Fingerboard Trick perform – end 120 Tricks!

Here is a list of nearly every fingerboard cheat you can learn. One thing to keep in mind is the there are new tricks the get added to the list, and you deserve to technically create much more tricks by combining 2 or much more of this tricks together. You could have one infinite number of tricks; however, this only become tricks once it is possible for someone to do them. Come save room and protect against listing countless “possible” trick combinations, we’ve consisted of only a few mix tricks. Save this page and come earlier to this fingerboard trick perform to number out what trick you want to learn next. Here is her ultimate smashville247.net cheat list:

Air Tricks

Ollie: The most fundamental trick by popping the tail of her board down through your earlier finger.

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Nollie: favor an ollie, but pop the nose of her board down through your former finger.

Fakie Ollie: essentially a switch nollie.

Fakie Nollie: basically a switch ollie.

180 Ollie: Ollie and also spin the board half a rotation.

360 Ollie: Ollie and also spin the board one complete rotation.

540 Ollie: Ollie and also spin the board one and a half rotations.

720 Ollie: Ollie and spin the plank two complete rotations.

900 Ollie: Ollie and spin the plank two and also a half rotations.

1080 Ollie: Ollie and also spin the board three full rotations.

Nollie Spins: perform a 180, 360, 540, 720, 900, or 1080 turn after a nollie.

Ollie North and Ollie South: Ollie and twist your hand one of two people forward or behind to allude your board perpendicular to the ground.

Super Ollie: Ollie kickflip and also land together a nose manual.

Nollie North and also Nollie South: Nollie and also twist your hand one of two people forward or backward to suggest your plank perpendicular to the ground.

Super Nollie: Nollie kickflip and land as a sleep manual.

Nollie Flip: A nollie through a backfoot kickflip.

Wallie: after ~ a wallride, ollie turn off of the wall.

Shove-It: Ollie and scoop the board through your ago finger to turn it 180 degrees.

Pop Shove-It: A shove-it with the board getting to a better height, commonly over an obstacle.

360 Shove-It: A shove-it while including one more half-turn because that a complete 360-degree rotation.

Shove-It Underflip: Ollie and do a 360 pop shove-it, and hit the bottom the the board to heelflip.

Shove-It Rewind: Ollie and pop shove-it, climate hit the tail forward with your earlier finger to spin the other way.

Impossible: Ollie and also let the board backflip as soon as over your fingers.

Dustin Impossible: Ollie and hit the sleep of your board through your ago finger to perform a prior flip.

Double Impossible: comparable to a twin backflip, which may require an extra press from your back finger top top the tail.

Flipossible: fifty percent kickflip and catch the board upside under on the tail with your tip finger to fifty percent impossible.

Hard Flip: half backflip and heelflip combination.

Hard upper and lower reversal Rewind: same as a difficult flip but doing a prior flip and also heelflip combination.

Double difficult Flip: This is a twin hard flip, which is a complete backflip and twin heelflip.

One Wheel Ollie: role your plank on among the back wheels and ollie.

Kickflip: Ollie and catch the sleep of her board v your front finger to rotate the board towards you in one rotation.

Double Kickflip: very same as a kickflip however with 2 rotations.

Triple Kickflip: Three complete kickflip rotations, i beg your pardon requires more pressure top top both the tail pop and also front finger record while maintaining control.

Varial Kickflip: A mix of a kickflip and a pop shove-it.

Late Flip: This trick is a kickflip, yet you wait till the last second to do the kickflip together the board is relocating toward the ground.

Kickflip Underflip: Ollie high and kickflip on the means up, then push the board the other means to heelflip ~ above the method down.

Thumb Flip: execute a kickflip, yet instead of her front finger tapping the nose of the board, use your thumb to flip it.

Heelflip: like a kickflip yet rotation the board away indigenous you rather of towards you.

Varial Heelflip: start with a shove-it and also flick the end for a heelflip.

Laser upper and lower reversal (360 Varial Heelflip): carry out a varial heelflip (shove-it right into a heelflip); however, revolve the plank one full rotation (360 degrees) rather of half a rotation (180 degrees).

Walk The Dog: Pivot the fingerboard a half rotation, or 180 degrees while switching her finger placement.

360 upper and lower reversal (Tre Flip): Perform half a kick flip and fifty percent a backflip.

Cabbalerial (Full Cab): carry out a 360 in the waiting while riding fakie.

