Users who regularly come across images room wondering about an altering the language in Photoshop come Russian or English. Of course, even without that, it’s no so straightforward to work with one of the best and most professional image editors, due to the fact that here you have to take right into account various attributes that may sound various in Russian, and be completely incomprehensible in a international language, which leader to additional inconvenience. Exactly how to readjust the language the the regimen will think about below. 1. Recognize the version of PhotoshopTo discover out the version mounted on the PC, perform the following: - run the application, and also we intend a full launch before the key window; - uncover the item " reference"Or" Help". Most regularly it have the right to be found on the appropriate on the key panel; - then you need to discover the article "information around the system";


- in this window a special field will it is in highlighted through information around the assembly that the program. The an initial line says about the key data that the program, its variation number and the separation, personal, instance identifier that the assembly. This data deserve to be copied and also pasted into a search engine in bespeak to uncover out an ext information about installed version Photoshop.


After the version of Photoshop has actually been found, you have the right to start an altering the language.2. Readjust language in Photoshop - all versionsBelow space instructions for transforming the language of all versions of Photoshop. Photoshop CS1 / CS2
Older version of the picture editor come to adjust the language more daunting than others. ~ all, the program"s manage panel does not include any kind of tabs to regulate the interface language. At the phase of buying the program, the user had actually to suggest which assembly he needed, the is, with what language.


One and second versions of Photoshop themselves reset these settings, which is a bug, yet still appropriate today, as the developers referred to as the assembly not relevant. Because of what the program language indigenous time to time becomes "English", that is, the default language. To settle this bug, you need to discover the root folder "photoshop". Find the magazine "Application Data / Adobe", and find the documents of a one-of-a-kind format.lng - through the way, they room responsible because that the language and also encoding this application. Find all the files "en.lng" and simply delete them native the folder; You should leave the papers "ru.lng", that is, those that relate to the Russian language. The is best not to delete castle permanently, however for a while, or simply move to another place.


The execution that the action described above should take place while the regime is in the disabled state. After ~ the files are turned off / moved - restart the computer and also run Photoshop CS 2/1
again. Now, rather of English, the aboriginal Russian language have to be immediately established. Photoshop CS3Strange, yet the easiest means to change the language had CS 3 - just remove and install Photoshop top top a brand-new one. If the surroundings of Photoshop will certainly be a new one, simply turn the article on the language, download the desired one and also install it. In bespeak to adjust the language without reinstalling the program, girlfriend can uncover the cracker for photoshop cs3 and install it, however this method can reason many different problems through it, crack-not good, according to experienced users. Because such patches are not the product the the main manufacturer, nobody is responsible because that them. Often, the crackers come into problem with the antivirus, which method that in the future, Photoshop will generate errors, crash, occupational poorly and also as a result: carry out not start. But if you decision to install the patch-crack, carry out it in the usual folder the the Photoshop regimen Required. After ~ you must wait because that the installation and restart the computer.


Photoshop CS 4 / CS 5Already in CS 4 Photoshop language have the right to be adjusted through the interface. Do it easy, discover the tab " Edit", After" Preferences", more " Interface"And in the tab" Language ", the is, the language, choose Russian.

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It happens the the settings perform not take result immediately, you need to restart the program to update the routine interface. Photoshop CS 6The newest and most popular contemporary program Photoshop CS 6. In it, difficulties CS 1/2 returned, and now, there is the opportunity that ~ the new launch that the program, that will end up being English-speaking.

It may occur that the character encoding is broken and also will be presented incorrectly, or not at every displayed. And that is why you need to adjust the language in order for the device to upgrade the encoding and fix its bugs. That is crucial to act together in the paragraph above. - run the program and also wait until it is completely open; - discover the tab " Edit»; - traction the cursor over “ Preferences"And wait for the pop-up list; - you space taking " Interface».


- In the home window that appears, uncover the forced field, i beg your pardon is responsible because that displaying text, and then configure the user interface language, as shown below.


- Restart the program.

Photoshop CS 2014/2015The language settings in the CS 2014/2015 program can additionally be changed, together in the vault version. Every language settings deserve to be readjusted through the "Interface". To readjust the text display - restart the program. If the language change was made, yet nothing has changed - try to perform it every again.

Log in to " job Manager", and also then discover in the procedures of Photoshop and also complete it. And also now shot to launch the routine on a brand-new one, and, most likely, it will be in Russian.

3. Change language in Photoshop-onlineIn the global network there space not so countless popular services associated in the distribution of photoshop online, this services: and Castle are totally free, and actions ~ above them deserve to be made gift unregistered.

