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Adam Manucharian
29 Jun, 1992
29 years
Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio
5 feet 7 inch (1.70m)
Miley Cyrus$1.5 million
BrownBrownLos Angeles, CaliforniaAmericanArmenian-ItalianGagik Sevani-ManucharianEdita ManucharianOne (brother Vahe Sevani) Adam Manucharian Twitter Adam Manucharian Instagram Adam Manucharian IMDB Adam Manucharian WikiView more / View less Facts of Adam Manucharian

Adam G. Sevani is one American actor and dancer. Adam G. Sevani is ideal known for his function as Robert Alexander III / Moose in the “Step Up” film series. He has is additionally a choreographer who has shared a number of his choreographies ~ above his media accounts.

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Table the Biography

Early life and Childhood

Adam G. Sevani was born ~ above June 29, 1992, and his age is currently 29 year old. His birth surname is Adam Manucharian and his birthplace is Los Angeles, California, the U.S. Likewise, talking around his family, his parents room father Gagik Sevani-Manucharian and also mother Edita Manucharian.

He is of American nationality vice versa, his ethnic background is Armenian-Italian. Moreover, Adam has an older brothers namely Vahe Sevani who was a member of the boy Band NLT i beg your pardon he later on choreographed for.


Caption: Adam G. Sevani in a childhood photograph. Source: Instagram

Professional Life

Professionally, Adam G. Sevani is a dancer and actor. That is well-known for his function as Robert Alexander III / Moose in the step Up movie series. His other film credits incorporate The an initial Time, Lucifer, Superbad, Wonder Park, plunder Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and The Emperor’s club among many.

Early Career

Furthermore, Adam G. Sevani started dancing at the young age of 3 years old because his father to be a choreographer. Climate he go on to attend Synthesis run Center. His involvement in ~ the dance center amplified his dancing skills. Moreover, the dance studio was founded by his parents. At together a young age, Adam was additionally in a group called FlyKidz. That is a singing/dancing group and also he likewise appeared ~ above a children’s television present on CBS network.

Acting career

As one actor, Adam G. Sevani has showed up in plenty of shows and also movies. One of them is the 2012 film LOL with singer/actress Miley Cyrus. Prior to this, he likewise made a guest illustration on So girlfriend Think You deserve to Dance in the year 2010 held by Cat Deeley.

Prior to every this, Adam showed up in the Touchstone photos dance drama movie Step increase 2: The Streets in February 2008. It is the 2nd installment that the Step Up film series. This film focused on a group of student who kind a run troupe and battle on the streets. Adam’s role was the character Robert “Moose” Alexander III.

For his duty as Moose, Adam to be praised by critics, favor The brand-new York Times, for depicting a character who “might it is in the badest nerd in movie history”. The movie received typically mixed reviews and also it walk on come gross end $150 million worldwide. Moreover, his this role, Adam obtained the “Best step Stealer” award at the 2008 Young Hollywood Awards.


Caption: Adam G. Sevani in a scene of action Up film through Ryan Guzman Sean. Source: Pinterest

More details

Then in might 2009, Adam G. Sevani go on come reprise the function of Moose in the 3rd installment the the Step Up series. The cast of the third installment of Step up started filming in brand-new York City top top a $30 million budget. The film is titled step Up 3D.

This film centers on Moose and his finest friend Camille Alyson Stoner relocating to brand-new York to begin University till Adam’s character gets blended up in the underground dance scene. They released the movie in respectable 2010 to typically mixed reviews from critics. As of respectable 2012, the film ended up being the highest-grossing installment of the franchise, with over $159 million worldwide.

Then in July 2012, Adam make a small appearance in the series’ fourth installment, Step increase Revolution. Further, in 2014, he when again play the role of Moose in the 5th installment that the Step Up film collection called Step Up: all In.

Talking around his various other projects, Adam G. Sevani shown his appearance in the American work again, please again of the 2008 French film LOL (Laughing out Loud) in august 2010. In this film, Adam operated alongside Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, and also Ashley Greene. Moreover, this film centers ~ above Miley Cyrus’s character finishing her final year the high school. Then in may 2012, the film got a restricted US release and it to be given bad reviews from critics.

Dancing career

As a dancer, Adam G. Sevani has showed up in music videos favor Mase’s Breathe, Stretch, Shake, will certainly Smith’s Switch, T-Pain’s Church, and a little part in NLT’s That Girl. Adam G. Sevani additionally did the choreography for NLT’s music video for Karma.

Likewise, Adam owns credit as a back-up dancer because that Kevin Federline’s power at the 2006 Teen selection Awards. Adam also formed a run crew v Jon Chu and several Californian dancers with celebrity cameos in 2008. It is famous as the AC/DC, or Adam/Chu dance Crew.

This dance crew had a highly publicized YouTube dance fight with Miley Cyrus. The fight ended through a final dance between the 2 crews in ~ the 2008 Teen an option Awards. Further, in November 2008, Adam featured in a tribute video clip to Michael Jackson’s 25th Anniversary Thriller video, through Step Up series co-star Alyson Stoner.


Caption: Adam G. Sevani dancing through Larsen Thompson. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

At present, actor and dancer Adam G. Sevani is most probably single. He has actually not shared any social media posts concerning this issue. His media updates likewise do not show or provide a clue to his feasible current affairs through anyone.

Previously, Adam had actually encounters v Paige Ann Thorne in the year 2007, v Montana Tucker in the year 2008, and with Miley Cyrus in 2010. Various other than this, Adam has actually maintained a clean profile the is far from scandals, controversies, and also rumors which can otherwise hamper his personal life and professional career. Nevertheless, Adam G. Sevani is sure to attract countless lovers in his future through his talent, humor, and charms.

Body Measurements

Adam G. Sevani stands high at a height the 5 feet 7 inch or 1.7 meters and weighs roughly 65 kgs or 143 lbs. Other than these, there room no various other body measure up details easily accessible including his chest-waist-hip measures, biceps, dress size, shoes size, etc. Likewise, that is likewise popular because that his curly brown hair and eyes that the very same color.

Social Media and also Net Worth

Talking about his social media presence, Adam G. Sevani join Twitter in august 2010 and also so much has over 22.2K followers. However, he has not tweeted because 2012 and this makes us doubt whether or no this is the actor’s official Twitter account. Likewise, the is also available on Instagram under the username
adamsevani. This account boasts 75 write-ups shares and 910k followers. Further, this is a proved account.

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Moving on, Adam has actually a net worth estimation of about $1.5 million. He can earn through his acting, dancing, and also choreography projects among many others.