We"ve all competent the exceptionally bright headlights that oncoming website traffic while travelling at night. And also it"s no their high beams, just poorly aimed headlights. In the United claims the department of transportation (DOT) handle the regulations that limit light output and also provides indict for style elements the legal lights must have. Lights the comply v DOT regulations have a sharp, pronounce cutoff, nevertheless of illumination type. This is to allow for suitable aiming, and prevents blinding oncoming drivers. Unfortunately though, part generic lights carry out not meet these strictly regulations. Lamp that room not effectively aimed and changed can blind oncoming traffic, i m sorry can cause accidents. In enhancement to that, lamp from point out lights and also LED light bars have the right to be wasted or underutilized if those lights space not correctly adjusted. In this overview I will walk you with the simple steps come make certain your LED headlights and extr lights are appropriately adjusted, so you have the right to make the many out of lock in safety.

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Headlight convey Process

Find a level floor area through a flat wall (or garage door) and also at least 30 feet of clear space. Most long driveways would execute the job, but be conscious of any level changes. Make certain your Jeep has at least half tank that gas and also it"s filled with its average cargo load to setup one average height your Jeep will certainly most often be in.You will require the following:

Measuring ice (good for at the very least 25 feet)Masking/painters tapeLevelMarkerT15 Torx little or screwdriver

Mark the center of her Jeep

Find a great spot and pull your Jeep approximately the wall surface as near as feasible and note its center. You can use things like the tow hooks or the bumper width together a frame of reference. Then utilizing the level, shot to accurately decide that place on the wall surface and note it with a piece of masking tape.

Mark the center of your Headlights

Next, note the facility axis of each headlight. Usage the level and also take a measurement, therefore you deserve to gauge the almost right location. Usage the center tape on the wall surface as a recommendation to make sure the places are centered. As soon as you"re comfortable v the the locations, usage the masking ice to mark the left and also right headlights" center points.

Move your Jeep 25 Feet Back

Once the facility points of the Jeep and also lights are marked, move your Jeep earlier 25 feet indigenous the wall. Make certain to measure 25 feet indigenous the lights themselves, no from the prior bumper. When relocating your Jeep back, make certain to save it as right as feasible to for sure the lights room still correctly in line with the markings friend made earlier.

Mark the best Height

The best light height level is about 36 inches. This elevation will ensure her headlights are appropriately aimed and also are not blinding dare in former of you. Usage the masking tape to mark the 36 inch suggest with a horizontal heat across. Using a marker and also the level, prolong your headlights and vehicle center points down to the 36 customs line.

Adjust your Headlights

Jeep Wrangler lights can only be changed vertically. Unfortunately, there is no adjustment because that the horizontal side-to-side projection. The screw because that vertical adjustment have the right to be seen behind the small indentation along the sidewall the the irradiate cutout top top the grill.


The screw deserve to be adjusted with a T15 Torx: transforming the convey screw come the left lowers the irradiate beam; transforming to the appropriate raises the irradiate beam. When adjusting the height of the light projected through the headlights, you have to make sure to concentration the bulk of the light at or below the 36 inch horizontal line.Cover one headlight and readjust its elevation by transforming the convey screw left or right. As soon as done, cover the light and move on to the other side. When both sides space done, you deserve to expose both lights and make certain that lock are even with every other and that the key concentration of irradiate is under the 36 inch mark.



High Beams should separation the cross hairs.

When effectively adjusted, your Jeep Wrangler"s headlights need to not happen the trunk heat of an median sedan when you room behind them. This will ensure you are not blinding the dare in former of you or oncoming traffic. Save in mind that if you decide to install a elevator kit or add larger tires, friend will have to re-adjust her headlights.

Adjusting extr LED Lights

When adjusting added LED lights, make certain to think about what you desire out the the light and also research what form of beam sample is ideal for your particular application. Installation a really wide flood pattern lamp as soon as you actually need a lengthy distance, chop spot pattern will be a waste and also may actually reduce usable irradiate — especially in dusty or foggy conditions.

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When properly aimed, LED lights provide a dramatic visibility increase, promotes safer driving, to reduce eye strain and also saves girlfriend money in the lengthy run since the lights critical longer and also draw less power. Check out our choice of LED Head & Fog Lights and Light Bars and Spot Lights.