After girlfriend buy a new Casio watch, the an initial thing you want to find out is how to collection a Casio watch. Many modern watches have complex setting processes. However, many Casio watches follow a comparable user-friendly setup method.

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setup the Time on your Casio

Casio watch setting instructions are fairly straightforward and many Casio models follow the exact same guidelines. Over there are generally two methods of setup a Casio watch depending upon whether the watch has actually mechanical hands through a crown or an electronic watch with buttons.

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setting Instructions because that Watches v Crowns

timeless watches through crowns space the most popular type of clock design. The crown is the knob top top the next of the watch that you typically use to set the time or wind a watch. The crown controls all setup for the watch. That pulls out to two positions - one for setting time and also one for setting the date. You will hear a click at each position. The very first click place is a halfway pulled out crown. In ~ the 2nd click position, the crown is pulled the end as much as it extends. For watches with screwlock crowns, girlfriend unscrew the crown by transforming it clockwise before you deserve to pull the end the crown. Follow these instructions to collection the time ~ above a watch through a crown such together models 1319 and also 2312:

revolve the crown to set the clock hands to the 5 minutes front of the current time and also then earlier them out. At the time signal, press the crown in come finalize the setting of the time.

setting the day on a watch v a crown is comparable to time setting except you collection from the very first click position.

rotate the crown clockwise come the correct date. If the watch has actually a day and date feature, turn hands clockwise to set the day and counterclockwise to set the date. Do not set the day and date between 10:00 pm and also 6:30 am since it have the right to interfere with the suitable functioning that the day and also date adjust for the next day. press the crown back into location to check the date.

setup Instructions for digital Watches

Casio electronic watches feature plenty of different modes ranging from timekeeping come stopwatch. The M switch controls the modes. Right here is how to collection time ~ above a digital clock such as models 1632 and 1813:

select the secs digits by holding the A switch down until the seconds digits flash on the display. as the number flash, push the C button, which will certainly reset the seconds to 00. On part watches such as GW-500A, a stop/start button is used instead of a C button. push the M button and change the an option in the bespeak of seconds, hour, minutes, year, month and also day. Continue in that sequence to readjust information to the current time and date. together the succession progress, number flash as soon as selected. Push the C or stop/start button, to boost a selected number or the B switch to decrease it. Host down either switch to boost the rate of the selection change. Every time and date features are set this way. press L when any type of digit is selected to switch between 12-hour and also 24-hour formats. After setting the time and also date details, press button A. The watch immediately sets the work of the week based top top the date information.

setup the seconds Count

girlfriend can collection the secs count to 00 at any type of time by pushing two buttons in ~ once. Push buttons B and C simultaneously. If you push the buttons once the secs are in a count range between 30 and also 59, the seconds are collection to 00 and also one minute is added. Pushing the two buttons when the secs are in a range of 00 to 29, keeps the minute count the same.

12-Hour Format

once the 12-hour style is activated, a 12H indicator display screens in the message area. A P appears in the display screen during p.m. Times. Over there is no distinct indicator because that a.m. Times.

24-Hour Format

picking the 24-hour format causes a 24H indicator to show up in both the message area and a 24 in the display.

day Capabilities

date capabilities for many models variety from January 1, 1995 to December 31, 2039.

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Consult your Casio hands-on for more Directions

examine your Casio hands-on for much more information on just how to collection a Casio watch. If you no longer have actually the manual, see the hand-operated online in ~ The site has a riches of information and also advice on watch operation and also maintenance.

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