This is a list of most typical problems encountered through a sewing machine bobbin. In each situation I will attempt come list common solutions, most of the moment from experience. However my sewing equipments keep impressive me, I store finding brand-new problems nearly constantly for this reason this is no a complete list. Much from it!


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Bobbin winder stopped working (bobbin winder no working, bobbin not winding, bobbin quit winding)

This is a usual problem v computerized machines, the seems. If you space experiencing problems with her bobbin no winding, monitor the steps below to settle this issue.

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Bobbin winder on mine Janome
Verify the you are using the correct size bobbins.Check if girlfriend aligned the groove in the bobbin v the feather on the fail winder shaft and also pressed under on the bobbin until it snapped right into place.Check if the object is passed through the failure winding guide correctly.Check if there room scratches or various other defects top top the bobbin. Change the fail if in doubt.Make sure that the bobbin winder is engaged.Check under the small bobbin pin. It deserve to be hard to see under there, for this reason a small flashlight helps. Perhaps you have acquired some subject wrapped approximately the pin the holds the bobbin. This can keep the fail winder native spinning. You deserve to clean out the thread very carefully with tweezers (carefully unwind, just don’t cut this thread for this reason it will not fall inside that the machine).Something could be loose or damaged inside, some dirt or particles that have actually made the winder stuck with friction. In this case, the machine needs to be serviced. More recent computerized makers are make (by the manufacturer) so they are an overwhelming to take apart other than by technicians.

Once ns tried come wind a bobbin with an invisible thread to do a blind hem – hems room looking awesome with this thread! the is really invisible. But after this, my bobbin winder stopped working so I had actually to go to a sewing fix shop due to the fact that I was unable to effectively fix the issue. So here is another problem:

The thread might be so tightly wound on the bobbin as to prevent that removal from the winder. Unwind the failure if you can not eliminate it native the winder

But in the meantime, ns bought a stand alone fail winder dubbed Sidewinder. I like it. The works v batteries or a power supply. It’s no perfect, the doesn’t wind bobbins evenly sometimes but still, i wind bunches of bobbins and have them prepared ahead of time. A much much better alternative to use my beloved (and expensive) Janome 6600P.


There might be a couple of reasons why your bobbin is winding unevenly.

First of all – use the correct bobbin for your machine.If the thread gets caught or tangled when you are winding the bobbin, the bobbin can be wound unevenly.If every little thing is correct however you still have a glob in the center or tapered end you can use your finger to assist the bobbin fill evenly.
Watch this video on YouTube
Using the finger to assist wind the failure evenly

Sewing an equipment not picking up the failure thread

First, inspect if you supplied a bobbin that has been designed for her machine.Make sure the bobbin-winding spindle has been pushed ago to early position for sewing ~ the bobbin was winded. If the is not in the correct position, the needle will not walk down and also pick-up your bobbin thread.Verify that your needle is set in the slot properly, every the means up right into the needle shaft, with the flat side of the needle towards the behind of the machine. Or perhaps your needle is also big, also small, or defective? sometimes a needle can obtain bent. Shot to adjust the needle for a brand-new one. If you have a correct new needle you immediately exclude it as a factor the maker won’t pick up the bobbin thread. Re-threading the needle is also something you need to do right off.Be sure the bobbin subject is reasonably long (about 3-4 inches).

The below video will show the process of inserting the bobbin right into its location in the sewing machine. This is a optimal loading sewing maker which go not have actually an extra failure case, most modern-day sewing devices are prefer this.

Inserting the bobbin right into the sewing machineThe bobbin thread & optimal thread have to be pulled come the earlier before starting sewing (for many sewing machines).Also, make certain your failure is inserted correctly (couterclockwise), you can have the bobbin turned the not correct direction.Check the bobbin situation under the bobbin. Because that example, I found once a piece of a damaged needle in there. Use a distinct brush to eliminate any collected lint and dirt. Ns love to use this brush since its angled allude fits into tight spots. Or use a small but powerful handheld vacuum cleaner. It functions really great.

I have actually an older vacuum model, corded; there are cordless choices now, they room much much easier to use.

Using a vacuum cleaner

If your maker still doesn’t pick up the thread, you might need to have it repaired for timing in a sewing company center. If the timing is out, the needle object is no meeting the fail thread gradually to kind a stitch.

Thread bunching up, looping and also tangling.

This is often called “birdnesting” as soon as the thread bunches increase on the optimal or ~ above the underside of your towel like in this image. The causes can unfortunately be multiple.

Sometimes we have tangles and bunches of object in the bobbin area and the sewing maker locks up and you hear a rattling noise. Avoid the device immediately however don’t panic.

