build a circleinscribing the triangle. So this would be a circle that'sinside this triangle, whereby each of the sidesof the triangle space tangents to the circle. And also probably theeasiest way to think around it is the centerof that circle is going come be in ~ the incenterof the triangle. Now what is the incenterof the triangle? The incenter the thetriangle is the intersection of the angle bisectors. Therefore if ns were to do aline that perfectly splits an edge in two-- therefore I'meyeballing it ideal over here-- this would certainly be an edge bisector. However to be a little bit moreprecise around angle bisectors, I can actually use a compass. Therefore let me make thisa tiny bit smaller. And what I can dois I can put this, the facility of this circle, onone the the political parties of this angle ideal over here. Currently let me get one more circle. And also I desire to makeit the same size. So let me facility it there. I want to make itthe exact same size. And now allow me putit top top the other one, top top the other side the this angle. I'll placed it appropriate over here. And also I want to placed it for this reason thatthe facility of the circle is ~ above the otherside the the angle, and also that the circleitself, or the vertex, sits on the one itself. And also what this doesis I deserve to now look at the intersection ofthis point, the vertex, and this point, and also that'sgoing to it is in the angle bisector. For this reason let me go-- I'm goingto go with there and also I'm walk togo through there. Now let me relocate thesecircles end to here, therefore I can take the anglebisector of this side as well. For this reason I deserve to put this one end here. And I can put thisone-- let's see, I want to it is in on theside of the angle. And I desire the circle come goright with the vertex. Now let me add anotherstraight leaf here. Therefore I desire to gothrough this point and I want tobisect the angle, go best through the various other pointof intersection of these 2 circles. Now let me get rid ofone that these two circles. I don't require that anymore. And let me use this oneto in reality construct the circle inscribingthe triangle. For this reason I'm walk to put it atthe center right end there. Actually, thisone's currently pretty nearby in regards to dimensions. And also with this tool, friend don'thave to be 100% precise. It has some margin for error. And also so let's just go v this. This actuallyshould it is in touching. But this has somemargin for error. Let's watch if thiswas great enough. It was.

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Geometric constructions: triangle-circumscribing circle
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Geometric constructions: triangle-circumscribing circle
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