After long-term use of your beloved Zippo lighter, over there comes a time when the wick needs to it is in replaced. Instead of a Zippo wick could seem complicated, but it really isn"t the hard. Below we describe exactly how to replace a Zippo wick to do it work like a brand-new lighter as soon as again!

Does my Zippo wick need to be replaced?

If you"ve purchase a brand-new Zippo lighter and you want to change the wick because that the very first time, you probably don"t must replace it at all! how is the possible? very simple! The wick of a Zippo is reasonably long, and also a large part stays unseen within the lighter, while just a very tiny piece is clearly shows (the item that comes the end of the lighter).

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So, if ns don"t must replace mine wick, climate what must I do? There"s other you should always try before replacing her Zippo wick. Instead of buying a brand-new wick, just take some small pliers, and also carefully traction the wick upwards. This might require a tiny force, yet don"t worry: you deserve to pull quite hard without break anything. Traction it increase 1 or 2 centimetres, so the a new, unburnt piece of wick becomes visible. Climate take part nippers to cut off the end of the wick, and your Zippo has actually a "new" wick!

This is exactly how you replace a Zippo wick

We don"t need to tell you that you cannot store pulling your wick increase infinitely. After ~ pulling the up number of times, it i do not care too quick to successfully absorb the fuel, which will avoid it from burning properly. That is once your wick REALLY needs to it is in replaced. Luckily, that is not too complicated either. How specifically you deserve to replace her wick, is described step-by-step below.

Stap 1: open up her Zippo by remove the inside of the lighterfrom the metal case.Simply pull the inside upwards using two fingers, when you host the case with your various other hand.


Step 2: currently that you have removed the lighter indigenous the housing, removethe screw on the bottom of the lighter. now the flint come out as well. Closely remove the spring, the screw and the flint indigenous the lighter and put castle aside for a when (be mindful not to lose any type of parts). Then remove the cotton cushion from the lighter, and also the noodle on the within (that stop the fuel) become visible. Eliminate the cotton as well. Now only the (old) fuse remains in her lighter.

Tip:You can additionally replace your Zippo wick without removing the screw, yet this provides it lot easier and it"s just a little effort.



Step 3: traction the wick upwards (using spicy pliers), and also remove it from the lighter. currently you"re left v an empty Zippo without any kind of parts in it, and you"re ready to download the new wick.

Step 4: take it the new Zippo wick and push it with the hole. You deserve to do this from either side, however we find it much easier to put it in v the height of the lighter and also pull the wick under from the inside. It can not it is in so simple to get it with the hole, however you should have the ability to get the in there is no using any tools. The may help to do the end of the wick contempt wet, and to "twist" it with gently.

Step 5: once you"ve managed to get the wick through the hole, traction it right into position v your pointed pliers, so that the wick is flush through the leaf of the lighter. now the wick is in place! If you"ve pulled it with too far, you can simply traction it earlier using her fingers. If the end of the wick was damaged while do the efforts to gain it through the hole, simply cut off a tiny piece.


Step 6: placed the cotton earlier into the lighter. Note: this is a an extremely important action that you must take some time for to perform it properly. It is essential for the wick to it is in inbetween as lot cotton together possible, so the it absorbs the fuel well. Make sure it"s not pressed every the means against the next of the lighter, whereby it can"t absorb so much fuel. Us recommend "twisting" the cotton around the wick, and to spread out it all about the lighter, making certain there space no "empty spaces". You desire the wick to be exposed come as lot fuel together possible, to do it burn perfectly. Also, make sure there is enough cotton roughly the wick-hole, so the it doesn"t leak indigenous there when you contempt overfill your Zippo.

Step 7: placed the flint ago into the lighter, place the cushion back on optimal of the cotton, put the spring earlier in and tighten the screw, and also you"re done! currently fill the cotton v some lighter fluid, if necessary, and also put the lighter ago into that case. Your Zippo is currently equipped v a new wick, and also it offers you many lightsfor numerous months when again.

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How frequently should I replace my Zippo wick?

A Zippo wick lasts a really long time, and also almostnever needs to it is in replaced. How frequently a wick lasts and also how frequently you must replace her Zippo wick obviously counts on exactly how much you usage your lighter. One wick can quickly last because that months - most average users deserve to count top top a expectancy of in ~ least half a years. However it"s not just around how often you usage your lighter, it also counts how you use it. For one optimal lifespan of your zippo (wick), that is necessary to to fill it betimes, prior to it gets empty. If girlfriend don"t perform this, the wick of her lighter will burn up, instead of the lighter liquid (Zippo fuel). Never ever wait too long and fill your lighter prior to it is really empty!