A dull and also damaged blade is constantly a load for any lawnmower owner. And when the tongue of a mower i do not care dull it no able to serve its really purpose. 

So, need to do you carry dull or damaged blades? no at all. You have to remove the blade and also install a brand-new one. 

However, as soon as you use a man Deere lawnmower, it’s really worthless to lug the damaged blade. Because the removal process of a john Deere mower tongue is an easy and you have the right to do the by yourself. 

I guess: v you have no idea just how to remove John Deere mower blades. Right? If so, then throw out every one of your worries. 

Because in this article, friend will gain the ideal guideline around the removing process of man Deere lawnmower blades. 

So, why late? stop see how to remove the blades. 

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In this contents you’ll learn:

The process To remove John Deere Mower Blades

The procedure To remove John Deere Mower Blades


If you desire to eliminate the john Deere talk lawnmower blades then basically you don’t need to be worried around the task. Due to the fact that the removal procedure is an easy and you deserve to do this by yourself. It roughly takes 20-30 minute to complete the entirety task. 

Before removing the blades, you require to regulate some devices that will certainly make the job convenient because that you. Let’s have actually a look in ~ the devices that you need to use for removing the blades. 

Required tools:

A brand-new bladeA socket wrenchSmall pieces of wood blocksA hydraulic jackHand gloves Goggles

You space all set now. Let’s see how to eliminate the blade. Monitor the action by step guideline to remove the blade in an simpler way. 

Steps come follow: 

Step #1: Prepare The Lawn Mower for Removing Blades

Take her lawnmower into an even surface and engage the mower parking blade. Eliminate the mower spark plug and also turn the ignition switch off. Eliminate the vital from the ignition switch. 

Step #2: use Hydraulic Jack to Lift The Mower

Now progressive the lawnmower deck into its highest position. Basically I recommend you use a hydraulic jack to raise the mower. Due to the fact that sometimes you should remove the entirety deck because that removing and also replacing the blades. It’s rather a tricky task to remove the deck and also install the again. 

Using a hydraulic jack will certainly really make your task easy and convenient. Simply place the jack under the one side edge of the mower deck and push the manage of the jack to collection the right height. That will aid you to accessibility the mower tongue in a facile way. 

Step #3: location A wooden Block Diagonally

Place a piece of a wood block under the blade diagonally to protect against the rotating that the blade. Turn the blade until it properly contacts with the wood block. 

Step #4: remove the Blade facility Nut

Take the socket wrench and also place it right into the facility net the the blade. Rotate the wrench counterclockwise to eliminate the center nut. After removing the nut, eliminate the washer likewise and ar the nut and washer in a safe location for reinstallation. 

Step #5: eliminate old Blade

Bring out the mower’s old tongue from the spindle shaft. Store the blade in a safe ar to avoid any kind of unwanted injury. 

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Step #6: Install brand-new Blade

Now that time to download the new blade. Take it the new blade that the mower and place it right into the spindle pillar of the mower. Change the washer and center nut right into their ahead position. Block the blade through the wood piece and use the socket wrench come tighten the nut by rotating that clockwise. 

That’s all about the removing process of man Deere mower blades. 


Sometimes man Deere talk lawnmower carries 2 blades. If you have two blades in your lawnmower, then follow the same procedure to remove an additional blade from her mower. 


Always wear hand gloves when you attend to the blades of the mower. Don’t touch the spicy side the the blade in a bare hand. 

Final verdict

So, can you remove the blades of your john Deere lawnmower at home? ns guess you can. Due to the fact that removing blades actually is not a difficult task. 

Following the above-mentioned process and alerts will help you to finish the job without facing any difficulties. 

Hopefully, this article has assisted you to know exactly how to remove John Deere mower blades.