I don"t have actually room in the garage to keep a canoe. I live in Illinois (cold winters and also hot summers). I wondered if I might protect the canoe well sufficient if I had actually a an excellent canoe cover? i guess i could also build a lumber cover to go over the whole thing.Would this be sufficient to protect a Kevlar canoe? Anything much better that I can do?Thanks.

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mine is under a tarpI keep mine ~ above sawhorses with a big vinyl tarp over it. The tarp is supported by electrical conduit posts soit no lay top top the boat. Additionally it is angled choose the side of a tent so snow and also water runoff.

Is it crucial to have actually ventilation?The tarp idea sounds good. Is it important to have actually ventilation too? ns was thinking it may assist to safeguard from water, sun and snow while having some space for ventilation too.

Googled one answer:Canoe StorageLike any piece that gear, the much better you keep your boat, the much longer it will certainly last. Suitable storage is an essential in the effort to protect your canoe indigenous the sun, weather and also theft, and also to prevent uneven load distribution and also maintain hull integrity. And the much longer you store your craft, the more important ideal storage becomes.* rapid Read* Storing at home is ideal (of course).* stop sun and weather.* use straps or cradles come distribute load in bespeak to avoid bending or deforming the hull.Protecting against the sunSunlight deserve to degrade just about any canoe hull material, indigenous fiberglass to plastic to epoxy-coated hardwood (only aluminum canoes are safe). It can additionally damage wood gunwales and deck plates, and also cause painted surfaces to fade or crack.* The best method to protect versus sun damage is to store your watercraft inside.* when that’s not possible, save your watercraft in a shaded spot.* If no the shade is available, use a tough, weather-resistant tarp or cover that’s suspended above the hull (contact with the hull may promote mold or fungal development in wet conditions) and entirely extending the boat.A note on protective UV coatingsSprays like McNett UV Tech deserve to be applied to fiberglass, plastic and vinyl-skinned watercrafts to significantly include to your from-the-factory UV protection. Apply a generous coating in ~ the start of each season and also prior to storing your watercraft for any type of long period of time to assist shield it from sunlight and also oxidation.Protecting against the weatherProlonged exposure come weather can reason some hull products to oxidization and/or degrade.* Again, storing your canoe indoors is the finest protection (although it still may be prone to too much cold—see below).* If you store your boat outside, make certain it’s protected from precipitation and also that rain and/or eye can’t collect in the tarp and press under on the hull.* If you save your watercraft outside or in one unheated building, be conscious that repetitive freezing and also thawing can reason damage come fiberglass boats if water has seeped right into seams, joints or cracks in the hull (it will certainly expand and contract together it freezes and melts).* extreme cold and/or weather can damages wood gunwales and deck plates. Be certain to keep all the timber pieces on your canoe together recommended by the manufacturer.Protecting versus theftThe best way to protect your canoe against theft is to save it inside.* If you store your watercraft outdoors, save it concealed from watch as lot as possible.* place it so that it’s an overwhelming for a thief come grab it quickly and run.* In high crime areas, thread a sturdy security cable through a sturdy component of the boat (like a thwart or carry handle) and connect it to a post, fence or building.Protecting versus hull damageMost canoe hulls will certainly deform or bend over time if exposed come uneven weight distribution. Plastic hulls room the most susceptible to damage, however fiberglass and wood-hulled boats can likewise fall victim over time.* spread out out the load of the canoe over its whole length at any time you save it.* assistance the watercraft at numerous points along its length, utilizing padded cradles, angled surface and/or wide, nylon straps that enhance the curve the the hull.* practices to protect against include:o Storing her canoe upside under on the ground, i m sorry is too harsh ~ above the gunwales.o sustaining your canoe from its end only.o was standing it increase on one end.o Hanging that from the grab handles or thwarts.o Laying it down on its next on a flat surface for long periods of time.o save it near a far-ranging heat source like a furnace or water heater.Additional storage tips* If girlfriend paddle in salt water, be certain to rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water prior to you keep it. Salt water deserve to degrade hull materials and corrode steel parts.* preserve all wooden gunwales and deck plates complying with the guidelines of the canoe manufacturer. Fail to carry out so may cause these pieces to dried out, crack, warp or weather throughout storage.

Royalex Cold CrackingI thought this was interesting concerning Royalex canoes being damaged in cold weather:STORING her BELL CANOE

Probably won’t try outdoors after all…After some Googling ~ above the subject, i guess save on computer a canoe out is a poor idea. Ns should have actually done that before I posted my inquiry here. I’ll have to convince my wife that ns REALLY should hang that canoe in the garage after every

…At the finish of the season, clean yourcanoe/kayak and also give the an inspection. Ifyou an alert a scrape or wear spotthrough the exterior color layer, touch itup through Old city paint. This will certainly protectthe below layers indigenous the harmful effectsof ultraviolet light.Ultraviolet light from the sun mayfade the shade in time. If possible, storeyour boat out of the sun. A garage isperfect.If you need to store her canoe orkayak outside, perform not cover the by layinga tarp straight on it. V the warmth of thesun, the tarp creates an oven that candamage, distort, or discolor the hull. Atarp, appropriately suspended above theboat, will protect the boat from ultravioletlight. Just leave one air space toallow because that air circulation.Canoes should always be save upside-down. Put on garage rafters, sawhorses, block or in slings suspendedfrom the ceiling.Kayaks have to be stored standing onone finish or on their sides. If save on computer outsidewith the possibility of water gettinginside, we recommend one Old TownKayak cockpit cover. An additional option isto store it upside-down. Upside-downstorage have to be in slings or “cradle”type saw equines to aid prevent hull distortion.If you should store your watercraft outside,we recommend you tie that down. Strongwinds can capture the underside, upper and lower reversal it,and reason damage.

If you have the spaceIt’s good to have indoor space but i won’t keep a $20,000 vehicle outside all winter for this reason I deserve to keep a $500 canoe in the garage space. Simply MHO.

Great pointI’m not sure I will have room in the garage and may need to store exterior after all. Thanks for her advice.

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OutsideNever seen any type of stats ~ above it, yet I’d have actually to endeavor a assumption: v that most of the canoes in the human being live outside. Watercrafts with lumber gunwales are an ext at risk and need come be kept dry as well as out that the sun. Mine live on racks under the deck. A timber gunwale watercraft just join the fleet, and it will have to have a tarp or some poly sheeting end it to keep the timber from rotting~~Chip Walsh, Gambrills, Md.