Adding music come the iPod appears easy, but deleting song from the iPod doesn"t due to the fact that Apple doesn"t sell the choice to delete song in bulk. To assist you and those who desire to delete a song(s) native the iPod touch, we collection some useful ways to do it. Whether you desire to remove songs native iPod yet keep lock on the computer system or desire to delete lock forever, girlfriend can discover your remedies here.

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Part 1. Delete Songs from iPod Directly

To eliminate songs native iPod/iPod touch without a computer, you have two options - the “Music” app and the “Settings” app. You can delete song one through one in the “Music” app i beg your pardon is a time-consuming task. Or you deserve to delete all songs in the “Settings” app.

Remove songs from iPod via the Music app

For the iPod touch to run iOS 8.3 and also earlier:

Open “Music” app > select “Songs” > uncover the song you want to eliminate > on slide to the best until the “Delete” button appears > insanity the “Delete” button come remove the selected song.


For iPod Touch to run iOS 8.4 and later:

Launch the "Music" App > Click the songs you want to remove > Tap top top "..." next to the song > Click "Delete" and confirm the deletion.

Remove all songs from iPod via the Settings app

Launch “Settings” on her iPod/iPod touch, head come “General” > “Usage” > “Manage Storage” > “Music” > “Edit” > Click the red minus symbol > tap “Delete.”


Part 2. Delete Songs native iPod v MobiMover

Whether you want to remove a track or a bunch the songs, this complimentary iPhone transfer software, MobiMover can aid you do it easily. It can help users delete miscellaneous files on iDevices including music, messages, photos, etc. That also enables you to transport files in between two iDevices, download videos because that free, and also backup data on her iPhone.

Download because that PC Download for Mac 

It performs well in deleting papers with the complying with advantages:

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface.Securely delete individual documents or totality folders indigenous iPod touch.Works for all iOS devices and compatible with the recent iOS 14.Fully compatible through Windows and Mac.

To delete songs from iPod with MobiMover:

Step 1. Launch and run MobiMover because that Mac ~ above your computer > Connect your iPhone to your Mac, start MobiMover > go to pick the "Content Management" ~ above the left side of the display > "Audio" > "Music."


Step 2. Select the music you desire to delete. (You have the right to either pick to delete all items by click the "Select All" or delete particular items by picking a single item) > Click the trash icon. 


Step 3. Then a brand-new window will certainly pop up questioning for confirmation. Click "Yes" come delete music on her iPhone in seconds.


Part 3. Delete song from iPod but Keep lock in iTunes

iTunes is a complimentary digital media player because that Mac and also PC. That can help you manage files on your iDevices. So friend can also use it to eliminate songs native iPod. If you want to delete the song from iPod however keep them on iTunes because that future use, you have the right to follow the to work below:

Step 1. attach your iPod/iPod Touch to your computer and launch "iTunes."

Step 2. Click the iPod/iPod Touch symbol in the interface and also click "Summary" in the left panel.

Step 3. select "Manually regulate music and also videos" native the options.

Step 4. Tap top top "Music" in the left panel.

Step 5. pick the song you want to remove and also then click "Delete."


Part 4. Delete songs from iPod and iTunes Library

If you desire to delete music from both iPod and iTunes library, you deserve to erase the music in the iTunes library, then sync the iTunes v your iPod. By act this, it will erase the music from her iPod as well. Below are the operations:

Step 1. Launch the iTunes on her computer, madness the “Music” mark > pick “My Music” > pick the song you want to delete indigenous the perform > madness “Delete from Library” to remove them.

Step 2. connect your iPod come the computer, tap the device icon > click “Music” under “Settings” > choose “Sync Music” > pick the checkbox next to various items based upon your requirements > click “Apply.”


Bonus Tip

“I deleted music native iPod by making use of iTunes however I just discovered that the music remains on my iPod, it is weird. What happened?”

If you have actually encountered the very same problem, the reason might be that you can not use turned turn off “Sync through this end Wi-Fi” on iTunes. It will immediately sync iTunes v your iPod once your an equipment is plugged right into power and also connected to the very same Wi-Fi through iTunes. Just check it and turn off it to prevent automatic syncing.

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The Bottom Line

As you have the right to see, you can delete songs from iPod via the four methods available in this post. Even if it is you"re planning come delete one song or every songs from your iPod, you can discover your equipment here. If you find this post useful to you, don"t forget come share it through someone who needs help.