In this article, ns will carry out a step-by-step guide on exactly how to delete an IMVU account. Before I do so, I will certainly tell girlfriend a small bit around IMVU, ns will also answer some generally asked questions on deleting an IMVU account.

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What is IMVU

Have you ever before wondered what IMVU stand for? ns have!. IMVU just means, “Instant Messaging virtual Universe”.

IMVU Account

IMVU cases to it is in an virtual life simulator. It’s a ar where you deserve to meet world from all over the civilization to party, sign up with virtual chats through friends, hold a online event, or go on a online date. It’s quite various from popular social media apps such as facebook or even Onlyfans. On IMVU, you develop avatars come reflect her style and also use her IMVU avatar to connect with various other people.

On IMVU friend can develop your 3D IMVU character, it can be anything you want, you deserve to customise your own animated emoji and send message in super funny chat rooms. Some human being think that IMVU together a date site since of the chat rooms.

IMVU is also the world’s biggest avatar-based society network where IMVU users deserve to earn actual money by creating virtual commodities and also hosting events.

How come Delete one IMVU Account

You have the right to log in to your IMVU account one of two people on a desktop computer web internet browser or on her android or iphone mobile browser. If you want to take a break from life in the virtual civilization of IMVU and also you’d prefer to come back to reality (lol), you re welcome follow the step-by-step guide below on exactly how to delete one IMVU account. Deleting an IMVU account on IMVU desktop computer and IMVU mobile phone internet browser is the same, and also there are two means you deserve to delete one IMVU account.

Delete IMVU Account Through IMVU Account closeup of the door Page

1. On your desktop PC or laptop web browser such together Chrome, Safari, or Edge, go to the IMVU account closing page, you’ll require your IMVU login details.

2. Go into your Username/Email and also password to log in in to your IMVU account. If you have actually forgotten your IMVU password, you can reset her password by clicking the forget password/username link, and also a connect will be sent to the email you supplied to authorize up come IMVU.

How come Delete an IMVU Account

5. Lastly write a brief description to describe why you want to delete her account and when you are done tap Submit. You will check out a message on the screen that states; “Your case was created we’ll get back to girlfriend soon“. You’ll additionally get a situation number.

How to Delete an IMVU Account on cell phone App

IMVU right now doesn’t support account deletion through the IMVU desktop app or IMVU mobile phone app. Back you deserve to still delete your IMVU account on your mobile phone by using any type of web browser installed on your mobile phone, this have the right to be Edge, Safari or Chrome.

What happens as soon as you delete her IMVU account?

IMVU deleted Account

When girlfriend delete her account and also you try to log in again, friend will obtain a message on the login web page that says your IMVU account has actually been disabled. Friend can likewise temporarily reverse your actions, i.e. If you’d like to reactivate her IMVU account again you deserve to do the for a restricted time.

How to recover the IMVU Account?

If friend deleted your IMVU account temporarily and also will like to be ago to the virtual human being of IMVU, you deserve to recover her IMVU account. I am no sure how long IMVU keeps deactivated accounts however you can have a go, check out if you can reactivate your IMVU account.

1. You need to have access to the email you provided to authorize up because that IMVU. This is since you’ll require the IMVU account deletion confirmation email that was sent to you when you deleted your account.

2. Open the email from IMVU that says “IMVU Alert: your account has been deleted.

3. Click your IMVU account reactivation link on the email, this will pack up a web page where you have the right to reactivate your account.

4. Just follow the guide on exactly how to activate her IMVU account.

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What is IMVU Number and also Email

Only IMVU member v VIP access can usage the live chat choice to reach IMVU assistance team, if you don’t have actually VIP access, you’ll have to submit a case and wait because that a response from among the case agents

To with IMVU by phone shot any of these numbers ;

“If you desire to contact us through phone, girlfriend can call using this toll-free (within the US) number: 866-761-0975 from 6 to be to 6 afternoon Pacific Time. For international users, friend may likewise contact united state at 1-650-321-8334.”

Thank you because that reading, expect you have discovered this write-up on just how to delete one IMVU account helpful.