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A billiards table can easily set you ago several grand. Also the most basic of models can expense at least a thousands dollars. V such a hefty investment, it"s only herbal that you"ll desire your pool table to have a lengthy life, right?Despite your size, swimming pool tables room exceptionally delicate, and also even the slightest crashes can have lasting impacts on them.Here room some innovative methods to store your swimming pool table looking brand brand-new for year to come.

Unlike various other table games like Ping Pong, Foosball, or wait Hockey, swimming pool table calls for special cleaning techniques.

Preventative Measures

First, let"s start with some good habits to exercise that will prolong the life of your swimming pool table. After ~ all, the less you dirty the table, the less you need to clean it.

Treat the table Nicely

Your pool table is no a coffee table, end table, or kitchen table. Carry out not remainder your purse, grocery bags, or any clutter on the felt of your expensive investment. And don"t also think about ever sit on it!Treat your swimming pool table the means it to be intended to be treated.

No Drinks roughly the table

If girlfriend invite her friends over for a ring of pool, odds room you"re cracking open a few drinks. Go ahead and also relax, you deserve it! However, make certain there space other flat surfaces surrounding as you have to never placed your beverage down on a swimming pool table. The moisture from her drink have the right to warp and also stain the wood.

Even if you don"t treatment so much about the wooden railing, you have to still never put her drink down on the wood as it might easily pour out onto your felt.

No, Cigarettes either

Many human being keep their pool table in your basement, garage, or somewhere in the home where smoking is permitted. If you care around the longevity of your table, you may want to strongly reconsider permitting smoking. Cigarette butts and even stray piece of ash can damage and also burn the fabric of your billiard table. No to mention, you"ll never be able to get the odor out.Lastly, don"t chalk her cue over the swimming pool table. The dust native the chalk would at some point discolor the felt and also make it dirtier.

Get a Cover

The easiest way to safeguard your table is to acquire apool table cover! placed your mind in ~ ease, knowing that your table is defended from dust and also harmful sunlight rays.

In the adhering to section, we"ve disputed different techniques to clean your table. The steps remain the same, whether you"re clean amini pool tableor a regulation table.


How to Clean a pool Table Stain and Spill

Even despite you aren"t keeping your drink top top the swimming pool table itself, accidents still happen. If you ever have a pour out on your swimming pool table, it"s command to clean the mess up as easily as possible. Usage a cloth or napkins to soak up the liquid. Then grab a cloth soaked in cold water to clean the spot. It"s vital to remember to blot the area and not rub back and forth. Rubbing have the right to stretch the felt or adjust the direction the the grain. End up off through a dry cloth to soak up any kind of excess liquid.

For stubborn or old stains, use a mixture of food soap and also white vinegar to lift the stain indigenous the table. Again, remember not to rub the felt. Cleaning remedies made specifically for the pool table felt can additionally be purchased online (likethis).


Best means To Clean pool Table Felt

A dirtier and also dusty felt plays a many slower and may stop the cue sphere from roll true. There room a pair of ways to go about cleaning your pool felt:

To vacuum or not to vacuum thepool table felt? numerous billiards enthusiasm will insist you shouldNEVERvacuum your swimming pool table. However, you"ll uncover just as many players that swear you have to vacuum her table.

Vacuuming is a quick way to obtain thepool cue chalkdust and other debris off your pool table; however, the suction have the right to stretch and warp the felt. If you decide to vacuum her table, make certain you collection your vacuum come the lowest feasible section setting.

Many select to stop the repercussions of vacuuming altogether and also opt to brush their table instead.



Pool table brushes room designed with really soft, irradiate bristles that won"t damage your pool felt. The many efficient and also affordable brush is theIszy billiard brush. This good bristles the the brush reaches tough to reach corners, enabling you come remove most of the dust and dirt.

When brushing your table, that is vital to brush in only one direction. Begin at one end of the table and brush in one direction to the other finish of the swimming pool table. Don"t fall the collected dust in the pockets. Use a cardboard or something comparable to choose the fine dust.

Brushing in circles or haphazardly can damage the felt by stretching and also warping it. So, make certain your activity is straight and also swift if brushing. Otherwise, you may finish up disturbing the nap the the felt, which might make it loosened or extended out.

Pool felt Cleaner - advertisement Options

In the market, friend can likewise find ready-to-use commercial feel cleaner solutions. They"re in reality a an excellent option for removing stains and hard to remove spots marks. However, it"s recommended to use the clean solution just after you"ve done the to brush or vacuuming.

The factor is, the solution and the chalk dust under the table have the right to mix and also turn right into a paste. So, it"s ideal to use as soon as all or most of the chalk dust is removed.

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Cleaning the swimming pool Balls


A pool table is nothing there is no the balls. Part billiards enthusiasm recommend washing the pool balls ~ every use, yet cleaning them when a week as soon as you brush your pool table will certainly suffice.

For standard cleaning, simply buff thebilliard ballswith warmth water and also dish soap to keep them spring clean. Put them out (not top top your swimming pool table) come dry. Over there are likewise specialty commodities (likethis) that are qualified of removing oil from the balls the water alone can"t do.

To avoid the yellowing that balls, or for balls the have already started come yellow, usage aspecial mixtureto clean them.

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Alternatively, friend can likewise use baking soda and also water because that cleaning. Mix them till you have actually a toothpaste-like consistency. Rub this mixture top top the balls favor an exfoliant and rinse afterward. This small trick will store your billiard balls spring brand new.