The site, by itself, have the right to determine the language that the browser and also it is introduce to the language - that will change the user interface in the program. Yet if this did not happen, girlfriend will have to adjust the language yourself. To execute this, walk to the article "Edit", and also then in the tab "Language", where you choose the wanted parameter.


On an additional site, digital photoshop
, usage the same tab "Language".


Photoshop can be mounted in any kind of language. It happens that no experienced, novice users placed photoshop in English and also can no then number it out since of not discovering the language.

In fact, I would advise utilizing English photoshop, because it provides a most advantages. Yet I will certainly write around this later in this article.

And now I will certainly talk about how to do Photoshop Russian, if you have an English version.

Method 1

First the all, examine whether the Russian language is set up in your version; if installed, girlfriend can permit it. To perform this, walk to the food selection Edit - choices - Interface and then in the home window that opens, uncover the UI Language. In the drop-down list, choose Russianif it is there. The language in the regimen will readjust when friend restart Photoshop.

Method 2

Remove Photoshop from your computer and also install the Russian version; once installing, pick the language - Russian. Make certain you download the circulation with the Russian version.

Method 3

Download Crack for Photoshop CS6 4 MB (If you have CS6 - this is latest variation Photoshop).

How to download the crack on her photoshop:

We are searching for a folder in the photoshop folder Lokales. (It is commonly located below From: / Program files / Adobe / Adobe Photoshop CS6 / Locales). Delete all files and folders in this folder. Insert the folder ru_RU indigenous the archive. And also that"s it! We usage Russian photoshop.

And now why is it far better to use English photoshop.

Firstly, no all the class on the Russian web are written through the translate in of commands and also functions into Russian. Yes, that course, on good sites the translate in is replicated in both languages, however not all. In English-speaking resources, naturally all the lessons in English. And on the English web page the largest number and also the greatest quality lessons about photoshop. The latest and most advantageous information shows up there, top top gourmet sites. Execute you think you can read it without learning the English Photoshop. The reality is that you have the right to read and understand the class in English about photoshop without understanding English well. It will certainly be sufficient to usage English photoshop, you will certainly understand every little thing else intuitively. You will certainly come throughout familiar commands and functions in English native Photoshop. This is from personal experience.

Photoshop cs6 exactly how to adjust the language in Russian?

Photoshop is a really popular and popular routine of that is kind. V it, you can make significant changes and improvements in the photos of all types and types. However for many Russian-speaking users, the English-language version of Photoshop causes problems when working. After all, virtually always Photoshop cs6 automatically after installation has an English-language interface. In this article we will tell you how to change the language right into Russian in the photoshop variation CS6.

How to do photoshop in Russian cs6?

This is excellent quite merely - v the settings. To get in them, choose the food selection item “ Edit» -> « Preferences» -> « Interface ...».


Login to the language setups in Photoshop cs6

A home window will open up in which you have the right to customize the Photoshop cs6 interface, including the language.

At the bottom the the window in the ar " Text"On versus the word UI Language open the list and also choose in the Russian.


The inclusion of the Russian language in Photoshop cs6

After that, press the " OK"In the top right edge of the screen and also restart Photoshop. Instantly after the restart, all the menus and also windows will come to be in Russian.

If the list UI Language over there is no Russian language, so you first need to discover the crack because that Photoshop, then install it, and only after the switch the language to Russian in the settings described in this article.

Many customers working with images do no know just how to change the language the Photoshop.

It is not surprising to occupational with one of the most popular and also not therefore easy: a huge variety of functions way a certain complexity the the application interface, and this creates added difficulties.

How to determine the variation of Photoshop?

Follow the indict to discover out which version of the editor is installed on your an individual computer:

run the application; wait until the main display appears; click the “Help” tab (in some versions it may be dubbed “help”). It is located on the right side of the main program control panel; click on the items "System Information";a new text box will show up in the brand-new window with in-depth information about the program and its assembly. The an initial line is basic information around the variation number and also the construct identifier. You have the right to copy this details to a search engine come learn more about Photoshop installed.


Once you recognize which version of Photoshop you space using, you deserve to proceed to change the application language.

Change language in all versions

Follow the instructions listed below according come your variation of the editor.

Photoshop CS1 and CS2

In larger versions that the editor, transforming the language is more difficult. There is no separate food selection on the regulate panel of the routine to readjust the interface language, for this reason the user indicated the variation he essential at the program acquisition stage.


Both of these versions of Photoshop (CS1 and CS 2) immediately reset the language setups - the developer did not deal with this bug, citing the irrelevance the the program’s builds. Since of this, the regime language is constantly return to the default English. To deal with this problem yourself, walk to hDD your computer with the Photoshop source folder installed.

