How to obtain a Motorcycle patent in Mississippi

In order come legally operate a motorcycle in the State that Mississippi, you must gain a “motorcycle endorsement” in enhancement to your regular course R driver’s patent classification. To get this endorsement, the successful completion of a written and driving skills test and paying the required fees room required. If you already hold a precious out-of-state motorcycle license, the written and driving part of the test might be waived depending upon the issuing state. There are 6 considerations throughout the procedure which incorporate the following:

License Classes

Most new Mississippi motorists are forced to finish a driver’s education and learning program. The necessity is for those who room under the age of 15. This class features issues such as alcohol and safety, medicine awareness, protective driving, organ and also tissue donation and also motorcycle awareness. The in-car instruction consists observation and driving time. Plenty of driving colleges offer optional program that emphasis on details aspects of driving and can aid reduce auto insurance, points and also revocation of a license.

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Prior to going with the licensure procedure to acquire a Mississippi motorcycle license, numerous applicants opt for security courses. The Motorcycle Safety foundation offers such courses across the joined States and throughout Mississippi. Although different locations have actually different expenses but administer the same information. The basic Course only lasts a couple of days or have the right to be completed over a weekend, depending on the location. There is additionally a half-day experience Rider food that deserve to refresh speak skills.


License Cost

A motorcycle learner’s costs $1. When using only for a new Mississippi motorcycle license or renewing an present license, the cost is $17 for 4 years and also $33 for eight year respectively. If under the age of 18, the expense is $14 because that a brand-new license. Because that those who currently have a class R driver’s license, that is only an addition $5 to include a motorcycle endorsement which is good for 4 years.

License Process

Prior to applying for a Mississippi motorcycle license, girlfriend must use for a motorcycle Once that is acquired, there are different requirements based on age. For new applicants end 18, you must complete the applications form, have actually your photo taken, provide a ignorance print, salary the fee, happen the vision test, pass the signs and also traffic regulations (written exam) and pass the road test.

For brand-new applicants between the periods of 17 and 18, girlfriend must administer a parent or guardian signature, proof of a finished driver’s education and driver maintain program, evidence of identity, existing your full name and also you social defense card. Then you space eligible to take the written and also road test, which have the right to be tackled the very same day if you currently have your license.

License Requirements

When you are ready to apply for a motorcycle endorsement or license, friend must present the complying with information in ~ your neighborhood DMV:

Required feesCertified birth certificateProof that residency consisting of a lease agreement, electric bill, vehicle-registration receipt, bank statement or parent or guardian’s state driver’s licenseSocial protection card

Road Test

If i was sure in her riding ability, you have the right to take the roadway test the very same day as you obtain your learner’s Therefore, once you pass the created exam, you can immediately take the riding section of the test. In order to execute so, you must carry a licensed rider to take it you to the created exam or trailer your bike to the DMV. Also, Mississippi strict enforces the motorcycle helmet rule so you have to wear one during the road test.

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Written allow Test

Prior to acquisition the written test, ask because that a copy that the Motorcycle structure Operators manual which is obtainable at any kind of DMV. It can likewise be download for totally free online in Adobe Acrobat format. Any type of of the product in this booklet can be top top the test so make sure to study. To it is in eligible for a, you should be 15 year or older and provide proof of being enrolled in school. If you space 14, friend must carry out proof of being enrolled in a driver’s education program in ~ school. This is only acceptable when in the driver’s education automobile with a driving instructor.

When taking the test, you must provide the adhering to information:

Completed application with a notarized signature of parents or guardiansSocial security cardBirth certificateSigned Certification of college Attendance (if under 18)