We recommend that you change your combination before you start using your brand-new gun safe. The is a simple procedure but need to be enforcement exactly.

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First, select a six (6) digit mix that friend can easily remember and then monitor the instructions below:


Enter your existing mix and open up the door. When open, expand the locking bolts completely so that the door remains open.

The door should always be open when you are changing combinations.


Enter in six (6) zeroes to go into programming mode. (You will hear a double beep).


Enter her existing 6 (6) number combination. (You will hear a twin beep).

If you carry out not listen a dual beep, leaving the door open and also start over at step 2.


Enter your freshly selected six (6) number combination. (You will certainly hear a dual beep).

If you perform not hear a dual beep, leaving the door open and also start over at action 2.


Enter the new combination again to check your selection. If excellent correctly, you will hear a double beep.

If you execute not hear a twin beep, leaving the door open and also start end at action 2.

Wait ten seconds before moving on come the next step to permit your mix to permanently set.

Not Opening

If the door will not open up or makes several beeps ~ entering your code, it might be time to change batteries.

2 Beeps

If you go into your code and also hear 2 (2) beeps and no engine sound, please adjust battery.

3 Beeps

If you go into your code and hear three (3) beeps. Please click right here to download the combination request form.


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combination Request

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Warranty registration

Submit your details to it is registered your Winchester Safe.

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