I newly purchased my very first home and also the breaker the electric clothing dryer is connected to is 20 amp. Ns was said it must be 30 amp through a house inspector however foolishly go not have the seller correct it. If I operation the dryer top top its greatest heat setup it will trip the breaker so ns would choose to swap the end the 20 for a 30. How deserve to I tell if the wiring and such is adequate for 30 amps?

Location: North-eastern U.S.

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It counts upon 2 things:

The gauge (thickness) of the wire; andThe size of the wire.

For 30 amp, a common household installation needs 10 gauge:


To measure up it you"ll must use a wire gauge measurement tool on one uninsulated item of the wire:


You can obtain these on Amazon


The easiest and also surest way to identify the gauge is to look at the bare cable itself, one of two people in the outlet, or an ext easily in the business panel wherein it goes right into the breaker. It is nearly certainly one of 14, 12, or 10 gauge wire.

If friend haven"t worked with much electrical wire, then sighting that diameter that won"t be as easy, so just compare it come a recognized gauge wire, maybe in the various other breakers. Or go to her local electrical supply keep or huge box retailer and look and also feel the wires. Maybe also buy a foot of every to store as reference.


A cloths dryer needs to be fed by a 30 amp circuit v at least#10 awg copper wire (I don"t introduce aluminum) if friend do uncover that the cable you have actually is#10 ga. Copper make sure that it has actually 3#10 conductors and also is not making use of the very small bonding conductor that old romex choose that usually has for the neutral.


Check the cable gauge prior to replacing. I had actually an old victor and comparable wire was 10-gauge copper, few of the ideal wire in the house; ns wrapped the exterior in broad electrical tape.

Also, your breaker must be devoted ONLY to the dryer, even if that is not the code in your area. This makes swapping the end the wire and breaker relatively straightforward, and if the is 10-gauge, swapping the end the breaker is very easy. Just have to turn off the power main to the totality house, i m sorry is normally at the height of the breaker box.

Good luck!


Why not simply run the dryer for a few months and see if the 20 amp breaker trips? If not, then 20 amps will carry out fine. It"s possible that your dryer doesn"t pull much more than 20 amps.

20 amps time 220 volts means a maximum of 4400 watts. If you look in ~ the ago of her dryer the may show the wattage that consumes.

If the line isn"t hidden behind a wall, it most likely would it is in easy simply to change your currently line with 10 ga copper conduit. I suspect it"s a straight shot indigenous outlet to panel v no junctions. It need to take a pro much less than 30 minutes.

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