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come confirm more than 3 rooms, please call 1-888-444-OMNI (6664) and also an Omni many hotels representative will certainly gladly aid you
X In most circumstances, a 'child' is thought about to be 17 years of age or younger. Some hotels make exceptions come this age. For those hotels a 'child' is any type of person who is 12 years of period or younger. In these cases, anyone that is older than 13 years of period will be thought about an adult and also will be fee the adult rate.
X In most circumstances, a 'child' is taken into consideration to be 17 year of period or younger. Part hotels do exceptions to this age. For those many hotels a 'child' is any person who is 12 years of age or younger. In this cases, anyone that is older than 13 years of period will be taken into consideration an adult and also will be charged the adult rate.
X In many circumstances, a 'child' is considered to be 17 years of age or younger. Some hotels do exceptions to this age. For those many hotels a 'child' is any person who is 12 years of age or younger. In these cases, anyone who is older than 13 years of age will be considered an adult and will be fee the adult rate.
Rooms might not hold 5 or an ext guests. You may need to adjust your request to lot of rooms with less occupancy to find available rooms.

Redeem your choose Guest free nights! If available, multiple cost-free night certificates may be offered for a solitary stay, yet each certificate have to be booked separately. As soon as your first reservation is shown you will be triggered to reserve extr nights top top a different reservation.




Check-in: 4:00 p.m./Check-out: Noon


An early departure fee of one night’s remain will be charged if the guest walk not notify us in ~ check-in the the departure date change.


Guests should be 18 year or older with a valid picture ID to rent a room.

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A $19 every room day-to-day fee will be added to the everyday room rate. This fee permits guests come enjoy plenty of services and also amenities without having to incur assorted charges. The Omni Chicago Hotel location charge includes the complying with (exclusive the taxes):

deluxe WiFi Bottled water(1 liter) Local and also domestic call calls push reader


A credit card is forced for check-in. If a guest to plan to usage a third-party credit card, a credit transaction card authorization type must it is in on file with the prior desk.


Individuals 17 year old and also younger room considered kids at Omni Chicago Hotel.


The use of a debit card will initiate, at the time of check-in, an immediate deduction from your bank account will take place when you check-in. The charges that will be instantly deducted from your account room your complete night’s remain charge plus secondary $100 every night for any type of incidentals. Top top checkout, any type of unused funds will certainly be credited ago to your account. Based upon her bank, it may take 72 hrs or much longer to procedure this transaction to your account.


If you choose to pay with cash, you will be required to salary the complete amount of her stay, consisting of taxes and fees upfront. A refundable deposit the $100 every night is forced for incidentals.


If you would prefer to pay for one more guest’s room, please call the hotel in ~ (312) 944-6664.


Omni Chicago Hotel enforces a good Night’s Rest plan to for sure the comfort and also enjoyment of all our guests. Just registered guests are allowed to enter guest room elevators or guest rooms after 10:30 p.m. Every guests need to be registered in ~ check-in. If a disturbance is created, together a result of a party or noise native a guest room, all guests in the room will certainly be request to leave the hotel, without a refund.


Dogs up to 25 lbs. And cats are accepted at Omni Chicago Hotel if a valid credit transaction card is on file. The guest will be forced to authorize a paper accepting complete financial obligation for any type of damage caused by the pet. Every room through a pet will be charged a cleaning fee of $125 per stay. If friend have much more than one pet, please contact the hotel straight to discuss. The pet need to be placed in a carrier when housekeeping, mini-bar staff, or engineering enters the room. In the occasion where a dog starts to bark or is the cause of guest complaints, the guest will be inquiry to eliminate the pet.


All guest rooms and also interior public space is 100 percent smoke-free. The is up to the discretion that the hotel on how much a guest will be charged for cigarette smoking on property.

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Any usage of Omni’s fitness centers, fit Kits, Sleep Kits, or joining in off-site exercise classes or various other programs available by Omni (“Wellness Benefits”) is done at participant’s single risk. Omni shall no be responsible for any injuries, loss, or damage to the participant or participant’s personal property result from the use of the well-being Benefits, regardless of even if it is it occurs as a result of Omni’s negligence. If the participant chooses to usage the wellness Benefits, the participant hereby specifically waives any claim of liability - because that personal/bodily injury or damages - which occurs to the participant or for any kind of loss that or injury to human or property. This waiver is to plan to it is in a complete release of any type of responsibility for an individual injuries and/or building loss/damage continual by any type of participant when on Omni’s premises or at off-site practice classes, whether making use of exercise tools or not.