Half Cab: carry out a 180 in the air while talk fakie.

Knuckler: Ollie high and slap the tail of your board while in the air, letting the board roll over your knuckles, then roll off her fingers for landing.

Superman: Ollie high, leave your center finger top top the board, and also stick your pointer and ringer finger under in the air prior to landing.

Flap Jack: comparable to a knuckler where you hit the tail and let the board role onto your knuckles. However, rather of rolling front off her fingers, flip the board either towards your ignorance or pinky because that a fifty percent flip or backflip to land it.

Air Walk: Ollie high and also move her fingers choose you are walking in the air.

Nose Grab air Walk: exact same as an air walk, however place your thumb under the sleep of the plank to stand for a sleep grab.

Back Flip: fight the tail of her board hard enough for one complete flip backward.

Front Flip: struggle the nose of her board hard sufficient for one complete flip forward.

Half Flip: fight the sleep or tail hard, and also once you have actually completed half of a ago or prior flip, catch the board v your fingers and also bring it ago the method it came.

Surface earlier Flip: placed the earlier wheels on a higher surface 보다 the front wheels, ollie, and backflip if landing through the front wheel on the elevated surface.

Surface former Flip: placed the front wheels on a higher surface than the earlier wheels, nollie, and front flip while landing v the ago wheels ~ above the elevated surface.

180 No Comply: rather of performing an ollie, take your front finger turn off the board at the start of this trick. Usage your ago finger to pop the board while scooping it toward you to revolve the board half of a turn.

Big Spin: Roll the board switch, then kick her fingerboard right into a 360 through your earlier finger when twisting her wrist to revolve your hand 180 degrees.

Benihana: Ollie high and take your fingers turn off the plank while only supporting it v your thumb, then land.

Crossbone: Ollie so your board is pointed up at a 45-degree angle, and also put your ignorance on the nose.

Diagonal flip (Typhoon): use your earlier finger to press hard and fast top top the side of the tail of your board. The board will certainly spin in random directions, climate gain control with your fingers on the tight tape and land it.

Frontside Boneless: Nollie off a ledge and also spin the plank 180 degrees.

Moonwalk (Double Backflip): obtain air turn off of a ramp, and also push the tail of her board with your earlier finger to carry out a backflip, climate hit the board v your former finger in the very same direction to do another backflip. V a most air, you deserve to do numerous backflips if mimicking a moonwalk.

Remote Flip: do a popular music shove-it, but keep your behind finger top top the board.

Manual: ride on the back two wheel only.

Nose Manual: ride on the front 2 wheels only.

Uni-Wheeler (Front and also Rear): journey on one wheel only.

Super Flip: with no finger on the board, fight the tail down to perform one backflip, then capture the board on the tight tape to land it.

Ike Flip: half ollie impossible and kickflip through your earlier finger.

Frontside Varial Heelflip: with your prior finger on the edge of the nose furthest from you and your behind finger on the leaf of the tail closest come you, popular music the tail away to let the board flip.

Helicopter: gain air off of a ramp and also do fifty percent a backflip. Before landing, keep your earlier finger in the center of the board on the tight tape and also use your front finger come spin the board favor a helicopter.

Inward Heelflip: pop shove-it (180-degree rotation) towards you when performing a heelflip.

Outward Heelflip: pop shove-it (180-degree rotation) away from you while performing a heelflip.

One-and-a-half Kickback: Do half a kickflip, then a full heelflip the other way.

Compton Spin: drive in nollie stance and also take your ago finger off the board to pop the plank up 90 degrees, then usage your ago finger to heelflip and also land.

Flat Flip: Ollie to a wallride and perform an impossible while still wall riding.

Wheelslide: journey the plank sideways to slide on the wheels instead of rolling.

Darkslide Flatland: Ollie and also do fifty percent a kickflip or heelflip to land ~ above the tight tape, then use your finger to flip the board for the other fifty percent of the flip to land.

Grab Tricks

Hand Plant: gain air off a ramp, and hold the board through your prior and earlier finger while pushing on the ramp through your thumb.

Gymnast Plant: carry out a hand plant yet extend the board more to it is in horizontal.

Fastplant: Ollie and grab plank immediately, then let walk of board appropriate away.

Foot Stomp: while riding, pinch the center of the board v your prior finger ~ above one side and rear finger top top the other. Hit her pinky finger ~ above the soil while elevating the board up, then let go and catch the plank on the tight tape with both finger to land.

