The TI-84 calculator offers a number of built-in features to solve and graph equations. Unfortunately, its core graphing options are limited to functions and equations that function ​Y​ in terms of ​X​. It"s less common that you"ll have to graph ​X​ in terms of ​Y​, but if you execute then the existing options won"t quite reduced it. Fortunately, the TI-84 allows you come import external apps and also use lock in much the same way as friend would usage the apps the ship with the calculator. The community-supported TI Calc repository includes a number of these external apps, consisting of an application called XGraph through Joel blacksmith that allows you graph ​X​ in terms of ​Y​.

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For most equations, girlfriend graph ​Y​ in regards to ​X​. What this means is the your equation is based on the value of ​Y​, and it"s construed through the value of ​X​; an instance of this would certainly be ​y​ = ​x​ + 1. The worth of ​Y​ relies on what the worth of ​X​ is, so for each ​X​ the equivalent ​Y​ value is same to the ​X​ worth plus 1. Graphing ​X​ in terms of ​Y​ transforms this around. Rather of ​y​ = ​x​ + 1, girlfriend would create a graph out of ​x​ = ​y​ + 1. In this case, your ​X​ value is dependence on the value of ​Y​ and also to calculate each ​X​ you take it its matching ​Y​ worth and add 1. Unfortunately, this isn"t straightforward to graph on a TI-84 calculator uneven you calculate and also plot individual points by hand since the TI-84 doesn"t have actually an "X=" option in its graphing functions.

One thing that the TI-84 does have is a method of broadening its functions via coded apps and programs. The XGraph application takes treatment of this, allowing you to get in your equations in the kind of ​X​ in regards to ​Y​ and also graph them. The record download comes in a .zip document that includes XGRAPH.8XP and a readme file; extract the XGRAPH.8XP file to one easy-to-access location. Connect your TI-84 calculator to your computer using the USB attach cable that came with the calculator, and then launch Texas Instruments" TI affix software (which is available as a totally free download indigenous the Texas tools website if you carry out not already have the installed). Pick XGRAPH.8XP and also confirm the you desire to send the to her calculator, and wait when TI attach sends and installs the app. As soon as it"s complete, you have the right to close TI Connect and also disconnect your calculator.

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Press the PRGM button on your TI-84 calculator and locate the "XGRAPH" entry in your regime list. Press the go into key, resulting in "prgmXGRAPH" to show up on your screen; press get in again come launch the app. Once prompted, enter your equation yet use the letter ​X​ instead of ​Y​. If you were hoping to graph one equation such together ​x​ = 2​y​ + 1, your XGraph input would be "X=? 2X + 1" instead. Push the ENTER vital and wait when the regime draws the graph; regardless of entering ​X​ in her input, the graph will certainly be drawn as ​X​ in regards to ​Y​ (which for the example over would it is in the graph the ​x​ = 2​y​ + 1.) as soon as you"ve finished, press the "ON" button to rest the program and select "1:Quit" to exit.