This is a list of most widespread difficulties encountered with a sewing machine bobbin. In each case I will certainly attempt to list common remedies, most of the time from suffer. However before my sewing equipments store amazing me, I keep finding new difficulties virtually constantly so this is not a complete list. Far from it!


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Bobbin winder stopped functioning (bobbin winder not functioning, bobbin not winding, bobbin quit winding)

This is a widespread difficulty via computerized equipments, it seems. If you are experiencing problems via your bobbin not winding, follow the measures listed below to resolve this concern.

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Bobbin winder on my Janome
Verify that you are using the correct dimension bobbins.Check if you aligned the groove in the bobbin with the spring on the bobbin winder shaft and pressed down on the bobbin till it snapped into area.Check if the thcheck out is passed with the bobbin winding guide correctly.Check if tbelow are scratches or various other defects on the bobbin. Rearea the bobbin if in doubt.Make certain that the bobbin winder is engaged.Check under the little bobbin pin. It deserve to be hard to watch under tright here, so a small flashlight helps. Maybe you have acquired some thread wrapped roughly the pin that holds the bobbin. This can save the bobbin winder from spinning. You can clean out the thread very very closely via tweezers (carefully unwind, just don’t reduced this thread so it will certainly not loss inside of the machine).Something might be loose or broken inside, some dirt or pposts that have actually made the winder stuck with friction. In this instance, the machine requirements to be serviced. Newer computerized devices are made (by the manufacturer) so they are hard to take acomponent other than by technicians.

Once I tried to wind a bobbin with an invisible thread to make a blind hem – hems are looking awesome via this thread! It is really invisible. But after this, my bobbin winder quit working so I had to go to a sewing repair shop bereason I was unable to efficiently resolve the problem. So right here is another problem:

The thread might be so tightly wound on the bobbin regarding proccasion its removal from the winder. Unwind the bobbin if you can not rerelocate it from the winder

But in the meantime, I bought a stand also alone bobbin winder dubbed Sidewinder. I favor it. It works via batteries or a power supply. It’s not perfect, it doesn’t wind bobbins evenly sometimes but still, I wind bunches of bobbins and have actually them ready ahead of time. A a lot much better alternative to use my beloved (and also expensive) Janome 6600P.


Tbelow can be a pair of factors why your bobbin is winding unevenly.

First of all – usage the correct bobbin for your machine.If the thread gets recorded or tangled while you are winding the bobbin, the bobbin might be wound unevenly.If whatever is correct yet you still have a glob in the facility or tapered ends you can use your finger to help the bobbin fill evenly.
Watch this video on YouTube
Using the finger to aid wind the bobbin evenly

Sewing machine not picking up the bobbin thread

First, examine if you offered a bobbin that has actually been designed for your machine.Make sure the bobbin-winding spindle has been pumelted back to initial position for sewing after the bobbin was winded. If it is not in the correct position, the needle will certainly not go down and pick-up your bobbin threview.Verify that your needle is set in the slot properly, all the means up into the needle shaft, through the flat side of the needle toward the rear of the machine. Or probably your needle is also substantial, as well tiny, or defective? Sometimes a needle deserve to obtain bent. Try to readjust the needle for a brand-new one. If you have a correct new needle you automatically exclude it as a factor the machine won’t pick up the bobbin thcheck out. Re-thanalysis the needle is also somepoint you must execute ideal off.Be sure the bobbin thcheck out is fairly long (around 3-4 inches).

The below video will certainly display the procedure of inserting the bobbin into its area in the sewing machine. This is a optimal loading sewing machine which does not have an additional bobbin situation, a lot of modern-day sewing devices are favor this.

Inserting the bobbin right into the sewing machineThe bobbin thcheck out & peak thcheck out need to be pulbrought about the earlier before beginning sewing (for a lot of sewing machines).Also, make sure your bobbin is placed properly (couterclockwise), you could have the bobbin turned the wrong direction.Check the bobbin situation under the bobbin. For example, I discovered as soon as a piece of a broken needle in there. Use a one-of-a-kind brush to rerelocate any collected lint and also dirt. I love to use this brush bereason its angled suggest fits right into tight spots. Or usage a tiny however effective handorganized vacuum cleaner. It works really great.

I have an older vacuum model, corded; tbelow are cordless options currently, they are much much easier to use.

Using a vacuum cleaner

If your machine still doesn’t pick up the threview, you might need to have it repaired for timing in a sewing organization facility. If the timing is out, the needle threview is not meeting the bobbin threview in time to create a stitch.

Thcheck out bunching up, looping and also tangling.

This is regularly dubbed “birdnesting” as soon as the threview bunches up on the peak or on the underside of your fabric like in this photo. The causes deserve to unfortunately be multiple.

Sometimes we have tangles and bunches of threview in the bobbin area and also the sewing machine locks up and also you hear a rattling noise. Sheight the machine immediately but don’t panic.

