Make video clip with GIF animation

exactly how to add music to gif animation exactly how to add transition animation just how to make animation from video clip

You require GIF files, internet browser and about 5 minutes.

In the gif video device you accessible to usage Gif animation in any means and for any purpose:

transform gif to mp4 or any type of other layout Trim and also cut GIF, scale, use effects, add music. Use as a dynamic elevator for her clips. Add music or sound results to her animated GIF.

Music - small robot

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1. Include gif

use the upload button to add GIFs come the video editor indigenous the regional computer, Android or iPhone. Or simply drag and also drop documents onto the page.


2. GIF video clip editing

v uploaded gifs work just like full-fledged videos:

Drag and also drop. Top top touch screens - tap, hold and drag!

click the added gif, then usage the editor button .

traction the sliders or form the beginning and end time in the proper fields in the editor.


Speed / revolve / backwards / coordinates

usage the sliders to relocate , turn , size to choose a ar in the frame, or set the precise values manually. Click "Save".

Make background from gif

drag the gif document to the left top top the lift layer. Clone it several time come get necessary duration .

Set, optionally, the region and the scale parameters to select a place in the structure for the entire background layer or because that the selected paper with the editor .


3. Use music come gif

Find an ideal music in the cost-free collection and drag the music records onto the web page or usage the "upload button.

Cut music - the cropping wizard will help you reduce the term of every music file by switch .

Trim to key - immediately crop the music class (as well together the background and text layer) to the main layer v loaded gif files.

Stretch - the video clip will have the best length and also the duration of the text and also photos will be stretched automatically.

it is convenient to usage automatic trimming by choosing only the beginning moment that the song and not bothering to fit the end.

push the organize position button and also drag the sound to link with the desired moment in your video clip (in the case of touch screens: press, hold and also move).


4. include text come GIF

include text and subtitles to video clip

Adding message to GIF is easy. Girlfriend can set various appearance and also visual revolution effects ~ above the text.

click on the added text and select the organize position button. relocate the text to the desired point. set the expression of the text using the slider at the bottom the the text or specify an accurate value for the "duration" parameter . collection the text layout for the entire text great or because that each phrase separately using the format editor .

5. Create video clip from gif

the course, it is impossible to save you gif v music in a gif record format yet it is available to pick one of the many suitable video clip format - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and also so on.

just click "Make video clip from gifs" after completing every the essential operations. The finished video clip will not save watermarks and also will be downloaded there is no registration and extr restrictions - you deserve to share ~ above YouTube and on social networks, send a congratulation to a friend, insert right into a presentation or usage for advertising.


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