How come Install mods In GTA mountain Andreas – also with some later on titles in the franchise, GTA san Andreas remains very popular game.This is due, in part, come the opportunity of installing mods, other that always attracts many players who seek to change and complement the gameplay the something.

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For those who want to customize their game, examine out a rapid and an easy tutorial on just how to install mode on your GTA mountain Andreas top top PC!

1. Download and also install ModLoader and also CLEO Bookstore

The first step to putting mods on her GTA san Andreas is todownload the Loader and also CLEO Bookstore plugins.Both are used in virtually all mods easily accessible today.

After downloading, extract the entire materials of the Mods GTA” folder come the folder where your GTA mountain Andreas brochure is located.Check out:


Drag all the highlighted records into the folder on the right of the image.Accept to replace any paper that may currently exist.There, your Loader and your CLEO are currently installed.

2. Download and also install the preferred mods

The following step is to download the mods you want.There are numerous sites wherein you can uncover them, yet we recommend the youaccess ModsGTASA, due to the fact that it is totally in Portuguese and also has a good variety of mods.

In the Mods menu you will uncover numerous options and the respective Download button.When you click it, friend will watch a details page because that the preferred mod containing every the details needed for you come use and also install it:


Click “Download” again to download the mod.

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With the mode downloaded, extract the materials of the compressed paper to the mod loader”folderthat is now located in the GTA san Andreas directory:


There, your mode is installed and also ready to be used.Just run the game and also they’ll it is in active

Attention: some mods require specific commands to it is in activated, which are well described in the presentation the the mods.Alternatively, you can find instructions in the “README” record that always comes with the download mod’s folder.Here is an example:


To conclude, we notify you that nearly all mods you will find currently are mounted in this way, the is, you just need to traction them into the mod loader folder.However, the is essential that you follow the instructions detailed by the website you download from to prevent surprises.

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