Does even reading this expression make you feeling a little uncomfortable? Well, it shouldn"t, due to the fact that it"s a totally natural thing, yet it tho does due to the fact that of our societal conditioning. 

Imagine, if you"re gaining embarrassed just reading around it, exactly how embarrassing it have to be to talk about it openly. No wonder, we were never taught just how to eliminate them. However don"t worry, because short article reading this article, you"ll be prepared to struggle those pesky small white stains. 

Here is a 5-step overview that will help you eliminate semen stains from her clothes and also sheets:



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action one is to no let that set. Usage your finger to eliminate the semen from the fabric. Use it native the side as a scraper, and also not ~ above it. Rubbing it will just make it worse. Usage some water to to wash off the remaining stain quickly, prior to it sets.

2. usage some laundry detergent to obstacle the continuing to be stain, and wash that off with water. In most cases, this must be enough.


3. If the stain is tho visible, shot using a little bit that dishwasher soap/liquid, v a cleaning sponge. Rub it firmly however gently it rotates it"s not visible anymore.


4. If the stain is still there, take a small bit that baking soda and also rub on it for about 30 seconds or so, and also wash the off v water.


5. now ideally, it need to be unable to do by this point, yet if it turns out to be a tiny white devil that just won"t let go, you have to use part spot cleaning techniques or enzyme cleaners the are accessible in the market. However, be mindful while using them top top coloured clothes, since excessive exposure may an outcome in colour bleeding.

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Pro-tip: never use hot/warm water to to wash semen stains. Semen will obtain coagulated and stick even much more to the cloth fibre under warm water. Constantly use cold water for the finest results.