One that the positives about themes is the capability to quickly adjust your theme. Indigenous the customize panel, users can readjust colors, include images, custom text, add/remove parts of the theme and even change CSS properties.

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Customization is obtainable in the layout documentation under illustration options.

All customization options are included within a HTML meta aspect with defaults passed through the contents attribute.


Colors have the right to be changed with a shade picker indigenous the customize panel by to express the meta facet in HTML and the surname in the CSS.


Possible use: letting the users adjust the theme’s lift color.

Fonts offers a collection of web-safe fonts that customers can pick from.


Possible use: offer users the choice to choose their favourite font.


Images have the right to be uploaded to by individuals to encompass their own photos for use as a background, masthead or decorate image.

When happen a default value, upload your picture as a layout asset in the customize panel.


Possible use: setting the background picture for the theme.

Conditional Blocks

Developers can produce their own conditional blocks which pack on the problem that the user selects the option.

In the complying with example, the welcome text is just rendered when the worth is collection to 1. To turn it off, by default, set it come 0.


Possible use: displaying a welcome message, if the user wants to.

block:IfShowWelcomeTextWelcome to my blog


Custom text

Custom text comes in comfortable when dealing with user-specific text (such together an ID supplied in a Google analytics script, or for adding custom text and also titles masthead).


Possible use: letting the user compose their own welcome text (continued indigenous previous possible use).

block:IfShowWelcomeTexttext:Welcome text


Custom CSS

CustomCSS is where customers can add their own CSS without editing the HTML file. The is surprise under the advanced settings that the customize panel.

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If you arrangement on submitting to your theme to, be certain to encompass the practice CSS variable.