Mute: grab the board v your thumb on the top and also pointer finger ~ above the bottom.

Method: take the board through your reminder finger top top the top and also thumb top top the bottom.

Tail: grab the board v your ignorance on the peak of the tail and your center finger ~ above the bottom the the tail.

Nose: take the board through your ignorance on the bottom of the nose and your reminder finger on the optimal of the nose.

Indy Grab: take the board through your thumb on the top of the board and also your middle finger on the bottom.

Christ Air: turn off a jump, madness the sleep of the plank down v your tip finger if pinching the back with your center finger and ring finger.

Sacktap: Ollie and grab the board through your tip finger and also ring finger before landing.

Madonna: turn off a ramp, placed your ignorance on the bottom of the board and your ring finger and also middle finger top top the peak with your index and pinky pointed out and up.

Pogo Air: Ollie to a fifty percent backflip and also grab the board v your tip finger on the bottom of the nose and also your center finger on the top of the nose (grip side).

Grinds and also Ground Tricks

Carve: simply a big, fast, and also tight turn, normally on a vert ramp.

Rail Walk: go up a vert ramp and walk the dog throughout the coping.

50-50: Grind v both trucks on the rail.

Slammin Grind: do a 50-50 grind however with the front best wheel rolling on the rail.

Stomach Slide: Ollie and do a fifty percent kickflip or heelflip to then grind on her grip ice cream in a boardslide formation.

Spine Slide: Ollie and fifty percent kickflip or heelflip come grind on your grip tape in a 50-50 grind formation.

Nasal Slide: Ollie and half kickflip or heelflip come grind on the screws closest come the sleep of your board.

Pelvis Slide: Ollie and half kickflip or heelflip come grind on the screws closest come the tail of your board.

Tail Grind (5-0): Grind only on the ago truck v the front of her board in the air.

Nose Grind: Grind just on the front truck through the back of her board in the air.

Dark sleep Slide: carry out a noseslide upside down.

Big Hitter Noseslide: do a noseslide one-fingered (front finger in the air).

Big Hitter Tailslide: do a tailslide one-fingered (back finger in the air).

Crooked Grind: Grind on her front van crooked.

Crooked Casper Slide: do a casper on slide crooked top top the curved component of the board.

Salad Grind: do a 5-0 (tail grind) crooked.

Board Slide: Grind on the bottom of her board with your prior and earlier trucks in the air.

The Railer: carry out a 5-0 (tail grind), then lift the nose of your board to only grind on the board and also not the behind truck.

Smith Grind: carry out a tail grind through your front truck rubbing on the side.

Dark Smith: Grind on your griptape with your tail ~ above the rail and also your sleep off the edge.

Darkslide: Grind ~ above the facility of your griptape with your index and also ring finger on the grip tape and also your middle finger in between the trucks.

Bluntside: Grind top top the tail of her board and wheels through the sleep of her board in the air.

Kasper Bluntside: execute an upside-down bluntside (on the griptape).

Psycho Grind: Tailslide v your board fully vertical.

Primo Grind: Grind favor a 50-50 but on the side of her board.

Nose Primo Grind: very same as a primo grind yet with only the sleep wheels rubbing the side.

Feeble Grind: Grind choose a boardslide, however with one wheel indigenous the back and one wheel from the front touching the rail.

Hurricane Grind: start with a 50-50 grind and turn the end of the to just grind top top the ago truck.

Benihana Casper: Casper in a benihana slide positioning.

Ghetto Slide: similar to a dark slide, but with your front finger in front of the prior wheels and also your earlier finger behind the prior wheels.

Rail to Rail: Ollie off a rail to land a grind on a 2nd rail.

Rocket Tailslide: perform a tailslide when grabbing the sleep of your board with your thumb and index finger.

Bluntstall: Stall top top the coping of a vert ramp on her tail.

Nosestall: Stall top top the transaction of a vert ramp on your nose.

Management: Grind on two rails in ~ the very same time through your front van on one rail and also your back trucks ~ above the other.


Start with the straightforward tricks till you have mastered every one of the fundamentals. Take her time with finding out each trick, and also once you have actually mastered many of these tricks, you can try adding extra rotations, spins, and shot riding switch or fakie.

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Make certain you save this can be fried fingerboard trick list so friend can always come back to find new tricks to learn.