hebrews 5:14 - no all great to it is in learned from scriptures are simpleand obvious. We must have our senses exercised in holy bible study, so us candiscern the proper conclusions.

Acts 17:1-3 - Paul reasoned with world from the bibles to reachconclusions the necessarily followed but were not directly proclaimed in thoseScriptures. This is excellent in many bible passages (see Matt. 22:23-32; Heb.7:11-25; Matt. 19:3-9; etc.).

So, God"s will on a issue may be revealed by examples or byconclusions that necessarily follow from what is stated, even though theconclusion itself is not straight stated.

As we study any type of passage ~ above a subject, we must also take right into accountother passages on the subject.

Acts 3:22,23 - We need to hearken to all things Jesus teaches.

Matthew 4:4,7 - male must live by every word from God"smouth. Once the adversary quoted a passage, Jesus cited an additional passage come showthe devil had misused the an initial passage.

For instance, suppose we find a passage that shows God authorized of Hispeople law a thing in a certain way, then in one more passage we find that Heapproved of them doing the thing a various way. We need to then break up thatit doesn"t matter which way it is done. Yet if us take every the informationwe have actually on a subject, add it up, and also find that there is just oneway revealed because that doing a thing, then that is the sample we need to follow.

B. Observations concerning Bible Memorials & Feasts

The Lord"s Supper is a memorial feast. We participate in storage of Jesus"death (Matt. 26:26ff; 1 Cor. 11:23ff; etc.). In the Old Testament, Godinstituted several various other memorials and also feasts. These space not in impact today(Heb. 10:9,10; Gal. 3:23,24; 5:1-4; Col. 2:14,16; etc.). But the Old Testamentrecord have the right to teach us some useful lessons (Rom. 15:4; 1 Cor. 10:1-12).

Whenever God authorized a unique memorial or feast in His worship, Healways told man when and how frequently to perform it.

This is a universal reality with no exception in Scripture. Think about thefollowing examples:






Ex. 12:6,14,24ff

14th Day,1st Mo



Lev. 23:24

1st Day, 7thMo



Lev. 23:27

10th Day,7th Mo



Lev. 23:39-44

15th Day,7th Mo



Ex. 20:8-11

7th day ofweek



Acts 20:7

1st work ofweek


If the Lord"s Supper does not have actually a mentioned time and frequency forpartaking, then it is the only among God"s appointed memorials or feasts inhistory the does not. And it is a memorial to the most important duration of timein history! Why walk to all the trouble to design the memorial, define in detailhow to do it, then leaving no guidelines around when to do it? Surely we shouldexpect the brand-new Testament to tell us once to have the Lord"s Supper.

When God claims the day for observing a memorial, the language alsonecessarily means how regularly it should be done.

Consider the Old testimony examples currently listed. In most instances God simplynamed a day to have it, but the human being were expected to understandfrom that how frequently to have it. They to be to have actually it everytime the mentioned day occurred!

If a feast or memorial to be to occur on a details day that a details month ofthe year, climate the civilization would carry out it as frequently as the timeoccurred; hence, an annual feast. If that was proclaimed to it is in on acertain job of the month, climate as often as the job of the monthoccurred, it would observed; hence, a monthly observance (Ezek.46:1,6,7). If it to be to occur on a certain day the the week, thenit would be done as frequently as that day that the week occurred; hence, a weeklyobservance (such together the Sabbath).

When God collection a day for the observance, then that additionally settledthe frequency. That did not have actually to specifically state it should bedone every time the day occurred. This was taken (a"necessary inference"). If human being observed the memorial on job otherthan once God said, would certainly they have actually been obeying Him? If the specified dayarrived and also people might observe it however failed to execute so, would certainly He have beenpleased?

II. A examine of plot 20:7

This is the passage the tells us most about when the new Testamentchurch observed the Lord"s Supper.

A. A research of the city in Context

Verses 1-6

After the job of unleavened bread (the Jewish Passover - v6), Pauland his traveling companions left Philippi in Macedonia on a trip toJerusalem. They took 5 days to acquire from Philippi come Troas, then theywaited there seven days.

Verse 7

The hands-on worker came with each other on the an initial day of the week to breakbread. At the time, Paul taught to them, and spoke till midnight,though he to be planning to leave the next morning.

