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Rhonda walker is one American award-winning journalist and currently anchors the weekday morning newscast in ~ WDIV-Local 4 News in Detroit, Michigan, joined States. She is also the founder and the chairman of the Rhonda Walker foundation in Detroit, Michigan. Additionally, she started it in 2003 through a mission to authorize inner-city teen girls toward becoming solid confident, successful, and moral future leaders.

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Rhonda pedestrian Age

She was born ~ above Novermber 21, 1968, in Detroit, Michigan, United States. Rhonda is 53 year old.

Rhonda walker Height

She is a mrs of above-average stature. Rhonda stands in ~ a height of 5 ft 11 in (approx. 1.8 m).

Rhonda pedestrian Family

She to be born in Detroit by she wonderful parents and also raised in Lansing, Michigan, united States. Her mommy is Harriette Gillum while her father is Dr. Ron Gillum Sr. Moreover, Rhonda has actually two siblings her sister Robin and her brother Ron.

Rhonda’s Photo

Rhonda walker Husband

She is happily married to she lovely husband, Jason Drumheller, a wealth manager. The pair gained engaged during a trip to Miami in 2018. Additionally, the pair exchange marital relationship vows and also tied the node on respectable 31, 2019, in Chateau St. Jean Winery in Sonoma.

Previously, she was married to Derrick Walker, one American soccer player. In October 2012 during the Women’s luncheon, Rhonda revealed the the two had divorced. She included that it to be painful for her to go v it as she thought she had actually the “happy ending.”

Rhonda walker Education

She attended and graduated native Michigan State University v a bachelor’s level in Communications.

Rhonda walker Wdiv | Detroit | Channel 4

She is an award-winning news personality and works together a co-anchor for the morning newscast for WDIV-TV in Detroit, Michigan joined States. Rhonda has actually been a co-anchor for the weekday morning newscast due to the fact that 2003 and also starts she day in ~ 2:00 am.

Rhonda has won prestigious awards including7 consecutive years of “Best News Anchor Awards” indigenous Hour Detroit newspaper from 2014 come 2020 as well as the best News Anchor Awards from the Michigan Chronicle from 2016 come 2018.

Moreover, she has actually received awards and honors from over 50 various community, corporate, and professional organizations such as 16 times for she Community company including the 2018 nationwide Association of black color Journalists Angelo B. Henderson Community company Award and also many more.

Rhonda’s colleagues at WDIV include:

Jonathan Lemire – analyst

Susie Gharib – correspondent

Laura Britt – host

Lawrence O’Donnell – politics commentator

Keisha Grant – anchor

Danielle Wiggins– anchor

Ryan Hanrahan – meteorologist

Paul Burmeister – sports anchor

Devin Scillian – anchor

Leigh Mills – anchor

Reed Cowan – anchor

Rhonda walker Foundation

She is the founder of Rhonda Walker’s foundation which has actually its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. Moreover, Rhonda is the president of the organization and founded that in 2003. She aim to be to authorize inner-city teenager girls towards becoming solid confident, successful, and moral future leaders.

Additionally, it uses a five-year routine for teenager girls starting in their 8th-grade year and continuing till they graduate indigenous high school. Through the program, the teen girls come with each other monthly because that workshops, seminars, retreats, field trips, and also camps every month.

In 2019, the foundation launched the after-school RWF Academy in ~ 5 partner center schools. Notably, Rhonda has actually won awards and honors consisting of the City that Detroit, heart of Detroit Award, art Van compensation of Hope, NAACP, great Expectation Award, and also many more.

Rhonda pedestrian Engagement Ring | Wedding

She revealed she engagement ring to she views and fans in September 2018. Jason and Rhonda began dating privately in 2014. Moreover, the pair tied the node to she loving husband Jason Drumheller at a colorful wedding held at California wine country in Sonoma on august 31, 2019.

Rhonda pedestrian Wdiv Surgery

She revealed her engagement ring to her views and also fans in September 2018. Jason and also Rhonda started dating privately in 2014. Moreover, the couple tied the node to her loving husband Jason Drumheller at a vivid wedding hosted at California wine nation in Sonoma on respectable 31, 2019.

Rhonda pedestrian Salary

She is functioning for WDIV as an anchor since 2003 and also it is undoubtedly, therefore, she is earning a kind salary. Rhonda earns an median salary of $143,567 annually.

Rhonda pedestrian Net Worth

She is a famous journalist through over two years of work experience in professional journalism. Rhonda has actually over the years built up quite an exceptional fortune from her journalism career. She has actually a network worth of $1.4 million.

Is Rhonda pedestrian Married

She is a loving wife to her husband and wealth manager, Jason Drumheller. Moreoever, The pair got engaged in 2018 and got married in 2019. In her cost-free time, Rhonda loves come play golf and also enjoys traveling v her exorbitant husband Jason.

How Old Is Rhonda Walker

Rhonda is 53 years old. She to be born to she caring and also supportive parents in 1968, in Detroit, Michigan. Moreoever, Rhonda celebrates her birthday on the 21st the Novermber yearly with family and also friends.

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Where Is Rhonda pedestrian Wdiv

Rhonda is functioning as an anchor because that WDIV-Local 4 News in Detroit, Michigan, unified States. Moreover, the award-winning anchor, co-anchors weekday morning news and has to be anchoring morning news because 2003.