How old were Edward and Alphonse once they performed person transmutation? i am referring to the Brotherhood series, no the 2003 version.

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Brotherhood an ext or less follows the manga. I don"t remember if we obtain a montage of occasions in the brothers" childhoods with their periods (a quick search v volume 6 doesn"t offer me anything), however we do see Mustang arrive at Resembool presumably soon after their person transmutation attempt, so us can get some info from there.


So Edward is at most 11, and also Alphonse 10, when person transmutation is attempted. This matches up much more or less with the periods I psychic possibly having actually seen indigenous 2003 and Brotherhood. (Keep in mental that some chronology - such as the death of Winry"s parental - could have emerged at a different allude in the manga continuity compared to that of 2003, and that over there is the additional half year prior to Ed bring away the State Alchemist exams.)

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In episode 2, the past was shown which was 10 year ago.

Let"s start once his mom was quiet alive.

Edward to be 7 year old and Al to be 6 year old.

Research and training (4 years)

When their mommy died, Edward and also Al agreed come revive their mother again by making use of the taboo i m sorry is the human transmutation, but before that, lock searched about the human transmutation and also improved their alchemy through training through the alchemy understand in order come revive your took countless years.After the training, they"ve completed the ingredients and performed the person transmutation.

Then that dark occurrence happens...

It took 4 years that preparation and then their bodies were the sacrificed...

When Edward ended up being a state alchemist / test part (1 year)

After the "dark incident", Roy Mustang concerned their city hearing that there is a talented alchemist i m sorry is described as Edward (knowing what Edward have actually done), climate he available Edward to end up being a state alchemist and told him around the Philosopher rock that can bring earlier their body, i m sorry Edward take away that.

Edward had his surgery and rehab i beg your pardon took just one year.

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He was twelve year old then, and also Al to be 11 years old.

To shorten mine answer, Edward Elric was 11 year old and Al Elric to be 10 years old when they"ve done the human transmutation.(Refer come Brotherhood series; his present is 17 year old in episode 2.)