With limited (or no) accessibility to the barber shop appropriate now, numerous guys desire to learn just how to cut their hair in ~ home. If you’re one of those guys, nothing worry: we have you covered. The great news is that the buzz cut, the fade haircut and also even a shaved head space a couple of looks the you can totally achieve at home, plus castle are likewise “on-trend” right now.

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This is less complicated to execute than you think. With a little prep and practice, you’ll grasp at-home hair cut in no time.


To start, you’ll need some powered clippers. As soon as you have actually clippers and also are acquainted with the settings, pick your desired style (see below). It’s necessary to note that her barber’s clippers might have various settings 보다 your clippers, meaning your usual “4” in ~ the barber may not it is in the very same as a “4” on your clippers.

Don’t try to cut wet hair with clippers!Be mindful that her barber’s clippers might have various settings 보다 your clippers, definition your usual “4” at the barber shop might not be the exact same as a “4” on her clippers.For straightforward cleanup afterwards, drape a towel throughout your shoulders.To view all about your head as you work, usage angled mirrors if you have actually them, or a handheld mirror so you can see the ago and sides as you go.

The easiest, most straightforward home haircut is probably the buzz cut, and also may it is in a much better option if girlfriend are simply now starting to reduced your own hair. This standard style features a uniform length and also is sometimes referred to together a “military cut” or “crew cut.”

Choose her clipper’s guard length that matches the size you desire to achieve. If you’re just starting out, you may want to begin with the longest guard and also ease into shorter guard lengths together you gain confidence v each new haircut.Hold your clippers through the chisels pointing downwards if the guideline of the security is lightly emotional your scalp.Work slowly in the direction of her hair growth and keep a steady pace to stop making mistakes, tugging on your hair, or hitting her scalp.Feeling prefer a pro? gradually run the clippers in the opposite direction of her hair growth and let the clipper guard feeding hair right into the blades with each brand-new stroke.


The fade haircut — with its an extremely short hair near the neckline and also ears that gradually gets much longer toward the peak of the head — is a more complex look that have the right to require a degree of practice and also skill to achieve. But a natural-looking fade is do-able v clippers, a comb, and also patience.

After you’ve decided where you desire the fade line to begin, pick the shortest clipper guard and start in ~ the bottom using short strokes if you very closely work your means up.When girlfriend are all set for the next much longer guard length, start appropriate where you left off with the previous guard size for seamless blending and also continue to work-related your means up.Once you gain to the longest part at the top, you deserve to use a comb to lift the hair away from your head a bit and also run your clipper throughout the comb.



Maybe you’ve to be thinking around going clean-shaven “up top” because that a while. Shaving her head could be a an excellent look to walk with, and also right now is the perfect time to shot it.

First, hydrate your scalp and the hair friend have before you shave. If the hair on her head has grown past a stubble length, shorten that down with a trimmer or clippers prior to you shave. Us recommend shaving during or simply after a hot shower.Next, apply shave prep to enhance razor-glide and assist protect her skin against irritation.Be certain to examine your lubrication strip for dull blades and also replace them together needed.Then, start shaving using light, gentle strokes. Once you have some practice, you’ll uncover a pattern that works for you, such as starting from the sides just over your sideburns (if you have them) or indigenous the back/bottom of your head close to your neck.Remember to fold under your ears once shaving close to that area to stop cuts or nicks.Be certain to rinse your knives often throughout this process.If you need to re-shave any kind of areas, make sure you apply an ext shave prep.Pro Tip: operation a cotton ball or pad across your freshly shaved head. If noodle fibers stay anywhere, you may have actually missed a spot.

For more tips and also tricks for shaving and trimming your facial hair or human body hair, inspect out our “Stay-At-Home Grooming and also Self-Care Tips because that Men.”


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