One piece is a long-running manga and also beloved anime. Below are a couple of basics fans have to know around all the Straw hat pirates.

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One piece Luffy (left) Brook (Center) Zoro (Right)
One piece remains among the longest-running manga a fan deserve to enjoy, and also for good reason. It"s no secret that this franchise has actually introduced some of the strangest and also most enthralling characters of any anime. Countless fans love come soak up all the details about each of your favorite pirates.

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While countless of the important plot points remain lodged steady in an average viewer’s mind, the smaller sized details can slip best under the radar. Also something as straightforward together heights and ages that recurring personalities can come to be cloudy in a collection as lengthy as this one. Every once in a while, it does fans good to treat us to a little of a refresher.

10 Monkey D. "Straw Hat" Luffy

One piece Strawhat Pirates Monkey D. Luffy
Age: 19 Birthday: May 5 Height: 5" 8.5" Monkey D. Luffy, much better known together "Straw cap Luffy", is the captain and founder that the infamous Straw cap Pirates. He remains one of its optimal fighters (and its most insatiable eater). Serving as the major protagonist of One Piece, Luffy"s lifelong dream is to one day come to be the Pirate King.

He aims to complete this lofty score by hunting down the sweetheart left behind by the legend pirate Gol D. Roger. To Luffy, becoming Pirate King represents ultimate freedom, together he believes the Pirate King would have the most liberty in the world.

One piece Roronoa Zoro Wano Samurai
Age: 21 Birthday: November 11 Height: 5" 11" Roronoa Zoro is additionally known together "Pirate Hunter" Zoro. He"s among the Straw cap Pirates" two key swordsmen, and was the first pirate besides Luffy himself to join the crew.

initially a bounty hunter, Zoro looks for to end up being the best swordsman in the world. He dreams of this in order to one day honor a promise the made to his deceased childhood girlfriend Kuina. So far in the series, he"s doing fantastic work in ~ honing his craft.

One item Nami Clima-Tact
Age: 20 Birthday: July 3 Height: 5" 7” "Cat Burglar" Nami is the navigator the the Straw hat Pirates, and the second to join the crew after Zoro. Formerly a member of the Arlong Pirates, Nami had actually initially join the Straw Hats in an effort to plunder them blind; she search the Straw Hats" luck in her attempts to buy her village back native Arlong.

when the Straw Hats rebelled versus Arlong, Nami officially join the crew as a legitimate member. Having freed the town from Arlong, Nami set out with the Straw Hats on she dream to map the entire world.

One item Usopp Wielding Sling Shot
Age: 19 Birthday: April 1 Height: 5" 9.5" "God" Usopp serves together Straw Hats" sniper. Usopp was increased in Syrup Village, acting together the "captain" that the Usopp Pirates (a team of delinquent kids under his command). He was the third member to join Luffy"s crew.

after ~ Usopp assisted the Straw Hats defeat the deadly black Cat Pirates, Luffy provided him the opportunity to sign up with the crew. Although part may describe Usopp together a little of a coward, he wishes to eventually come to be a interlocutor seafaring warrior favor his father.

Age: 21 Birthday: in march 2 Height: 5" 11” Vinsmoke "Black Leg" Sanji serves as the cook for the Straw cap Pirates. As the 4th member that the crew to join, Sanji boasts formidable fighting skills alongside his cooking expertise. Born a son to the Vinsmoke Family, Sanji garbage his princely birthright and also disowned his family.

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after ~ fleeing the Vinsmokes, he was cared for by Zeff, previous captain that the cook Pirates. In exchange, he operated as the sous cook of the Baratie, Zeff"s ocean-faring restaurant. That would stay on the Baratie till he met Luffy, who offered Sanji an possibility to sign up with the Straw Hats. Sanji dreams of recognize the mythical chef"s paradise, all Blue.

Age: 17 Birthday: December 24 Height: 2" 11.5" (Hybrid Form) frequently mistaken because that the crew"s pet, Tony Tony Chopper is in reality the medical professional of the Straw hat Pirates, and the fifth crewmember to join. Chopper was once a typical reindeer prior to eating the Hito Hito no Mi, a evil one Fruit that allows for the transformation into human hybrid (or also a full human) at the consumer"s will.

~ his transformation, Chopper learned the basics of medicine from his parental figures, medical professionals Hiriluk and also Kureha. As component of Luffy"s crew, Chopper"s dream is to one day find the cure to any and every disease. He travels the civilization in wishes of coming to be such a doctor.

Age: 30 Birthday: February 6 Height: 6" 2" Nico "Devil Child" Robin (also known as the "Light the the Revolution") acts together the excavator of the Straw cap Pirates, and was the 6th crewmember to join. As a child, Robin ate the Hana Hana no Mi, a evil one Fruit that allowed her come manifest parts of she body (or even her entire body) on any kind of surface. In addition, she is right now the only human alive with the ability to decipher Poneglyphs, a skill forbidden by the people Government.

Robin was initially opposed come the Straw cap Pirates in her function as the vice chairman of Baroque Works, before eventually joining the crew. Her dream is to uncover the Rio Poneglyph. This artifact is rumored to disclose the true history of the world, as lot of background had to be erased by the human being Government.

Age: 36 Birthday: march 9 Height: 7" 10.5" "Iron Man" Franky functions as shipwright for the Straw cap Pirates. The seventh member the the crew to join, he decided the nickname the "Franky" together a method of hiding his identity. Surviving a rough childhood, he came to be a member the Tom"s Workers, a arsenal of highly-respected shipwrights. A destructive incident later resulted in Franky being badly wounded, request his transformation into a cyborg.

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Franky and also his pendant were initially adversaries of the Straw Hats. However, scenarios later compelled them to become allies. Once the antagonism waned, Frank observed Luffy"s crew as an opportunity to accomplish his dream of producing a delivery that could navigate the whole world. He constructed the thousand Sunny, the 2nd ship of the Straw cap Pirates, and also joined the crew to follow his dream.

Age: 90 Birthday: April 3 Height: 8" 8.5" "Soul King" Brook is the official musician that the Straw hat Pirates. The eighth crewmember to join, Brook also serves together the second of the Straw Hats" swordsmen. Brook"s powers originate native the Yomi Yomi no Mi, a evil one Fruit which gave the the capacity to resurrect self after death a solitary time. However, Brook learned to delve deeper into these powers, i m sorry granted him control over not only his very own soul, however the souls that those about him.

having actually originally offered as a crewmember that the Rumbar Pirates, Brook had actually died and was resurrected. However, early the heart struggling to with his abandoned body, time decreased his corpse to a mere skeleton, leaving only his iconic afro intact. Brook drifted alone for 50 years, prior to eventually meeting Luffy and joining the crew.

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Age: 44 Birthday: April 2 Height: 9" 10.5" "Knight the the Sea" Jinbe acts as helmsman because that the Straw cap Pirates, and also was the ninth and also latest member to sign up with the crew. Jinbe is a whale shark fish-man and, fittingly, is a grasp of "Fish-Man Karate". Jinbe was as soon as a member that the the sunlight Pirates, and became your captain after the original captain"s death. He increased to become one of the seven Warlords the the Sea, although the resigned this article during the Summit war of Marineford.

throughout this war, Jinbe befriended Luffy, and eventually allied through the Straw Hats to protect against a coup against the Ryugu Kingdom"s Neptune royal Family. In gratitude, Luffy invited him to join his crew . Jinbe"s dream is to discover a means to satisfy his previous captain"s dying great of peace, coexistence, and understanding in between humans and fish-men.

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