When you bought a new watch through stainless steel band/ bracelet, it may really stroked nerves you that the tape doesn’t fit her wrist. Right here we will present you exactly how to change the tape to size up. On many watches, changing the strap is straightforward and also can be excellent at home with a couple of simple tools and also a small practice.

1. Placed the clock on there is no adjusting it.

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friend will must note how big the clock is.

If the watch is really loose, friend will need to remove several links.If the watch is just slightly loose and friend aren’t in danger of the falling off, girlfriend might think about leaving it as is uneven it is bothersome.

Make sure you have actually an equal number of links on either next of the clasp that must be removed.This will make sure the clock itself stays focused on the wrist band.Write under the variety of links that need to be removed from either side of the clasp.

You will need one or two press pins. Friend will use these to press the pins that organize the links together the end of their holes.Get a pair that needle nosed pliers to assist you remove the pins.You will require a little jewelry hammer.Make sure you are working ~ above a level surface with an excellent lighting. Friend will have to collect any pins you remove from the band.

4. Put the clock on its side on your flat surface. Be sure to leave around 1⁄2 centimeter (0.2 in) of space between the bottom of each removable link and also the flat surface.


Count increase the number of links girlfriend will have to remove.Find the pin holding the last link in place.This is whereby you will eliminate the links.

5. Acquire your pushpins. Use among the pushpins to push out the pen holding the wristband attach in place.


Push the sharp finish of the pushpin versus the head that the link pin.If the doesn’t give, use your jewel hammer to force the head of the pushpin right into the hole for the link pin.A little amount that the press pin should now it is in protruding from the other side the the link.Use the hammer to drive the press pin in further to get an ext of the attach pin out.

Once girlfriend have sufficient of the link pin out of the hole on the other side that the wrist band to grasp it through the pliers, you deserve to use the pliers to get it out.Grasp the end of the pen tightly v the needle nose pliers.Pull that out.The web links you need from one side of the clasp need to be removed now.You should repeat the procedure for the various other side the the wrist tape now.

7. Detach the clasp native the section of eliminated links. girlfriend will have to do this to placed it back onto your wristband.

Detach it utilizing the same an approach you did because that the links.There need to be a pin holding the clasp top top the links. Remove it using the hammer, pushpins, and also pliers.You will now re-attach the clasp to the wristband.

8. Connect the clasp earlier onto the wrist band. heat up the attach on the clasp through the last connect on one side of her wristband.

You have to see a clean hole where a pin should go to host the clasp on.Take among the pins you removed and insert it into this hole.It have to go most of the method in on its own, except for the last tiny bit ~ above the end.Use the hammer come gently pound the pin right into the hole the entirety way.Repeat this process on the other side the the clasp.Your watch band is now adjusted and assembled.
If you have over-adjusted the watch, shot adding a attach to every side of the clock band.If you haven’t taken sufficient links out, re-assess how plenty of need to be eliminated for the watch tape to be tight enough and also comfortable.Wear the watch for a few days come make certain its comfortable.

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VIDEO: Stainless steel Watch Strap Manufacturing process at smashville247.net.

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