Body measurements


177.8 cm (5 ft 10 in)


64 kg (141 lb)

Bra size


Chest size

94 cm (37 in)

Waist size

61 centimeter (24 in)

Hips size

91.5 centimeter (36 in)

Shoe size

9 US

Dress size



Date that birth

December 04, 1973



Zodiac sign





Model, actress, TV star

Sexual Orientation


Eyes color


Hair color



Who is Tyra Banks?


Tyra banks is a multi-talented American businesswoman, actress, model, author and television personality. 

Early Accomplishment

Tyra"s modelling career was officially kicked off when she signed a modelling contract with LA Models. The adhering to year, she got her first exposure to fame v the Fashion week which was organized in Paris. In ~ the age of 20, she branched right into acting with The fresh Prince the Bel-Air. 

Best recognized For

For the previous 27 year in the limelight, Tyra has received the most recognition through her self-created television competition, America"s following Top Model. 

Sexual Orientation

Tyra is straight. In the past, she has been romantically attached with various stars, amongst who include, will Smith and also Chris Webber. Many recently, she was committedly date the expert photographer, Erik Asla. 


Tyra"s parents room photographer Carolyn London and Donald Banks, if Devin financial institutions is she brother. In 2016, Tyra"s family became one human being larger as she gave birth come a baby, that she called York Asla.

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Concerning Tyra"s spiritual inclinations, she is not an extremely outspoken. However, throughout her teenage years, she was exposed come Christianity under the Catholic denomination with the high institution she attended.

Worth come Know

Tyra"s center name is Lynne.

For 5 year her own creation, The Tyra banks Show was aired.

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This show came to be a vast success and won her a Primetime Emmy award 2 year in a row.