Here’s something to draw… a cartoon computer – customized to look however you want it to!

Computers have the right to come in every sorts of various sizes. And also this go not just for the monitor, yet for the various other parts as well – keyboard, tower, mouse, etc.

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And v respect to shape, the core components of pretty much all computers come down to only a couple… rectangles and squares.

In this lesson, I’d choose to present you a simple method of mapping the end – and then illustration out – a cartoon computer… generic so the you deserve to customize it v your own distinctive drawing style.

Let’s get to it!…


First step – Four simple Shapes

Begin by illustration four straightforward shapes to sketch the four main contents – monitor, keyboard, tower, and mouse.

Take a watch on the left… this is a pretty great way to go around it. Of course, you might not be going for the wide screen. Or probably your tower’s on the right side together opposed to the left.

However you decide to position whichever materials you wish to draw, is completely up to you. I recommend you usage the above arrangement though. Then, after that – friend can constantly go ago and repeat this lesson, further tailoring your computer drawing.

Now, let’s get on v the actual drawing…

Second step – A key-board for your Cartoon Computer

Because the key-board in this example, is the closest ingredient to the observer – it makes sense to draw it first. Then again, in this situation I’ve positioned that so it’s not obstructing the monitor. So, illustration the monitor first would also be OK.

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Below, take a watch at just how the keyboard takes shape. Notification how ns come up through my own unique design – using the rectangle come keep everything in line…


A good question come ask in ~ this point… what around the keys!? Well, surely girlfriend can include them if girlfriend like. But due to the fact that this is a cartoon – simplified and also generic, you can acquire away with omitting particular details prefer this. In your case though, perform feel free to add them if friend like. It’ll be a little tedious, yet then again… will probably look great with the extra effort!

Alright. With the an initial component of her cartoon computer in place, let’s move on to the others…

Third action – Draw in the Monitor, adhered to by the Tower

With the keyboard in place, the next logical action is of food to relocate up and also draw in the monitor of her cartoon computer. In this case, the tower is checked out to be obstructed through the monitor. For this reason it makes sense to save it till the end.

And so, here’s exactly how to go around the screen – as well as the tower that follows…


OK, looking nice neat! miscellaneous I’d like to add though – together you’re sketching in the details of your cartoon computer (keys, buttons, etc.), store in mind the there are many different looks you deserve to go for. Use straightforward shapes come come up through a style of your own. Readjust the size, shape and position that the details to make your illustration all the more unique!

Well, not much left to do now… let’s end up it off with the mouse…

Final action – Draw a mouse to Finalize her Cartoon Computer

And right here it is… the final step in illustration your computer. Walk ahead and also make usage of the circle come position/shape a mouse. I made mine to it is in the traditional oval shape. In your case — probably you’d like to perform something different? provide it a shot!

Here’s just how the mouse (and wire) take shape…


And over there you have actually it. When you’re every done – get rid of the underlying structure of straightforward shapes through a great eraser. And after that, think around the color you’ll usage to even further customize her cartoon computer. Oh – and don’t forget miscellaneous to go on the actual display screen itself… get creative!