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Directions to Javits facility (Manhattan) v public transportation

The adhering to transit lines have routes the pass close to Javits facility

How to obtain to Javits facility by Bus?

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How to obtain to Javits facility by Train?

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How to get to Javits center by Subway?

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Station Name Distance
34 St-Hudson Yards 2 min walk check out
34 St-Penn Station 12 min walk watch

Station Name Distance
W 34 St/11 Av 2 min walk check out
11 Av/W 38 St 3 min walk watch
10 Av/W 34 St 5 min walk see
Lincoln Tnl Ap/Lincoln Tnl Ap 7 min walk watch
W 42 St/11 Av 7 min walk watch

Line Name Direction
M34-SBS Select Bus eastern Side Fdr Dr Crosstown view
M12 West village Abingdon Sq watch
M11 Riverbank 145 St Via 10 Av view
SIM8X Park and also Ride Si Mall check out
SIM22 Eltingville Via Ar death Rd Via Richmond see
SIM25 Tottenville Via Rossville Av Via Foster check out
SIM26 Tottenville Via Blmingdale Rd Via Amboy see
SIM30 Rosebank Via woodland Av watch
M42 West next Pier 12 Av Crosstown view

Questions & Answers

What room the closest stations come Javits Center?

The closest stations come Javits facility are:

34 St-Hudson Yards is 121 yards away, 2 min walk. W 34 St/11 Av is 143 yards away, 2 min walk. 11 Av/W 38 St is 180 yards away, 3 min walk. 10 Av/W 34 St is 414 yards away, 5 min walk. Lincoln Tnl Ap/Lincoln Tnl Ap is 490 yards away, 7 min walk. W 42 St/11 Av is 525 yards away, 7 min walk. Midtown / W. 39th St Pier is 786 yards away, 10 min walk. 34 St-Penn station is 1010 yards away, 12 min walk.

See Javits Center, Manhattan top top the map

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Public transportation to Javits center in Manhattan

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looking for the nearest protect against or station to Javits Center? examine out this list of stop closest to your destination: 34 St-Hudson Yards; W 34 St/11 Av; 11 Av/W 38 St; 10 Av/W 34 St; Lincoln Tnl Ap/Lincoln Tnl Ap; W 42 St/11 Av; Midtown / W. 39th St Pier; 34 St-Penn Station; NY Moynihan Train room at penn Station.

you can gain to Javits center by Subway, Bus or Train. These room the lines and also routes that have actually stops surrounding - Bus: M34-SBS Train: far ROCKAWAY, HUDSON, PATH, port JEFFERSON, harbor WASHINGTON Subway: 7, 7X

Want to check out if there’s another route that gets you over there at an previously time? Moovit help you find different routes or times. Obtain directions from and also directions to Javits facility easily indigenous the Moovit application or Website.

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Javits Center, Manhattan
Javits Center, Manhattan The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, commonly known together the Javits Center, is a huge convention center on Eleventh Avenue between 34th Street and also 38th Street in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, new York City. It to be designed by architect James Ingo Freed of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners. The room frame structure was constructed from 1980 come 1986 and was called to honor Jacob Javits, the United claims Senator for new York. When the Javits facility opened, it replaced the brand-new York Coliseum in ~ Columbus Circle as the city's significant convention facility; the Coliseum was ultimately demolished and also replaced by Time Warner Center. The Javits facility is operated and maintained by the brand-new York Convention facility Operating Corporation, a brand-new York State public-benefit corporation. As of 2021, the Javits center has a full interior area the 3.3 million square feet (310,000 m2). It is billed as one of the busiest convention centers in the U.S. It has actually undergone expansions throughout its history, with the most recent growth being perfect in 2021 and including 1.2 million square feet come the building. To plan have additionally been made for the Javits facility to have panels offering solar power.