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Genre: Action, Adventure Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo ESRB Rating: Childhood relax Date: September 26, 1996

First you have to go come the Jolly Rodger only (not inside though!) Then rotate to the right and you will check out a black hole. Jump up and get in come the black hole. Climate you will be in a secret level! You have to collect all eight red coins and also then a star will show up in the middle, climate you have to grab it. Then,you will have a mystery star!

Here is a perform of all the teleports i know around there are 41. Is in bob-omb battlefield the hole where the balls cvome the end go in and you come out closer to the top2. Is in Cool, cool mountian the leaf of the damaged bridge close to the beginning go in and also you come out at the other cabin and near Mama Pengiun3. Shifting Sand land where the large bird is go to the edge of the tree shadow (by the pond or whatever) and you come the end by the wing cap box on the Killer crate trail (im not sure what to speak to it)4. Is in Lethal lava land in ~ the start kill to Mr. I on the Cage-like thing and there is a feet go under it and stay you will certainly come the end at an island v the wing cap box.HOPE THIS HELPS.

Go top top the height of the casle after collecting 120stars. Acquire the flying cap. Walk in the cannon andstay ther girlfriend will have the same amount of timeon her cap as before.

Whenever in water, pole Mario"s feet out. He will have the ability to breathe through his feet. This is quite useless and also it doesn"t work if friend are totally underwater.

When you go upstairs you"ll watch a civilization with awater spider jump all the means to the top and also thewater will certainly be high sufficient so you deserve to jump overthe cage there will certainly be a feet go through to thesecret world

Go come level 2,(the one with all the walkingblocks) go up the ramp close to the deadly plant, gopast the small faces that stick the end of the wall,past the ground that retracts and also then walk over tothe far corner past the metal cap box. Standthere and you"ll warp to a corner over by thehuge pole with the free live in ~ the peak of it.Note: you need to stand as close to the corner aspossible.

Go right into the pyramid and go to a large block. While wrecking the ground carry out a backflip to get on it. Then jump off you will certainly be one level greater than before.

Once you happen up the monkey up and also jump acrossthe void by the waterfall their is a ditch on thewall on friend left if friend jump right into it lock is araceway comparable to the one on the first floor ofthe castle. This one is lot harder than the very first one.

In the the first course of the game, choose up thebom-omb near the huge dog that looks choose a bomb.Then run through it and also throw it in the dog mouththen he will fly up!

Once you are in the castle, get in the door thatleads to the "Sunken Ship" level. When you space inthat room, look approximately before going into thelevel. There is a sunken in box form thing in thewall through a star simply sitting there. Go obtain it.

Alfter you acquire all 120 Stars and also you`ve beat the game. You can beat most any level so girlfriend wont need cheat codes!

In the 30 star bowser when he jumps try to crawl come the the contrary side, as soon as the huge hill is gone slide to bowser and also grab his tail then litter him into the nearest spike to gain your key.

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Run v the hall the is flooded and has anunmarked door. Enter the door and find thelocation where there are two pillars in thewater. Super target slam top top both that them. ~ thewater drains, monitor the arrows the leads toanother room. Go v the door, then discover thesquare feet in the ground. Enter the hole andcomplete the remainder of the level to discover the hat.

After you drain the water go the end the door and to the right, under the bridge. Line your me up through the shadow of the bridge. Next, wall surface kick the wall surface your facing(you should get a coin). Execute this on the other wall surface (you should get an additional coin). Now A life will certainly appear!