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I psychic in my first playthrough, about the time that you gain assigned to walk to High Hrothgar, I adhered to an different path to the monastery. For some factors I didn"t view the 7000 steps and also I travelled earlier to Orphan Rock, and I scaled the mountain. The was incredibly hard, recognize creatures and also stuff. Ns came across a dungeon with some bandits and a giant frostbite (or wounded, dunno) inside. As soon as I was getting closer and closer come High Hrothgar i came throughout a wispmother, i m sorry annihilated me and also led me to give up my quest, when I found about the 7000 steps.

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I tried searching the wikis yet I didn"t find nothing, can somebody enlighten me top top what this route is told, and also if the is supposed to be an enig or something?

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If it"s the alternate route I"m thinking of, the doesn"t take it you directly to High Hrothgar, however gets you come Ivarsted a lot much faster from the Whiterun area than complying with the road,

East the Whiterun, head southern from the roadway right about where the Ritual stone is. Monitor the course up the hill behind the Stormcloak Camp. Girlfriend should finish up in ~ the river just south that Ivarsted by the troll cave.

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Idk why however I find this hilarious


But anyways, if you want to scale the hill from a different direction, simply buy a equine (or steal one) and climb up the mountain with the - gravity doesn"t use to castle


I discovered it top top my critical Xbox personality which was January 28th.

There is a third way to High Hrothgar. Just pay 1,000 septims for a horse and also scale the mountain like a boss.

steal a horse from the Falkreath Storm coat camp and also head up the hill close to where the 2 soldiers room patrolling, you finish up nearby to where the frost troll is.

The path need to take a character past the Frost Troll encounter. Utilizing the inner of Skybound clock is an alternative for a computer User through Mods the punish a character because that exposure come the Elements. Skybound watch will simply punish the personality with adversaries instead of Exposure. A Horse deserve to make reaching The throat of the human being possible, yet I have had personalities sporting the Notched Pickaxe there is no a equine or a Shout.
She"ll it is in scaling under the hill when she comes..Anyway! ns love the concealed routes in this game that many of us hill scalers never even see. Prefer this one course to Windhelm that ns took indigenous Whiterun as soon as I very very first played he game. Go anyone understand the name of it? I miss that place.. That was favor a snowy valley, so beautiful.I didn"t, but know that there was an additional route up the neck of the World.

Is the the path that leader North from prior to Honningbrew Meadery, previous Whiterun, previous the Lorius Farm? The Road renders a T in the Pale and also Windhelm is to the right. The path goes past Nightgate Inn, through Anga"s Mill, then follows the River right into Windhelm.

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I have actually made the exact same trip yet stayed to the left side and narrowly avoided a particular Dragon monk by a word Wall, however the remainder of the expedition is very scenic, but Gallows Rock and Morvunskr deserve to be uncovered by staying too much left, and there is a opportunity of encountering a 2nd Frost Troll.

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