Operators Harumi Todaka and Mayumi Fujiyama answer call Monday in ~ the navy Japan telephone Operator center at Sasebo naval Base. Callers seeking an operator’s aid when lock dial indigenous Sasebo, Yokosuka Naval base or Atsugi Naval wait Facility, finish up speak to one operator functioning here. In addition, Sasebo will soon be managing Guam marine telephone operator services. (Greg Tyler / S&S)

SASEBO marine BASE, Japan — call a base operator or automated relay heat to attach to basic DSN number from advertisement telephone lines no longer is necessary.

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The marine Japan phone call Operator center here additionally has done away with different two-digit prefixes because that local and also international call originating from the base. Consequently, individuals will get one consolidated bill start in October for base phone call service and long-distance calls.

“These space really two various projects,” claimed George Wallman, officer in fee of base interactions at Sasebo navy Base.

Base communications officials room working to gain the word out around the brand-new dialing rule that began this month.

The operator center reaches beyond Sasebo.

“If someone is top top a marine facility in Japan, and also they dial zero, it’s going to ring here” and be reply by among 19 operator working various shifts, he added.

Operators no longer sit at regional switchboards connecting calls v plugs “like in the old Hitchcock movies,” Wallman said.

Wallman claimed the U.S. Air Force, Army and also Marine Corps installations “do their very own thing.” In addition, the mechanism does not serve the Navy populations in Misawa or top top Okinawa.

He stated the operator mechanism will encompass U.S. Naval base Guam following month. Eventually, Wallman added, the center in Sasebo would certainly serve every the Pacific Fleet’s marine installations.

“In the States, in about ’96, technology progressed to where every telephone operator in the United states was consolidated in Boulder, Colo.,” the said.

“We’re act pretty much the exact same sort of point for Navy here in Japan.

“In Sasebo, we used to have telephone operators at the main base and at Hario real estate Village,” Wallman said. “We’ve had operators in ~ Negishi and Yokosuka. Currently in Japan, all the navy telephone operators room right right here in Sasebo.”

Also unable to do is a six-digit automatically relay line in Sasebo. Once a caller connected, that or she would get a 2nd dial tone, climate dial the seven-digit base number desired.

“The difficulty was, as quickly as the automated line picked up, they to be being charged before dialing the number they wanted to reach, and whether or no they acquired an answer,” Wallman said.

Using the brand-new Direct Inward Dialing system, for instance, if one off-base caller wants to contact DSN 252-3832 ~ above the Sasebo base, they merely dial 50-3832.

From in other places in Japan, callers simply add the area code. Because that instance, to speak to the Sasebo base, customers would certainly dial 0956-50 followed by the last 4 digits that the DSN extension.

From the united States, a caller would add the Japan country code and also dial 81-956-50 followed by the last four digits of the DSN extension.

“I choose it. I like it a lot,” said Maria McAlister, one employee in ~ Sasebo’s Fleet and also Family support Center. “Plus, when people used to try and send us faxes using the old system, they’d shot and it wouldn’t come through. Currently they come right through. It works perfect.

“Also, it’s much much better from house when I need to call someone at my office ~ above base. I deserve to just dial straight in,” she added.

Yokosuka marine Base has two did numbers, relying on the Yokosuka prefix you want to call; the two Yokosuka prefixes are 243 and 241.

The Japan advertising area code for every one of Yokosuka is 0468, the counterpart to Sasebo’s 0956, Wallman said.

An off-base caller utilizing DID to contact a Yokosuka 243 number would certainly dial 16 complied with by the last 4 digits that the DSN expansion if they are calling from a 0468 number, that said. If calling from out of the 0468 area or indigenous a to move phone, they would dial 0468-16 complied with by the last four digits the the DSN extension.

The go number because that calling to a Yokosuka 241 prefix is 0468-96 adhered to by the last four digits the the DSN extension, or 96 followed by the last four digits the the DSN extension if dialing from a 0468 off-base number, Wallman said.

Atsugi naval Air basic will have actually DID soon.

Another advantage reaching phone call customers: users on basic needing to contact local or international commercial numbers simply use the prefix 99.

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On call bills each month, the balance for base telephone service and also long-distance calls will be combined. Customers make one payment and also “we reimburse the carriers,” Wallman said.