When developing a Roblox account, players must collection a distinct username. Occasionally users make a mistake once entering the name, or, over time, decision they desire to readjust it to something else. When attempting to edit the username, a an alert can show up saying the the account doesn’t have enough Robux. But, is it feasible to swap usernames without spending money? gain the lowdown in this Roblox exactly how to adjust name for complimentary guide.

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Can you adjust username for free in Roblox?


It’s simple to do a mistake once entering a Roblox name. Many players are excited to start playing, so deserve to make a username order error while inputting quickly. Maintaining this in mind, there must be a means to readjust it for free… right?

Roblox players can adjust their name at a cost of 1,000 Robux. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible to readjust a Roblox username for free on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox One, or Xbox series X|S.

The cheapest method to adjust Roblox username is by purchasing one month of Roblox Premium in ~ the $9.99 tier. Subscribers obtain 1,000 Robux (exactly sufficient to adjust name), plus number of exclusive member benefits. These include access to trading and also other improved in-game economic situation features.

After purchase 1,000 Robux (attempting to earn them in-game can take part time), here’s just how to change the Roblox display name:

How to adjust your surname on Roblox

Go to the “Settings” menu:Browser — Click the equipment icon in the top right corner, then “Settings” from the list.Mobile — madness the three dots symbol to go into the “More” screen.Choose the “Account Info” tab.Click the edit switch next to the existing username.Carefully go into the new Roblox username.Enter the existing account password.Press the “Buy” button to finish the purchase.

Changing username isn’t cheap, despite paying increase is the only way to fix a poor Roblox screen name.

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Some individuals recommend impersonating a parent and contacting Roblox support to have actually them switch it for free, yet do not perform this. It could easily result in a file ban, i beg your pardon is much worse than simply sticking with the existing name. Never attempt come impersonate another person, online or in actual life.