How does one clean a scratched ps2 disk, I've tried cleaning it with a microfibre cloth however it doesn't seem come me working well, claimed disk did work yesterday, however it ain't working again, any assist would it is in appreciated

get that professionally resurfaced if that is a an important game. Your library might be the finest place to have actually this excellent (they'll often do it because that $1). Or your friendly neighborhood retro store might do it because that you.

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I have fixed a scratched decaying by polishing with Brasso. The an outcome didn't look great (more the a matte finish than the regular clear look). Surprisingly, it operated though.

It take it a few goes before it worked. I took a small of the surface ar off each time, then cleaned it v dish soap+water and also tried that in the PS2.

I wouldn't introduce trying this unless you really don't care around the disk. Brasso is so abrasive that it would be easy to take too much plastic off.


I recently gained a legit copy of Bombastic that was giving me a shit ton that errors once ripping it with Alcohol 52% or also with HDL from mine PS2. I might actually pat it there is no hung ups, tho.

Toothpaste didn't make a difference at all, but (pure) vaseline diminished a lot the review errors while take it it. Clean the disc and also then just use it through some fabric until you view as many damage as possible disappear (some might stay). Remove all the excess; the layer has to be thin, not even noticeable.

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The just problem could be clean the bowl again, together it's going to it is in a small sticky.

You can buy a resurfacer because that a reasonable price:

Try the old toothpaste trick. Simply put some toothpaste ~ above the cd and also rub it every around and also let it sit out for a minute. I provided to placed my disks in the freezer for a little (not certain why). Yet then after that I rinse and wipe that clean. Appeared to have operated for me


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