With a fairly small amount of warehouse by today"s standards (2Gb), her iPod shuffle will conveniently fill up, especially if you have actually configured that to immediately synchronize ("sync") through content from your iTunes library - be it music, audiobooks, or podcasts.We"ll begin this tutorial with a simple trick that puzzles quite a couple of users who find themselves unable to delete music and other MP3 / audio papers from your iPod.

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Cannot delete files from mine iPod shuffle!

A typical puzzler is when you space trying to remove audio documents from her iPod shuffle, and don"t seem to have the ability to do it. This simply way that iTunes has customized that to instantly synchronize her library"s content. As long as this setting is enabled, you will certainly not have the ability to delete documents from her iPod. Just go to the suitable tab ("Music", "Podcasts", or "Books"), and also uncheck the "Sync Music", "Sync Podcasts", or "Sync Books" checkbox; as soon as girlfriend do, iTunes will resume allowing you to manually regulate your audio content, namely deleting it - first, click the "Don"t Sync " button of the confirmation blog post that appears: "Are you sure you execute not want to sync


Note: anytime you add audio records to her iPod shuffle from your iTunes library, just a copy of that particular file is included to your iPod. In other words, deleting records from your iPod shuffle will not impact the original records in any kind of way, and also you"ll only be removed a copy of the files in question.

Manually remove songs / books / podcasts from your iPod shuffle

Once you have associated your iPod shuffle, choose it top top the left pane in iTunes" key window. Then, click on the appropriate tab (either "Music", "Podcasts", or "Books"), and also scroll come the very bottom of the screen. Finally, under "Manually included Songs" (for example), select the paper you want to delete, and click top top the "Remove" button. As shortly as you click on the "Apply" button at the bottom, iTunes will begin syncing her iPod shuffle, and also delete all records in concern (or click "Revert" to keep them).

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Tip: you have the right to delete multiple audio files at the same time from her iPod shuffle; ~ above Windows, just hold down the control key ("Ctrl") on your keyboard and keep the pressed while clicking on each song, one after ~ the other - and also then click "Remove".

While created for the fourth Generation iPod shuffle (latest version), ours tutorials likewise apply to 2nd generation iPod shuffles ("Gen 2")
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