First, reduced via all the additional thread to gain your towel totally free. Try not to reduced the fabric. It may be rather difficult. Be patient and also don’t pull the fabric out through a huge force, otherwise, you deserve to damage your sewing machine. Rerelocate all the cut threview bits, open the bobbin holder cover making certain nothing is left in the bobbin case or around it.

If you want to uncover out the problem consider the following.

1. The a lot of common reason for birdnesting is the needle tension. Your top thread tension may be as well loose if you are getting thcheck out bunching under your cloth. So check if the thread is properly going through the anxiety disks. If everything is appropriate try tightening the top stress to solve the trouble. Only relocate your tension a tiny at a time.

2. Verify if your needle is threaded correctly. Does it go with the thread guide? Thturbulent the anxiety disks? Rethcheck out the machine to view if it solves your trouble.

3. Verify if your bobbin is threaded and inserted appropriately.

4. Birdnesting may happen additionally if you are utilizing various forms of threads in the needle and also in the bobbin. It’s perfectly normal to perform so yet if the difference in thread weight and fiber is also big it might be the factor for thcheck out bunching.

5. Use excellent high quality thcheck out. If the threview has knots and loose fibers coming out readjust the thcheck out.

6. Don’t sew with the presser foot up. Everybody does this from time to time, particularly with hefty towel. Make certain to constantly put your presser foot dvery own to stop bunching.

7. Make certain you are utilizing the correct needle for the fabric you are using.

8. Also, double-examine that the needle is not bent. If you pull the cloth rather of guiding it via the feed dogs as you sew then the needle have the right to bend leading to all sorts of sewing machine difficulties.

9. Frequent cleaning and dusting will proccasion many type of troubles. Make sure to dust underneath the throat plate, in the bobbin instance, and alengthy the thread path. Suitable maintenance takes only minutes and also have the right to save you a multitude of headaches.

10. Your feed dogs are down: if your cloth is not feeding with your machine, you will certainly acquire bunched up thread under your towel. Tright here is a lever on your sewing machine to discommunicate the feed dogs for quilting and also cost-free movement sewing, so make sure that your feed dogs are up if you have actually lowered them recently for various other purposes.

11. Your threview tails are as well short: if the thcheck out tails coming out of your bobbin and needle are less than two inches long, they may get pulled right into your sewing machine as soon as you start to sew, resulting in thcheck out bunching. To prevent this trouble, you have the right to either host the threview ends till you have actually sewn a pair of stitches or always make certain that your thread tails are at leastern three inches lengthy before you begin sewing.

12. You’re not utilizing a spool cap: spool caps save your spool of threview from getting out of regulate. If you don’t usage one, your threview spool may spin as well easily or the threview can snag. So, constantly use a spool cap, especially if you have a horizontal spool pin to protect against bunching or looping thcheck out. Check out the adhering to video from Christopher Nejman channel on YouTube.

Sometimes birdnesting happens not at the start however in the middle of stitching. One minute, the machine is sewing just fine, and the next, your machine has actually locked up and you see thread bunching under your fabric.

In this case, you don’t have thanalysis or stress troubles – you don’t readjust anypoint during stitching, right? The a lot of likely reason for threview bunching, in this case, is lint, that gathered inside your sewing machine.

Suitable cleaning and also dusting can proccasion thcheck out bunching.Clean the bobbin case, underneath the throat plate, along the threview path. Use a special brush or a tiny (however powerful) vacuum cleaner to rerelocate the tiny bits of lint. Don’t simly blow compressed air to clean inside of your sewing machine because it can drive dust and lint better right into the system. The dust is expected to go outside, not even more inside the machine.

Bobbin keeps popping out

Tbelow could be numerous factors why your bobbin and also the bobbin case will not remain in the machine (if you have a top-loaded machine).

1. Make sure you are making use of the correct bobbin for your machine.

2. It deserve to happen as soon as the bobbin situation is not properly/securely placed. Sometimes this happens after you’ve taken it all acomponent to clean or clear a jam.

3. Remove the plastic bobbin instance and check out if it has any type of rough chips or needle holes in it. If it does relocation it.

4. Look at your plastic bobbin if it has actually some kind of crack or damage in it or if it is out of correct round form. If the threview catches a turbulent edge it can pop the bobbin out. Don’t use bent or damaged bobbins. Try a different bobbin through new thcheck out and view if that helps.

5. Also, make sure the bobbin was correctly inserted. Re-install the bobbin if vital.

6. Verify if the bobbin has been wound appropriately and not too tight.

7. You have the right to have a damaged needle tip somewright here in the bobbin location. It deserve to also finish up under the bobbin case. So clean your machine consistently and thoabout.

8. If the upper threview anxiety is as well tightthen the thcheck out might loop around the shuttle situation and also pop it off.

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9. Try a different thread, low top quality threview can do that also.

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