If friend can"t connect multiple computer systems wirelessly to a printer, don"t worry. It is still feasible to usage USB cables to gain the printer functioning through at least two computers.

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How to connect Two computers to One Printer using USB

You will Need:

1 printer 2 computer systems 3 USB cables 1 USB Hub (at least a 2 come 1)
How To attach Two computers To One Printer using USB

Steps to connect two computer systems to one printer

STEP 1: Plug into Printer

You should have actually 3 USB cables (1 the came v your printer and also two added ones you have actually purchased). Take one of them and plug it into the printer"s USB port.

STEP 2: Plug right into USB Hub

Take the USB hub, and also connect the other finish of the USB cable come it. After connecting your computers to the hub, it will certainly send signals to and also from the printer.

STEP 3: operation Cables native USB to Computers

Take your other two USB cables-plug one finish of each right into the USB hub, and the various other ends into each separation, personal, instance computer.

STEP 4: power On

Turn the printer on, followed by the 2 computers.

STEP 5: environment 1

Install the chauffeurs (using the surroundings CD if needed) top top the first computer. Monitor the accuse given, and keep every little thing on default.

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STEP 6: installation 2

Once the very first computer has actually the printer chauffeurs installed, relocate to the next computer and also repeat the driver environment process.

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And currently We"re Done…

That is the process done. You should now have the ability to print making use of both the computer systems on one printer. Remember, if friend buy a bigger USB hub, you can connect even an ext computers as well. Friend don"t just have to stick to 2 computers, 1 printer!

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