First, speak to Sensei and earn your method from a white belt to a black color belt by play Card-Jitsu. Once you acquire your black belt and defeat Sensei, he"ll give you a Ninja Mask. Then you"re a ninja in club Penguin Rewritten!


You"ll have access to the Ninja Hideout. If you"re a member you"ll be able to accessibility the Martial Artworks catalog and continue your journey to end up being a Fire Ninja in the Fire Dojo.

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players who space at the very least 30 job old can apply to end up being a an enig Agent. This is a large responsibility—an important component of your task is to help keep society Penguin Rewritten safe. Come apply, click the “M” situated at the height right edge of your screen. Click “Become a secret Agent” and also take the quiz.


If girlfriend are welcomed into the Penguin mystery Agency (PSA) you will receive a spy phone on her player card. Usage it come learn an ext about the PSA and being an agent.

From time to time, you will be request to walk on a distinct mission. Goals require agents come solve troubles using their understanding of club Penguin Rewritten and selection of spy gear. Missions are assigned in the HQ. Click the Top secret console to acquire started.


New penguins are motivated to take it a tourism of the island with an official Tour Guide. That is a great way come learn around the island and also get to recognize your way around.

To take a tour, go to the tour Booth located in the Ski village and look because that penguins put on the Tour guide hat. Ask for a tour and follow the guide"s lead.

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Being a Tour overview is a funny job! You obtain to display newcomers approximately the island. Come apply, walk to the tour Booth in the Ski village and take it the quiz. You must be at the very least 45 days old, have a great attitude and want to help others.

Once you are accepted, check out the Tour guide manual to learn exactly how to provide a good tour and design a route.

Club Penguin Rewritten is a fan-made recreation that Disney"s club Penguin and is not affiliated v The Walt Disney agency and/or Disney Games and also Interactive Experiences.