The expression "break bread" right here must refer to the Lord"sSupper as it go in Matt. 26:26; mark 14:22; Luke 22:19; acts 2:42; 1Cor. 10:16; and 1 Cor. 11:23,24. In part contexts this phrase might refer toa usual meal (see action 2:46), yet that cannot be the case here. Thiscontext plainly refers come a church worship assembly, and also Paul had actually alreadytaught in 1 Cor. 11:17-22,34 that Christians were not to eat common mealsin their prayer assemblies. If this were a typical meal, Paul would haveviolated his very own teaching in 1 Cor. 11.

Verses 8-16

During Paul"s lengthy speech, Eutychus dropped asleep, fell out a window,and to be killed. Yet Paul elevated him from the dead.

As planned, Paul left in ~ daybreak (v13). His intent was to cross landand capture up v the boat, i m sorry had already sailed earlier (vv 13,14).They to be hurrying to gain to Jerusalem by Pentecost (v16).Pentecost was fifty job after Passover (Lev. 23:15,16). So they had onlyfifty work to make this pilgrimage from the time they left Philippi (v6).

B. Conclusions native the Passage

The day for the Lord"s Supper is "the an initial day of theweek."

Our examine of Old testament memorials has taught us to intend that Godwould call us once we should have the Lord"s Supper. Yet remember that Godteaches through example and also by command. So, the example of action 20:7shows the the day because that the Lord"s Supper is "the an initial day of theweek."

The nature the the language shows that the frequency for the Lord"sSupper is every an initial day that the week.

Just as in the Old testament observances, once God claims a time come doa thing, it have to be done simply as regularly as that time occurs. The work forobserving the Lord"s Supper is the very first day the the week. However every weekhas a an initial day. So, whenever the first day the the week comes, that"swhen the disciples should come with each other to break bread.

Note the parallel to the Sabbath:

Exodus 20:8,10 - mental the Sabbath day (7th day) to keep it holy.Acts 20:7 - disciples came together on the first day that the week tobreak bread.

When Israel obeyed God"s command regarding the Sabbath Day, just how oftenwould castle remember it to save it holy? Every seventh day,as often as that day came. For this reason it to be a weekly observance. Likewise, Acts20:7 states the hands-on worker came with each other to rest bread on the an initial day ofthe week. That language also way that us should have the Lord"s Supperevery very first day.

If you take it a job and were told the pay day was on Friday, how oftenwould you intend to it is in paid? Wouldn"t you know that the nature ofthe language necessarily meant you would be paid once a week, every week,on Friday?

I once read an advertisement for a denomination the said: "Communion: firstand 3rd Sunday." Obviously, that differs from what the scriptures says.But the suggest is: have the right to we recognize what that language means? how oftenwould you intend that group to have actually communion? Every time the an initial orthird Sunday of the month occurred, right?

But the gospel states that disciples came with each other on the an initial day ofthe week to rest bread. For this reason when and how regularly should we have actually the Lord"sSupper? If us follow the scriptures example, we will certainly come together to have actually iton the an initial day of the week, every an initial day that the week.

Suppose human being want to have the Lord"s Supper once a year, once amonth, or on week days, etc.? What bible authority could they market forit? If we respect holy bible examples, and if us must uncover our practicesauthorized in the gospel, then if we had the Lord"s Supper in ~ timesother 보다 each very first day of the week, wouldn"t that be disobeying thegospel just the same as if we i was baptized babies or had lamb and also milk in thecommunion?

C. Might Acts 20:7 it is in an Unusual, outstanding Case?

Some facets of the example were exceptions.

If we should obey brand-new Testament examples as in acts 20, people sometimesask, "Does that typical the preacher have to preach it rotates midnight, andsomebody must loss asleep, loss out the window, and also die?"

Of food not, yet the paper definition of the example itself clearly impliesthat this were unusual circumstances. These to be not usually expected orrequired also of the disciples in ~ Troas. If an occasion was outstanding forthem, climate it surely would certainly not be a necessity for us. So, we know theseevents space not intended come be patterns we must follow because the contextitself reflects us the they were not the typical practice.

Was the Lord"s Supper top top the first day exceptional?

Someone might think that maybe the disciples" assembling to commune onthe an initial day was an unusual circumstance. Prefer these various other things, maybethis too was not their typical practice, so we don"t need to imitate it.Perhaps castle met that day only since an apostle was visiting.

