(1): organize down the button you use to move the vehicle (gas) and the button you use for the handbrake at the same time. 


|| So i’m on Xbox for this reason I organize down RT and also RB.|| 


(2): when you hear the car redlining, let walk of Handbrake or RB for me but continue holding under the gas and the automobile should wheelie. 


Car i used: Déclassé Vigera, Muscle

If that doesn’t occupational maybe try upgrading or try using the car I’ve provided above. 


Hope this is helpful!! 


*the auto must have the ability to do a wheelie, so either try this an approach or look for alternatives for a wheelie bar once customizing.*

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Posted December 15, 2018


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Posted December 15, 2018

This is widely known now, ns applaud your initiatives to educate the neighborhood however.


I"d favor to exactly a couple of things because that you:


-All Muscle course cars are capable of act wheelies.


-You don"t have to "redline" the car, any type of amount of accelerator input will certainly do.


-Having a wheelie bar is irrlevant. Has nothing to do with a auto being able to wheelie or not. It"s just for looks.


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How to perform a wheelie in a auto on GTA Online
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