Cocoa bean are necessary if you ever before want come make cookie in Minecraft. But if friend don’t have actually a sweet tooth, girlfriend can always use castle to do brown dye together well. The trick, though, is figuring out how to farm them. It transforms out that cocoa is a lot more tough to prosper than just planting that in the ground. In this guide, you’ll learn how to thrive cocoa beans and have as many as you might ever want.

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How to farm yard Cocoa Beans


To farm cocoa beans, first, you require to venture inside a jungle biome. Within the jungle, girlfriend should find jungle lumber with cultivation pods of cocoa top top them. You’ll know you have what you’re in search of when you see big orange/brown ford hanging against the side of some jungle wood. These pods will certainly yield two to 3 cocoa beans, so harvest as numerous of these ford as you can.

While you space at it, also harvest as much jungle lumber as friend can. Cocoa beans deserve to only thrive on jungle wood and also you will need quite a little bit of the if you want a high yield. Do your way back to her farm and begin placing her jungle wood. There are countless different designs friend can collection up for your cocoa farm, yet for now, let’s begin with the easiest version.

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Because cocoa pods flourish on the next of jungle wood, it would certainly be finest to make pillars of the stuff. Think of it together making your very own tiny controlled jungle. Don’t make them as well high, or friend will have a hard time harvesting the cocoa bean at the top.

Once you have actually your jungle collection up, ar your cocoa beans along the sides. The cocoa pods that come indigenous the beans have actually three stages of growth. The very first is a tiny eco-friendly pod that will prosper into a slightly bigger tan pod. The last phase is the orange/brown pod that you first saw in the beginning. If you desire to do these pods prosper faster, you’ll require Bone Meal. Applying Bone meal to every pod will accelerate the growth of every pod, yet you will need a lot.

After every pod has grown to the final stage, just harvest them v your axe, and also you will have actually all the cocoa bean you desire. Do sweets, such together cookies, or use the beans together a method to have actually brown dye. One of two people way, by the end of your farming adventure, you will have sufficient beans to execute with together you’d like.

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Hopefully, this overview helped girlfriend in cultivation your cocoa realm in Minecraft. If that did, allow us know in the comments below! together well, share it approximately so it help others.