What is over there in the context that would show it was unusual for thechurch to accomplish on the first day? ~ above the contrary, the paper definition clearlyshows the this was not unusual.

The passage says they come "to break bread," not that theycame because there was a visiting apostle (v7).

When Paul arrived in town, he had to wait 7 job till the church met.But he was in a hurry to get to Jerusalem, so much so the he left thenext morning after remaining up every night. His delivery had currently left, andhe had to travel over soil to capture up through it (vv 8-16). If the church couldhave met because that the Lord"s Supper top top Saturday or any kind of other day, why waitso long to call the meeting? If the main purpose that the conference was sothey can hear a visiting apostle, why not collection the meeting at a timeconvenient for his plans?

Paul"s take trip companions had arrived ahead of time (v5), for this reason thedisciples in Troas had advance notice of his coming. Learning Paul wascoming, and then discovering he was in such a hurry, why would certainly the churchwait it spins the last possible day come meet, do him remain up all night, andmake him leaving by land rather of ~ above his boat? Why no just contact themeeting because that Saturday or also earlier? plainly the an initial day of the weekmattered.

The implication of the passage is that the first day of the week wasthe typical time the church met for the Lord"s Supper, and Paul simplyused that conference as an chance to teach.

And why does the account also name the day of the week onwhich castle met?

Why bother to tell us how long lock waited after showing up (v5) andthen name the day once the church met (v7)? numerous other passages mentionspecial meetings the Christians dubbed for distinct purposes; however we arenot called what job of the main those meetings occurred. The onlyday the the week ever before singled out for one-of-a-kind mention regarding worshipof christians is the first day the the week.

Christians did satisfy on other days, yet the only day especiallymentioned, and also the only day on i m sorry we are told they had actually the Lord"sSupper, is the an initial day of the week. If the job is not significant, whymention this day, and never mention any other day?

We will shortly see other proof that the very first day of the week issignificant, including proof that the church did accomplish each firstday the the main (1 Corinthians 16).

So, action 20 plainly states the the hands-on worker came together on first day the the week to break bread. Over there is no proof that that wasexceptional because that the church to assemble on that day for the purpose. Onthe contrary, the proof indicates that the first day the the week wasespecially significant. The church met on that day, due to the fact that that is whenthey generally met.

And remember, if action 20:7 is not telling us as soon as to have actually theLord"s Supper, then we cannot know when God wants us to participate.

If the practice explained in acts 20:7 is an exception, not the patternof normal practice, then God has offered us a memorial, commanded us to observeit, but told united state nothing around when to carry out so. This would certainly make the Lord"sSupper - the memorial come the most important duration of time in Biblehistory - the only memorial feast God ever authorized for which he doesnot phone call us as soon as to do it.

When we believe that God will certainly tell us as soon as to participate in Hisauthorized memorials, and when us realize the we need to respect Bibleexamples, climate we recognize that God"s indigenous is teaching united state to cometogether to rest bread each first day that the week. We recognize when to carry out itand how regularly to do it. Local churches the respect God"s word will certainly havethe Lord"s Supper the often, and individual disciples will certainly be over there whenthe church meets therefore they can participate.

III. The to teach of other Passages

We now recognize that Christians have to find new Testament authority for allour practices, the God constantly tells His people when and how frequently theyshould observe His authorized memorial feasts, and also that plot 20:7 teaches usthat hands-on worker met because that the Lord"s Supper on the first day of the week.However, we recall the we should take all the bible says ~ above a subject.

For example, part ask why us don"t have actually the Lord"s Supper in one upperroom (third story), since that is wherein the church met in plot 20:8,9. Theanswer is that, when we study various other passages, we uncover there is nosignificance come the place. Churches met in various places. Because that example, thechurch in Jerusalem met routinely in a porch the the temple (Acts 5:11-14).So taking all the bible says top top the subject shows that whereby we satisfy doesnot matter.

So what carry out we learn from various other passages about when to have actually the Lord"sSupper? might it be the there space passages other than acts 20:7 showingthat the church may have actually the Lord"s Supper at some time other than thefirst day the the week? Or does various other teaching combine the conclusion thatthe an initial day of the week has special meaning as a time for Christiansto meet?

