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July 14, 2020 by Katelyn Fagan leave a Comment

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If you desire to recognize how to gain permanent marker off wood, you’ll love this tutorial showing how come remove irreversible marker from hardwood via different cleaners and methods!


My 5th child has been a wild one, i tell ya what.

And among the point she loves to go wild with are marking utensils – pens, pencils, crayons, markers, dried erase markers, and permanent markers. She’s like a magnet come them and will uncover ones you didn’t also know were the end somewhere. (P.S. Here’s how to remove crayon native walls.)

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We’ve had actually a many marks from her love work of noting utensils on assorted objects and also places in our home – books, institution books, couches, padded chairs, walls, carpets, windows, curtains, our piano keyboard, computer screens, cabinets, doors, tables, sheets, doors, clothes, and also more.

It’s been such a pains in the butt, not gonna lie.

And try as we might to lock all the creating utensils, i have youngsters older 보다 her who space not for this reason careful around finding every critical stray crayon or marker or pen. Or who forget to lock the arts and also craft cabinet after they were done gaining what they needed.

Oh, and my toddler girl identified how to open the locks on stated cabinet anyway, therefore really, there’s no stopping this one!

Well, at some point she sneaked the end a irreversible marker from mine office and drew anywhere our wood banister in ours upstairs catwalk. It was so ugly and so noticeable!



I simply wet and wrung it out together normal before scrubbing it versus the irreversible marker stain top top the wood. It didn’t seem to damage the wood at all, and did remove much of the mark, however some still continued to be in the serial of the wood.

Method 2: Toothpaste to gain Permanent Marker off of Wood

This was the an approach I looked forward to the least, specifically after ns tried making use of toothpaste because that removing crayon marks from walls several years earlier with zero success.

But, v my cheap toothpaste, i was actually able to eliminate the irreversible marker indigenous the wood! i am NOT sure the means I go it was the “correct” method to usage toothpaste come clean turn off wood, yet it worked.

I placed some toothpaste on mine finger and then gently rubbed it into the permanent marker, in little circles. It take it a little bit prior to I i found it the white tootpaste transforming bluish green, the color of the marker.


Once it was removed, ns took a wet blue microfiber cloth and also wiped that clean.

It seemed to work-related well enough, but the process was the many time-intensive that the bunch and also I uncovered it pistol to use toothpaste for cleaning. Absolutely the messiest an approach as well.

Method 3: Rubbing Alcohol as long-term Marker Remover for Wood

You can apply some rubbing alcohol (aka isopropil alcohol) to a cotton round or cotton rounds and also then wipe that against the irreversible marker on her wood.

This method worked very well! tiny need to scrub and it come off quickly.


Of food the downside to this method is the rubbing alcohol stinks really bad. But, it works great!

Method 4: Hairspray for Removing long-term Marker from Wood

Another messier, smellier an approach to try is utilizing hairspray! I supplied my Garnier Fructus hairspray and sprayed the liberally ~ above the irreversible marker stain.

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After a minute or so, ns took another dry blue microfiber cloth and rubbed it against the stain.

Sure enough, lot of it began coming off. But, over there was certainly still a light residue that blue marker left behind. I resprayed it, but it didn’t gain a ton better. So, the kinda works.

Method 5: Hand Sanitizer for irreversible Marker Removal indigenous Wood

The last an approach we tried to be squirting part hand sanitizer (we had large Member’s note containers that the stuff on hand native a couple of year ago) top top a new dry blue microfiber cloth and then rubbed that right into the long-term marker stain.


And five man! It functioned so well!! and was for this reason easy. This ended up together my favourite method.

Once ns knew I liked it the best, ns told my older kids to all grab a cloth, squirt part hand sanitizer ~ above them, and get scrubbing the permanent marker turn off the hardwood banister.

In no time, it was looking much much better! Yeah! No an ext blue mite on the wood! Doesn’t it look so much far better in the photo below?


I even got a little crazy, and also used the hand sanitizer top top a cloth to remove added writing utensil marks off my walls v ease (and no dripping or not correct Magic Eraser required). You deserve to see me sharing around cleaning the walls v it ~ above my tiktok or below:

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♬ initial sound –

Now, I know the price and availability of hand sanitizer has actually skyrocketed lately due to recent events (but this is avery affordable and huge bottle indigenous Walmart), so i don’t understand if it will be the most economical for you. Quite much all of the methods operated to some degree, so use what you have actually on hand and works for you.

Conclusion – Best way to remove Marker from Wood

Honestly, it to be super difficult to eliminate the long-term marker clues from inside the hardwood grain as well as on components of the timber banister that were softer/more porous, and apparently no stained/sealed fine to start.

No method I tried operated 100% at removing all marks indigenous all parts of the lumber banister. But, friend really have to look carefully to see any kind of remaining clues on the wood, for this reason I’ll take it, specifically for renting.

Now I simply need to figure out how to gain dry erase markers the end of clothes….