2-time Indy 500 winner pulls no punches, whether it"s talk racing or discussing the substance abuse concerns that took your toll top top his an individual life.

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Al Unser Jr: A Checkered Past
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"During the COVID shutdown that the world, I made decision it was time to write a book," Unser claimed in a recent Zoom interview to promote the book. "I checked out a school, an online school, to it is in an author. I obtained into it, and I realized as I acquired into it, how daunting it actually is. Also though I had the material and I could write it, being an writer of a book ... I"m a race auto driver. That"s what i do. That"s what I"ve done my whole life.

"Becoming an author was so exterior of my crate that when I gained into it and the story to be so important around my personal life, I had actually to have actually help. I had to have experienced help."

A few phone calls later and also Unser teamed v Octane Press and also author Jade Gurss, who has penned racing publications on subjects including Dale Earnhardt Jr. And late man Andretti. Gurss previously worked with Unser on an additional book, entitled The Beast, which recorded the behind-the-scenes story the the 1994 Indianapolis 500 and also the conquering once-in-a-lifetime engine routine that rotate the 500 into a rout for Unser and also team owner roger Penske.

"What"s different around this publication versus many racing books is that, yes, there room brilliant racer stories, yes, there room some amazing stories about Al and the Unser family, however Al really has opened up," Gurss said. "He"s been an extremely open and also honest about his life, and that has things that possibly aren"t for this reason glorious as Indy 500 wins.

"I yes, really admire his openness, his honesty, his willingness come tell details the his life that really don"t always paint him as heroic, for lack of a better term. Together an author, that was an excellent to occupational with Al on that."

The book is booked to be released on October 1. The delves right into an tremendous racing life and includes stories around the Indy 500 wins, the unbelievable failure of not qualifying for the 1995 Indy 500 after ~ winning the 500 indigenous the pole in "94. The book, Unser says, is no targeted at race fans or those who thrived up rooting for his dad, Al Unser Sr., or his well known racing uncle, Bobby Unser.

"I want to present the non-race fan, try to reach the human being who have actually struggles every solitary day of their lives," Unser said. "Even the persons who space successful, like I am, my father and also my uncle. They have struggles too"

The book is fill with countless of the ago stories the Unser"s failures turn off the track—failures that filled the tabloids as lot as they walk the sports pages.


"With the problem abuse disorder that ns have, I required to tell the story," Unser said. "So i searched out for Jade who has done a an excellent job v "The Beast," man Andretti"s book, Dale Earnhardt Jr. His book. I essential to find someone who understood the racing fraternity and additionally could tell my story. Ns was just totally honest through him and also just called him my stories—racing stories, an individual life stories, relationship that I"ve had in the past."

Unser claimed that he ended up being a believer in Christ in 2019 and also was baptized in 2020, and those life-changing occasions played a role in his decision to tell his story now.

"Simply put, the stories that are in the book, both racing and also my personal life, there"s going come be human being that go, "Wow! i didn"t recognize that existed,"" Unser said. "And there"s going to be civilization that knew me, kind of, and are going to say, "That renders sense now. That"s why this happened and also that happened." It"s walking to be both spectrums."The most essential thing I know today is that ns live in the present," Unser said. "I"ve let go of the past. The procedure of this publication helped me let go of the past. It helped me no see right into the future, because that"s in God"s hands. Today, I simply need to do the ideal that I have the right to do today, and not worry around anything various other than that."

These days, Unser works with a group referred to as "Future Star Racing" that helps to assistance talented young chauffeurs who absence the resources to take it their skills to the next level. Unser is also involved with "Wings and also Wheels," a foundation with comparable objectives.

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"I"ve to be so blessed v the opportunities I"ve had in my life—being born whereby I was born, it was all given to me. What I"m do the efforts to do I pass that on in the future with the young motorists of the future."

Unser claimed this book is not the culmination the a career or a gyeongju life, it"s simply the start of one more of what Unser states are plenty of chapters to go.

"My story"s not over yet," Unser said. "Each day is a new day and a brand-new journey. I want to reach people that space not race fans. As I"ve unable to do in mine life, auto racing in general—you take F1, you take NASCAR, you take IndCar— it"s a tiny fishbowl come the civilization in general. The people in general is so lot bigger than this fishbowl.

"Hopefully, me being honest around my life, and also what I"ve overcome and also how I"ve been successful, not just on the racetrack, however the challenges that I"ve had in my an individual life (will make a difference). Today, I"ve met those challenges because of what I"ve to be through and also what I"ve learned. I was city hall the Olympics and also Simone (Biles). It"s right there. I completely understood what she to be going through because I"ve live it. Over there is a confident outcome for every one of that, and also you have the right to over come them. You deserve to learn from every one of them and be a far better person. That"s what I want to re-superstructure or try to share.

"I don"t see this as being my critical book. Ns see an additional one and another one. As my life unfolds, i think we can reach a lot of people. God willing, we"re going to execute that."

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