A. Teaching concerning the Lord"s Supper & Assemblies

Acts 2:42

The very first congregation of converts "continued steadfastly"in breaking bread and also the apostle"s doctrine, prayer, etc. (Againwe keep in mind that the various other items in this verse are acts of worship. So, asdiscussed earlier, "breaking that bread" below must refer to theLord"s Supper, not a typical meal, due to the fact that 1 Cor. 11 forbids having actually a commonmeal in prayer meetings.)

"Continue steadfastly" does not define how often thedisciples had actually the Lord"s Supper. However it walk tell united state it to be a regularevent, frequently done amongst them, and they to be diligent in practicing it.It was not a rarely event, nor was it hit and also miss.

Hebrews 10:25

The church had consistent assemblies, and the members to be taught to notneglect those meetings. This does not cite the Lord"s Supper, nordoes the tell how frequently the assemblies occurred. It does, however,reinforce the idea that regular meetings. And it shows thatmembers are responsible to attend those meetings. When the church ismeeting, members must be there.

1 Corinthians 11:17-34

Jesus desires all His world to mental His death in the Lord"s Table(vv 23-26). This is not optional. We need to participate in that diligently.

Further, we must eat the Lord"s Supper when the church assembles(vv 20,33; cf. Vv 17,18,34). This contrasts to typical meals, i beg your pardon Paulsays we need to not eat in ours assemblies. We need to have typical meals athome (vv 22,34) - i.e., except church activity.

Note: Some human being assume the expression "as regularly as" (v26) meanswe are cost-free to decide because that ourselves when to have actually the Lord"s Supper. But"as frequently as" simply means "whenever" or "everytime" - watch NIV, NEB, etc. That simply means that, at any time one thinghappens, then the various other thing happens. However of itself the expression doesnot for sure tell girlfriend how often either point happens.

Example: mean your agency says: "We will certainly deduct earnings taxfrom your examine as regularly as you obtain paid." How frequently will they deducttax? As frequently as you acquire paid. When and how frequently will that be? Thestatement does no tell. All it claims is the the one thing happens asoften together the various other does.

So, the i does not tell what job or how regularly we should have actually theLord"s Supper. It merely says that, "as frequently as" the is done, itshould be done in the manner here described. Yet it doestell united state that the Lord"s Supper should be eaten in church assemblies, andthat God instructs each member to take part regularly and also diligently.

1 Corinthians 16:1,2

Corinth and other churches were ordered to take up collections on first day that the week.

Churches in Galatia, Achaia, and Macedonia (and no doubt elsewhere)were every instructed to get involved in this exercise (see the referencesbelow). This clearly implies assemblies on the first day of each week.

This passage commands a common collection in i beg your pardon the members gavemoney into a church collection. It does not refer to just privatetreasuries of individuals at home. Separation, personal, instance treasuries would need to begathered together as soon as Paul involved take them on come Jerusalem, and also this isexactly what that said have to not happen. The passagespecifically says the "churches" - notindividuals - were ordered to take it these collection (v1).

Further note that this collecting occurred, not just on onefirst day of the week, yet as an ongoing practice done repeatedly on thefirst day of every week (see NASB, NIV, RSV, NEB, etc.). Every thisnecessarily means that the churches were conference each an initial day of theweek.

And note that the passage says the very same thing about collecting moneythat plot 20:7 says around the Lord"s Supper. Both were excellent on the firstday that the week. Denominations frequently have the Lord"s Supper as soon as aquarter or when a year, yet they have actually the repertoire every time friend turnaround. But for both acts, the scriptures says the very same thing about when andhow regularly to do them.

Note additionally the clean connection in between Acts 20:7 and also 1 Corinthians16:1,2.

1 Corinthians claims Paul had actually instructed churches to collect funds tosend come the needy saints in Jerusalem. Afterwards, he and also other males wentthrough those cities and gathered up those funds to take them toJerusalem. (See 1 Cor. 16:1-4; 2 Cor. 8 & 9; Rom. 15:25-27; Acts24:17.) This is the expedition Paul and also his companions were absorbing Acts 20.As lock traveled, they continued to be in Troas to have actually the Lord"s Supper withthe church over there on the very first day the the week. (In action 24:17 Paul refersto this expedition saying he was bringing alms and offerings come his nation.)