In the application Data / Adobe directory, locate the records with the extension .lng - they space responsible for the encoding and also interface language the the application. Uncover all files with the surname en.lng and also delete them indigenous this folder; leave only those papers that are related to the Russian language (files with the ru tag).

Just in case, do not delete papers forever - conserve them. This rule applies to any manipulations v system files directories and libraries.


Notice! perform these actions until the regime is rotate off. After deleting the files, restart the computer and also start Photoshop again. Instead of English, the user interface will be immediately translated right into Russian.


Amazingly, the easiest way to adjust the language in the third version that the editor is to remove the program and also reinstall it. During the re-installation, you need to select the desired language and also install.

To readjust the screen of the language user interface without uninstalling the program, you can install a special crack, however this is linked with a whole collection of possible new problems, and experienced users shot to avoid Russifiers.

Such language “patches” (mini-programs that are placed on top of the main application and “patch” its tiny flaws) are emerged by advanced users.

Patches space not an main software product, and also the developer is not responsible because that them. Often, the interaction of the localizer strongly problems with the work of the antivirus, and the program begins to act unpredictably - “fly off”, not open, work incorrectly, etc.

If friend still decision to use the crack, install it as a normal regimen in the required root folder of the Photoshop program. Wait till the installation is complete and restart the computer. A great working cracker deserve to be download from the connect - it is encourage in many forums.


CS4 and also CS5

Unlike more early versions, in Photoshop CS4 language have the right to be changed.

To carry out this, walk to the key program window, select the modify tab ~ above the main toolbar. Then click on Preferences (“Settings”). Next, pick Interface "Interface". In the "Language" tab, select the desired value and save the changes.


In part cases, the language setups are not instantly applied, so it is much better to restart the program and also computer because that the setups to take effect.


Fig. 8 - Photoshop CS4 main window


One of the most common versions that Photoshop this particular day is CS6.

It was likewise not without its adventures - often, despite the initial an option of an additional language, after installing and an initial launching the program, customers see a completely English-language interface.

In part cases, the encoding that some characters may not be displayed correctly, so girlfriend should adjust the language so that the mechanism updates all encodings and also corrects inaccuracies. The succession of action is the same as in the previous paragraph.

Follow the instructions:

operation the program and also wait till it is completely loaded; on the main menu bar, click on the edit tab; move the guideline to preferences until a pop-up list appears; now click on Interface;


in the window that opens, uncover the field that is responsible because that the text display screen settings (at the bottom) and also select the user interface language, as shown in the figure below;


now nearby the program and run the again. Photoshop will automatically adjust the language.

CC 2014, 2015

The language setups in Photoshop CC 2014 and 2015 are changed in the same way as in version CS6. Every language settings have the right to be adjusted directly utilizing the “Interface” window already acquainted to us. To adjust the text display, near the program and also after a couple of seconds open up it again.

At the exact same time, in version of SS language bar outwardly frequently does not readjust even after picking a brand-new language.

If this happens and also the language has not changed, adjust the Language parameter in the Interface home window again and close the application.

After that, go to the task Manager of your personal computer and also find in the perform running procedures Photoshop. Right-click on the procedure and choose the end Task item. Then try downloading the regimen again. Everything should work currently with the brand-new language.


Note: as result of the recent release of integrated software updates by Adobe, the layouts of the key windows of some versions of Photoshop room subject come change. Review the information about latest updates and also their features on the main website of the developer for the link.

Photoshop is a famous graphics editor that permits you come perform nearly any manipulation that images. The editor is equipped with a huge number of functions, among which it will certainly be quite an overwhelming to get comfortable if the regimen is in English. Exactly how to readjust the language in Adobe Photoshop native English come Russian, review the article.

In most versions the adobe Photoshop language transforms on the very same principle, if, the course, you have not set up an assembly in which over there is specifically English.

The instructions listed below are noted for translating Photoshop from English into Russian, however given that the layout the the elements remains the same, the indict will work-related for various other languages ​​of the graphical editor.

How to change the language in Photoshop?

1. run the program;

2. at the optimal of the regime window, click the tab. "Edit" and also go to menu "Preferences" - "Interface".


3. In the left pane, click the tab. "Interface". A block will certainly be situated in the lower home window area. "UI message Options" and around point "UI Language" broaden the menu and select "Russian".


4. save the transforms by pushing the “OK” button and restart the program.

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After all the plot performed, her graphics editor will certainly be completely in Russian. Currently the editor will certainly be much less complicated to use.