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After critical use, cocaine or its metabolites commonly can present up ~ above a blood or saliva test for as much as 2 days, a urine test for approximately 3 days, and also a hair test because that months to years. A hefty user can test positive on a urine check for as much as 2 weeks.
But other factors can influence just how long it stays in someone’s body, such together metabolism, weight, dose, and frequency the use. Drink while acquisition cocaine may also slow that elimination from the body.

Cocaine use in any form can bring the threat of addiction and also long-term wellness consequences. If you or who you recognize is addicted come cocaine, American seeks Centers (AAC) – the leading rehabilitation specialist in the U.S. Is right here to help. Contact us in ~ come speak confidentially v an admissions navigator for help getting accessibility to our successful substance abuse programs.

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To calculation of the impacts of cocaine seeks on a person’s permanent physical health, inspect out our digital calculator.

Impacts the Cocaine Calculator

What space the Immediate effects of Cocaine?

Cocaine is a very fast-acting main nervous mechanism stimulant that produces an intense yet short-lived euphoric high, lasting for only a couple of minutes come an hour, depending on how it is used.1The speed of beginning of cocaine’s effects, as well as the complete duration that action, is affected by the an approach of use:1,2Snorting: impacts felt in ~ 3-5 minutes and persist for up to 20 minutesSmoking: results felt in ~ 5-10 seconds and also persist for up to 20 minutesIntravenous use: effects felt within 5-10 seconds and persist for up to 20 minutesOral ingestion: results felt in ~ 10-30 minutes and also persist for as much as 90 minutesTo calculation of the impacts of cocaine seeks on a person’s long-term physical health, examine out our addiction calculator.
AAC has actually the expertise, trained staff, and nationwide framework to give you the best chance because that recovery. We room committed to the solitary purpose of help you or a loved one uncover their way out that addiction. For much more information around rehabilitation for substance use disorders, speak to us; us are open 24/7 to answer all your questions.

Injecting or smoking cigarettes cocaine can reason a rush, i m sorry is then followed by a high, conversely, other settings of use only reason a high.4 it is typical for people to usage cocaine over and also over again in a short time duration to continue to be high, likewise known together a binge.5 Binge usage is often complied with by an uncomfortable crash.6 The crash may lead them come seek much more of the drug to respond to the crash. Repeated cocaine use can easily lead come an raised tolerance and also even addiction.5According come the nationwide Survey on medicine Use and also Health, around 966,000 civilization in the unified States age 12 and also older met the criteria because that a cocaine use disorder—more generally referred to as a cocaine addiction—in 2017.3

Take our “Am ns a drug Addict?” Self-Assessment

Take our free, 5-minute “Am i A medicine Addict?” self-assessment below if girlfriend think girlfriend or someone you love can be struggling v drug addiction. The evaluation is composed of 11 correctly or no questions that room intended come be supplied as an informational device to evaluate the severity and also probability the a substance use disorder. The check is free, confidential, and also no personal information is essential to receive the result.


How Cocaine Is recognize on drug Tests

Cocaine’s half-life is about one hour.4 This method that the takes about an hour because that the human body to eliminate fifty percent of the cocaine at this time in the bloodstream.7 However, long-term use may lead to longer remove times, allowing particular tests to detect the medicine in the device for an extended period.8 Detection timeframes because that different varieties of tests are listed below:

Cocaine or that metabolites generally can it is in detected in the blood and the saliva for up to 2 job after the last use.9It might be detectable in a hair sample because that months come years.10Its metabolites deserve to usually be detected in pee for as much as 3 days, however it deserve to remain detectable for up to 2 mainly in hefty users.9

Despite the different testing techniques available, urine toxicology screening continues to be the most generally used an approach of testing.9Anyone that is concerned around testing optimistic for cocaine must review the dangers of cocaine use and consider stopping use. If they uncover they space unable to avoid using, lock may have actually a cocaine use disorder.