Note carefully: This method that the indict in 1 Corinthians hadbeen offered a far-ranging amount of time before the occasion inActs 20:7. This proves conclusively the it to be not unusual orcoincidental the Troas met ~ above the very first day. That course, they to be meetingregularly top top the an initial day: God had commanded lock to do so as Paulrevealed in 1 Corinthians 16! as Paul traveled, that met through the church atTroas on the day God had actually appointed for the collection. Yet the example ofActs 20:7 shows that the day they met because that the arsenal was additionally the daythey met for the Lord"s Supper! for sure this is not just coincidence!


Put all this details together. The disciples to be steadfast in theLord"s Supper and also in attending their assemblies. They had actually the Lord"sSupper in their assemblies. And also they take it up usual collections once theyassembled top top the first day that the week. Action 20:7 climate adds the thedisciples came together on the an initial day of the main to break bread.

So, the church assembled regularly, including assemblies top top the firstday the the week. Once they assembled on the first day that the week, theyhad the Lord"s Supper and they took up a collection. It every fitstogether, so the pattern i do not care clear.

Studying other passages does no prove the Acts 20:7 to be an unusualevent. No one is there any type of indication that the Lord"s Supper to be taken onother days. Instead, the pattern confirms the the exercise of action 20:7fits the all at once teaching the the new Testament. This to be the consistentpattern because that the exercise of new Testament churches. Faithful churchestoday should follow this pattern, not an altering it or substituting humanideas.

B. The definition of the very first Day that the Week

When we study other passages, do we uncover other proof to confirm thatthe first day of the week had actually special definition to Christians? Is thereanything the would explain why God would pick that work as the time forthe church to assemble because that the Lord"s Supper and also collection?

Mark 16:9 - Jesus emerged on the very first day that the week.

The crucifixion and also resurrection the Jesus are in countless ways thegreatest occasions in the history of the world. The crucifixion wasabsolutely essential, but the crucifixion would have actually been a defeat hadit no been because that the resurrection. The crucifixion left the disciples insorrow and also grief. The resurrection to be the can be fried victory and cause ofrejoicing.

Important as the crucifixion was, over there is no passage the directlynames the day of the mainly on i beg your pardon Jesus died. However all 4 gospelaccounts tell united state Jesus occurred on the an initial day the the week, and most ofthem cite it repeatedly. Why this emphasis on the very first day unlessthere is some meaning to it?

(See Luke 24:1,4,21; note 16:2; Matt. 26:1-7; Luke 24:1-9; John20:1-10; see likewise the verses under the complying with points.)

John 20:19 - Jesus first appeared come His disciples on the firstday the the week.

Jesus" appearances space also vital to our faith, since by themHe proved that He yes, really is the boy of God (Rom. 1:4; 1 Cor. 15:1-8).

On that first day of the main after He had actually arisen, the appearedseveral times (Mark 16:2,9; Matt. 26:1,8-10; Luke 24:1,19-21; John20:1,11-19). Note that among these appearances emerged when thedisciples had assembled. The practical worker assembled on the an initial day that theweek since Jesus had arisen on the day, and also Jesus Himself made decision tocome to that conference (cf. Luke 24:33-40).

John 20:26 - The 2nd day the Jesus showed up to the discipleswas likewise a first day that the week.

Again we space told the disciples come together. This to be the eighthday after the first appearances. The means days were counted would makethis the next first day of the mainly (cf. Lev. 23:39).

So on the job Jesus arose the hands-on worker assembled; then the nextfirst day the disciples assembled again. On both occasions Jesus honoredtheir assembly by comes Himself. Is this simply coincidence?

These were no really church meetings, because the church had not yetbegun. Nor did they include every one of His disciples. So, we would notexpect these passages to point out the Lord"s Supper. However if over there is nosignificance come the fact these things taken place on the very first day the theweek, why room we so specifically told the day when it happened?

Acts 2:1 - The job of Pentecost was likewise a very first day the the week(Lev. 23:15,16).

Note the the apostles had actually gathered with each other on this day, also beforethey had any idea that the divine Spirit would come climate (cf. 1:1-11). Butthe divine Spirit did concerned their meeting. Together a an outcome many assembledtogether, the gospel was preached, and also 3000 were baptized.

Note the an excellent events that arisen on this an initial day of the week:

(1) The holy Spirit came.

(2) The gospel was preached for the very first time.

(3) The very first people to be converted and became Christians.

