this is just how you install Portal 2 - Ultra graphic Mod... Ns made the installation procedure as simple as feasible and ns may learn c++ to do a .exe download file

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How to download Portal 2 - Ultra graphic Mod

NOTE: i dont have actually a mac. Ns dont understand if it works on mac. I carry out not support mac.

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1. Extract the .zip record you downloaded from this page. If you get a folder referred to as "Portal 2" it is good.

(Download is in the documents section, Portal 2 - Ultra Graphics mode - Files click the newest version, then click on the download button, girlfriend will acquire a .zip file)

2. Go to your vapor directory. (for me that"s C:Program records (x86)Steam)

3. Click on the folder "steamapps" then traction the "Portal 2" in common

4. REPLACE, REPLACE, REPLACE! (if home windows asks friend to replace files)

5. Walk on Portal 2, then press the "HOME" key, if you view a bar saying ReshadePreset click on it and also use Graphix2021.

6. Enjoy your 2011 game turned into 2021.


HOME: readjust reshade presetEND: Toggle reshade presetDEL: Toggle  ADOF (Depth  Of Field)INS: performance Mode

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jjbutterfield10 Jul 31 2021

I"m not certain what i"m doing wrong yet after i placed the HD mod papers into common and replace, over there is no distinction in portal 2. Also, click "home" or any kind of other button does not work. Finally, few of the textures in-game room broken, not certain why if the mode isnt functioning anyway. You re welcome help!

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deaddoggo99 Sep 5 2021

it functioned for me

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BlueScreenOfDeath Aug 25 2021

how do i unninstall pls answer

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Guest Aug 25 2021

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