10 points That walk Not age Well in Rurouni Kenshin Rurouni Kenshin is end 25 years old, and also it"s a different world. It provides sense that there are facets of this series that haven"t aged well.

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Rurouni Kenshin very first debuted together an anime collection in 1996. A most things have adjusted since it showed up on television, both in the civilization at huge and in anime itself.

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While the collection is taken into consideration a classic, and also for many, was one of the an initial anime we remember city hall on Toonami together kids. Currently that the show is almost 25 year old, the understandable that there are facets of the series that nothing read too today as they did once the display originally debuted. Below at 10 things about Rurouni Kenshin the haven’t age well.

Kaoru is the key female character of the series, and she and Kenshin meet due to the fact that Kenshin is a master swordsman and also Kaoru runs a dojo the teaches swordsmanship. Despite the fact that Kaoru is the understand of her own dojo, she is routinely unable to protect herself. More often 보다 not, Kaoru needs to rely on Kenshin to save the day. It begs the question of whether or no her teachings are actually valuable and even if it is anyone that is finding out from her might actually to walk away with working understanding of just how to usage a sword.

Anime from the 90s can frequently go among two means with regard to the quality of the animation. It to be either made carefully, with lots of thought going right into what each structure was going to look like, or as cheaply together possible.

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Rurouni Kenshin falls in the latter category, with many reused computer animation frames and shortcuts to avoid having actually to animate complicated fight scenes. The unfortunate for a series that focuses on a main character whose whole identity is developed on the fact that he’s wonderful swordsman. An extremely rarely carry out we actually get to watch that swordsmanship in practice.

Like many shonen anime that the 90s and 00s, Rurouni Kenshin started as a manga being created in weekly Shonen Jump as the anime was beginning to air. This expected that, since the anime extended story floor much faster than the weekly manga, the display often caught up come the manga, leave the collection without an ext storytelling ground come cover. Therefore the later on seasons of the display are practically entirely filler arcs. These stories have a real tonal change from the early on episodes, where Kenshin is trying come live a life there is no violence v the new family he’s built. Instead, they focus on epos adventure story that feel like they’re from an additional show entirely.

7 Ultra-90s Hair

Anime or not, most fashions from the 90s have not aged well, and also the hair in Rurouni Kenshin is no different. It was a stylistic trend in 90s anime for all of the characters to have large bangs, which nearly every character in Kenshin does, however there are also a number of flat-top mullets, substantial feathered ’dos, and also sleek ponytails that are practically a cliché for yakuza kind characters now.

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This propensity somehow manages come both period the collection and do it feel anachronistic because none that the characters actually look choose they would be life in Meiji era Japan.

It’s difficult not to referee Kenshin based on its dub since it to be airing top top American tv at a time once it was lot harder to clock anime through subtitles. There room two main dubs, and neither the them specifically holds up. Beyond the acting being pretty poor, they each have their own issues. In one, all of the characters" names room pronounced incorrectly. Because that example, Sanosuke was pronounced San-oh-soo-kee. The various other dub featured a strange decided pattern for Kenshin, in i m sorry he finished his sentences with a phrase like “that ns am,” or “that castle were,” in an effort to replicate a speech pattern native Japanese the didn’t fairly translate. Yet the effect ended up being strange and distracting.

5 every the personalities Have similar Personalities

component of the charm of Kenshin is his ability to victory over aggressive or unfriendly world with his sweet personality and kindness, periodically after beating them in a sword fight. The trouble is that, after a while, if the writing isn’t careful, every one of the personalities he befriends begin to it seems ~ the same. Kaoru, Sanosuke, and Yahiko space all susceptible to shouting at each various other (and at Kenshin), don’t an especially get in addition to anyone, and also are type of self-absorbed.

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It walk a lot come highlight just how patient and good-tempered Kenshin is, however it also does a lot of to show how irritating his girlfriend are, making us wonder why he’d stroked nerves hanging out through them.

Megumi is a character who joins the cast during the 2nd season. A physician who is forced by a yakuza team to to produce opium, she is rescued by Kenshin and also his friends, who defeat she captors. While it bring away to free her from their clutches, Megumi often talks about how she would favor to go back to Aizu to uncover what’s left of her family members once she’s able to execute so. Yet once she is freed, she doesn’t leave Tokyo and also instead continues to be a main member that the cast, helping out Kenshin and his friends v her medical expertise. The reality that her devotion come her family was together a big part of she character is confusing once she appears to forget about her to plan to uncover them practically as shortly as she free.

3 Democracy vs Imperialism?

The Meiji era restored imperial strength in Japan and disbanded the vault feudal system, and also the collection deals pretty straight with what that meant for Japanese citizens. Yet the actual view of the display on politics deserve to be wishy-washy.

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Kenshin plainly feels remorse for his component in the war but additionally seems to think that imperialism is the finest thing because that the country. However he also often fights law enforcers since he feels they’re abusing your power. Sanosuke dealt with in the royal army, in a unit the was executed as scapegoats as soon as the imperials didn’t desire to keep a promise to cut taxes for citizens. However democracy activists are aggressive drunks that can’t even agree v each other and are basic troublemakers. The series seems to it is in trying to say something around politics and war, but additionally refuses to take a stance.

Rurouni Kenshin no seem to it is in a series where the characters use magic, and yet, there are some points that seem like they might be magic. In all anime, yes a little of room for suspension of disbelief. Characters do incredible points with your bodies that human being can’t perform in real life. Yet there’s additionally something it is left unexplained about how Kenshin’s skills work. Sometimes, prior to he does a move, he announces it, the method a magical girl might, and also then there appears to it is in an otherworldly force behind his blows on optimal of the really strike he’s made v his sword. Other personalities have comparable skills, and also it’s never quite clear enough whether yes something more to over there swordsmanship than just physical skill.

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1 Nobuhiro Watsuki

Nobuhiro Watsuki is the creator that Rurouni Kenshin and also has been writing and also drawing the manga on and off for over 25 years. In 2017, Watsuki to be charged with and prosecuted because that the possession of kid pornography, and the manga serialization to be briefly put on organize while he faced the charges. If the manga has because begun manufacturing again, the truth that Watsuki to be convicted because that this type of crime colors rewatchings the the series. That difficult, as soon as this kind of information comes out around a creator. It"s hard not to think around these facts once revisiting things we’ve enjoyed and to wonder if perhaps it’s time to put away a collection when someone harmful has actually made it.