(4) The church started (cf. V47). This to be the fulfillment that manyprophecies the Christ would regime on David"s throne in His kingdom(vv 29-36; cf. 1:1-8; etc.).

And an alert that castle began and also continued to get involved in the Lord"sSupper, together with other plot of prayer - native this time ~ above (v42).

All this taken place when the disciples to be assembled with each other on first day the the week.

Acts 20:7 - The disciples came with each other on the very first day of theweek to break bread.

This might be the just passage that directly mentions the discipleseating the Lord"s Supper top top the first day that the week, yet it iscertainly not the just passage that mirrors the first day the the main issignificant. No one is that the just passage that reflects the practical worker meetingon the very first day the the week.

1 Corinthians 16:1,2 - The churches took up collections every firstday that the week.

Together with all the other passages concerning the an initial day the theweek and about Christians" assembling, this confirms thatChristians assembled and took increase the arsenal on that day.


Note the tremendous meaning the an initial day that the week has actually toChristians.

Many that the greatest events in the background of the church emerged onthat day. And of the occasions that arisen on the day, five of theminvolved Christians conference on that day. On 2 of this occasions,Jesus himself attended those meetings, and also on one more occasion the HolySpirit attended. How can anyone doubt the the very first day that the mainly hasspecial definition in God"s plan?

To watch the force of this, consider what i or occasions expresslyname any other job of the week.

All this events, assemblies, and also acts of worship room expresslymentioned as occurring on the first day that the week. However not onetime is any kind of other day of the week named as have any significancewhatever to Christians. The second day the the week, 3rd day, etc., arenever also mentioned.

Some today believe that castle should have the Lord"s Supper top top theJewish Sabbath, the seventh day of the week. The Sabbath work is sometimesmentioned after ~ Jesus" death and also resurrection, but only in connectionwith meetings the Jews, never ever in link with meetingsinitiated by believer or occasions of special meaning to Christians.The gospel tells united state that the seventh-day Sabbath, in addition to all the OldTestament law, to be removed when Jesus died on the overcome (Colossians2:13-17; Hebrews 10:1-10; 7:11-14; 8:6-13; 9:1-4; Galatians 3:24,25;5:1-6; Romans 7:1-7).

Some necessary events may have actually happened on various other days, but no specialsignificance is ever attached to any other day. The day of the mainly isnever named for various other events. Why all this emphasis on the first day,unless there is something one-of-a-kind and far-reaching about it?

So our research of other passages has actually turned increase nothing to suggest thetaking of the Lord"s Supper ~ above the an initial day that the main in action 20:7was just optional or coincidental. And also no passage gives authority forhaving it any other work of the week.

In truth our examine of various other passages simply confirms the importance ofthe very first day of the week. Considering these other passages, we room notsurprised to view the disciples breaking bread top top the an initial day that theweek. We would certainly be surprised to watch it on any other job of the week.

The just day that has actually special definition for christians is the firstday of the week, and also that is the only day on i beg your pardon we discover Christianspartaking the the Lord"s Supper.


Consider what we have actually learned in this study:

1) We have to have scriptures authority because that all we do, and also we have to refuse to execute thatfor i m sorry we have actually no bible authority.

2) God"s authority is revealed to united state by examples and necessary inferences,as well together by commands.

3) God has always revealed the time and also frequency because that observing His specialmemorials and also feasts.

4) The Lord"s Supper was eaten when the church was assembled.

5) disciples assembled and had the Lord"s Supper regularly.

6) Many significant events in brand-new Testament background occurred top top the first day ofthe week.

7) numerous passages mention Christians assembling top top the very first day of theweek.

8) Christians were commanded to offer regularly top top the an initial day of the week.

9) The disciples came with each other on the an initial day that the main to break bread.

10) The new Testament attaches no meaning to any other work of the week,nor is there any indication the Lord"s Supper was eaten on any kind of other day.

Conclusion: bible authority teaches us to have actually the Lord"s Supper top top eachfirst day of the week. To have it any other work is come act without God"sauthority. It complies with that faithful regional churches should arrange assemblieseach an initial day that the mainly to provide the Lord"s Supper. And also faithful Christiansmust it is in diligent to to visit each first day that the week so they can participate.

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What about the church you attend? go it have actually the Lord"s Supper every firstday of the week? and also how diligent room you in participating?

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