First, cut through all the extra thread to gain your fabric free. Shot not to cut the fabric. It might be fairly difficult. Be patient and don’t traction the towel out through a large force, otherwise, you can damages your sewing machine. Eliminate all the reduced thread bits, open up the bobbin holder cover making sure nothing is left in the bobbin situation or roughly it.

If you want to discover out the problem consider the following.

1. The most usual reason for birdnesting is the needle tension. Your top thread tension may be too loose if you are getting thread bunching under her fabric. So inspect if the object is properly going with the stress disks. If every little thing is right try tightening the upper anxiety to deal with the problem. Only relocate your stress a little at a time.

2. Verify if her needle is threaded correctly. Does it go through the subject guide? v the stress and anxiety disks? Rethread the maker to see if that solves her problem.

3. Verify if your bobbin is threaded and inserted correctly.

4. Birdnesting may happen also if you are using different species of threads in the needle and also in the bobbin. It’s perfectly normal to execute so however if the difference in subject weight and fiber is as well big it may be the reason for subject bunching.

5. Use good quality thread. If the thread has actually knots and loosened fibers comes out adjust the thread.

6. Don’t sew through the presser foot up. Everybody walk this indigenous time come time, specifically with hefty fabric. Make certain to constantly put your presser foot down to protect against bunching.

7. Make sure you room using the proper needle because that the fabric you room using.

8. Also, double-check that the needle is no bent. If you pull the fabric instead of guiding it with the feed dogs as you sew then the needle deserve to bend resulting in all sorts of sewing machine problems.

9. Frequent cleaning and also dusting will certainly prevent many problems. Make sure to dust under the neck plate, in the failure case, and along the thread path. Ideal maintenance takes only minutes and can conserve you a multitude that headaches.

10. Your feed dogs are down: if your fabric is no feeding with your machine, friend will get bunched up thread under her fabric. Over there is a bar on her sewing an equipment to disengage the feeding dogs for quilting and totally free motion sewing, for this reason make certain that her feed dogs space up if you have lowered them recently for other purposes.

11. Your thread tails space too short: if the subject tails coming out of her bobbin and also needle are less than 2 inches long, lock may obtain pulled into your sewing maker when you begin to sew, leading to thread bunching. To stop this problem, you can either hold the subject ends till you have sewn a pair of darn or constantly make certain that her thread tails room at least three inch long before you begin sewing.

12. You’re not using a spool cap: spool caps keep your spool of object from getting out of control. If you don’t usage one, her thread spool might spin too easily or the thread might snag. So, constantly use a spool cap, particularly if you have actually a horizontal spool pen to avoid bunching or looping thread. Examine out the following video from Christopher Nejman channel on YouTube.

Sometimes birdnesting happens no at the beginning but in the middle of stitching. One minute, the machine is sewing just fine, and also the next, your an equipment has locked up and you check out thread bunching under your fabric.

In this case, friend don’t have threading or tension troubles – girlfriend don’t readjust anything during stitching, right? The most likely reason because that thread bunching, in this case, is lint, that built up inside her sewing machine.

Proper cleaning and dusting deserve to prevent object bunching.Clean the bobbin case, under the throat plate, follow me the thread path. Use a one-of-a-kind brush or a small (but powerful) vacuum cleaner to remove the small bits the lint. Don’t simly punch compressed air come clean within of her sewing machine due to the fact that it can drive dust and lint more into the mechanism. The dust is an alleged to walk outside, not further inside the machine.

Bobbin keeps popping out

There could be several reasons why her bobbin and also the bobbin instance will not remain in the maker (if you have actually a top-loaded machine).

1. Make sure you room using the correct bobbin for your machine.

2. It can occur when the bobbin case is not properly/securely placed. Occasionally this wake up after you’ve take away it every apart come clean or clean a jam.

3. Remove the plastic fail case and also see if it has any type of rough chips or needle holes in it. If the does change it.

4. Look at your plastic bobbin if it has actually some sort of crack or damage in it or if the is the end of ideal round shape. If the thread catches a unstable edge it deserve to pop the fail out. Don’t use bent or broken bobbins. Try a various bobbin with new thread and see if the helps.

5. Also, make sure the bobbin was effectively inserted. Re-install the fail if necessary.

6. Verify if the bobbin has actually been wound correctly and not as well tight.

7. You can have a broken needle tip what in the fail area. It deserve to even end up under the bobbin case. Therefore clean your device regularly and also thoroughly.

8. If the upper thread tension is as well tightthen the thread may loop roughly the shuttle case and pop the off.

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9. Try a different thread, low quality thread have the right to do that as well.

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