Planks deserve to be offered to construct a support style for buildings and homes, huts, and shacks. Pink of wood room a sustainable resource. In spite of the fact that that is easily burned, timber is numerous in biomes through trees, making it a beneficial building material.

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Naturally generated wood planks have the right to be discovered in exit mine shafts, villages, pillager outposts, shipwrecks, woodland mansions, and also witch huts. Oak-wood planks are offered in villages and mineshafts, dark oak wood planks are provided in exit mineshafts and badlands biomes, and also spruce planks are seen in swamp huts.

Types of timber that exist in Minecraft:

Oakwood planksBirchwood planksJungle lumber planksSpruce wood planksDark oak lumber planksAcacia wood planksCrimson Stem planksWarped Stem planks

Required materials to do Planks in Minecraft

1 Log

Logs are a critical resource obtained from trees in Minecraft. In survival Mode, lot of the initial gameplay depends solely on this source as a player needs to start harvesting logs to make any breakthrough since they pave the courses for crafting tools, items, etc. Logs are derived from trees, and there are numerous different ranges that selection from biome to biome, however they re-publishing the same purposes.

How execute you acquire logs in Minecraft?

Step 1: decide the type of log in you want

Since there room various types of logs obtainable to you, there room various alternatives for girlfriend to select from. However, the distinction matters only in a few applications, v the most well-known being the building of buildings where different textures have actually the potential to spruce increase the appearance.


Step 2: find the tree

Once you have chose upon the kind of log in you want, you now require to find that tree in her Minecraft world. For example, girlfriend will have to find an Oak tree for harvesting Oak logs. Oak trees are usually uncovered in the Forest, excessive Hills, Swampland or Mesa Plateau biomes. 

Step 3: organize an axe

Once you have crafted one axe. Equip it and move in the direction of the trees. Although, it is worth discussing that initially, trees will need to be chopped by hand because no alternative options will be available. The only difference between chopping with a hand and an axe is the speed of producing logs. Through an axe, it"s faster and more efficient.


 Step 4: begin chopping

By now, friend have found a tree and have one axe equipped. Every that’s left is chopping under the tree by holding the left-click button. Proceed chopping it rotates the log breaks and floats about as a pick-able item.

Step 5: pick up the Oak Log

Grab the oak log in on the ground and also get crafting!

How to do Planks in Minecraft?

In a Nutshell:

To make planks, open the crafting table UI comprise the 3x3 grid. Placed a block or much more of lumber in the do grid to make wooden planks. Four wood planks room retrieved every log as soon as this is finished.

Oak Log:

Step 1: open the crafting table

Open your crafting table to start crafting planks v the obtained ingredients included in her inventory. As soon as you open your make table girlfriend will have the 3x3 make grid comparable to the snapshot below:


Step 2: include the Oak Log

Place a block of log in the do table, preferably in the facility box the the crafting grid. Each block creates 4 planks, so the variety of logs you add will be multiply by 4. 


Step 3: drag it into your inventory


Birchwood planks:

While the other processes space the same, the main distinction is the type of log to obtain. Continual birch trees generate in forests, birch forests and also dark forests, while high birch trees only generate in high birch forests.


Jungle wood planks:

A tropical tree is a created structure native to the jungle biome. Jungle trees range from brief bushes to tall trees that reach up to 30 blocks in height.


Spruce timber planks:

Spruce trees room mainly found in the taiga biome, however they may likewise generate in wooded mountains, snowy tundra, snowy taiga, and giant tree taiga biomes. Their logs have the exact same texture as oak logs, but it is a darker shade of brown; that leaves room denser, with a darker and blueish tone.


Dark oak wood planks:

A dark oak tree is a different of the Oaktree v a thick trunk. Lock are uncovered in the dark woodland biome.


Acacia wood planks:

The acacia tree is uncovered in the savanna biome. Acacia trees are roughly 8 block tall and feature distinct diagonal trunks, and may occasionally have actually multiple canopies.

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Crimson Stem planks:

The crimson forest is dense and also has a crimson color scheme. The forest"s fog is dark red and blazing particles space seen floating. The crimson plank only forms when the stem is placed in the an initial box, unlike many others. 


Warped Stem planks:

The Warped woodland is the most peaceful and safest biome discovered in the Nether since no hostile mobs spawn here naturally. The woodland is dense and also has a cyan shade scheme. 



Congratulations! You have the right to now craft hardwood plank, possibly the most important tool in Minecraft given that the is the basis of the make table itself. Creating a cabin-like look at in buildings and residences. Wood planks space a important crafting material for even the most basic tools, and a an important resource for those just starting out in the game and also trying to survive the first couple of days. Hardwood planks can be used as heating system fuel (each plank melt 1 1/2 items).