Those who struggle with cocaine addiction have to seek problem use therapy as soon as possible.

What factors Can influence How long Cocaine remains in your Body?

Factors the may impact how long cocaine stays in your device include:11The dose.Frequency that use.When girlfriend last provided cocaine.Urine pH.Concentration of urine.Kidney or liver impairment.Body mass.

Take ours “Am ns a drug Addict?” Self-Assessment

Take our free, 5-minute “Am i A drug Addict?” self-assessment below if friend think girlfriend or who you love could be struggling through drug addiction. The evaluation consists of 11 correct or no questions that are intended come be offered as one informational tool to evaluate the severity and also probability of a substance use disorder. The check is free, confidential, and no personal information is needed to get the result.

Does method of Use impact How long Cocaine stays in your System?

As pointed out above, the technique of usage affects how conveniently the medicine reaches the brain. Yet it walk not influence how long cocaine continues to be in a who system. Nevertheless of just how it is used, cocaine and cocaine’s metabolites will show up in urine 3 to 6 hours after critical use.4AAC is the Nations’ leader in seeks treatment. We no only recognize the an illness and the connected mental health and wellness components, we proactively treat hundreds of human being each day with individualized treatment programs. We room committed come working with you to determine the best course of action to law the condition impacting your life; we room a fast phone speak to away.

How Is Cocaine Metabolized in the Body?

Cocaine is metabolized by enzymes in the liver and blood. Its key metabolite present in to pee is benzoylecgonine, followed by ecgonine methyl ester.12Benzoylecgonine have the right to be detect in to pee for approximately 4 days, depending on how frequently someone uses, their metabolism, and also the dose.12Benzoylecgonine is the main cocaine metabolite used in medicine testing because it has actually a to pee concentration 50 to 100 times higher than the concentration the cocaine.4

Does Cocaine remain in your System longer if It’s combined With Alcohol?

 Cocaine shows up to be got rid of slower once it is linked with alcohol.

Using cocaine v alcohol can reason a number of problems because that users:13The combination can command to rises in love rate.Using cocaine through alcohol or after drinking alcohol deserve to lead to up to a 30% increase in cocaine levels in the blood.The mix can additionally produce a metabolite referred to as cocaethylene, which may enhance the cardiotoxic impacts of cocaine and alcohol.Cocaine shows up to be removed slower when it is linked with alcohol, and cocaethylene shows up to be got rid of slower than cocaine:

A examine in humans found that cocaethylene appeared to be eliminated slower 보다 cocaine.14Another examine that offered dogs discovered that both cocaine and also cocaethylene were cleared through the human body at a rate around 20% slower once they were an unified with alcohol.15Finally, one more study in rats uncovered that repeated use of alcohol slowed the price of cocaine elimination.16

Can other Substances cause You to Test hopeful for Cocaine?


False positives through cocaine immunoassay urine drug screens are rare. However they deserve to happen, and also the an outcome can reason issues for the person. In one situation study, a false confident for cocaine negatively affected a patient’s pains therapy.17If you believe you have actually a false hopeful test, follow up through the doctor or whoever notified the test and see if they can verify the result with another type of test, such as gas chromatography/mass spectrometry or fluid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry.14

What space the Long-Term effects of Cocaine?

over time, cocaine can cause a variety of harms come users. Feasible long-term health results of cocaine deserve to be impacted by path of management and include:18Increased threat of stroke and seizures.Inflammation that the heart muscle.Reduced ability of the heart to contract.Aortic ruptures.Increased risk of Parkinson’s disease.Deficits in attention, inhibition, memory, decision-making, and motor tasks.Malnourishment.Weight loss.Loss of sense of smell.Nosebleeds.Trouble swallowing.Chronic inflamed, runny nose.Worsening of asthma.Risk of HIV and hepatitis.
Serious worries may be avoidable with beforehand addiction treatment.
How long Are various other Drugs in the Body


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