A convenient means of connecting trails, running errands, or exploring earlier country roadways is making use of your dust bike. However, Colorado calls for a the a automobile be “licensed” on many county, state and also local routes.

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Converting your dirt bike to “Street Legal”, and also obtaining registration and also a title is simpler than girlfriend thought! 

Here we will comment on the existing methods and stipulations of act so:

PAPERWORK: The forms required to begin your process can be found at: https://dmv.colorado.gov/forms-vehicles

You will certainly need:

DR 2686: Certification of devices Compliance for Motorcycles https://dmv.colorado.gov/sites/dmv/files/DR2686.pdf

DR 2444: State that Colorado statement of Fact https://dmv.colorado.gov/sites/dmv/files/DR2444.pdf


DR2395: Application for Title and/or Registration https://dmv.colorado.gov/sites/dmv/files/DR2395_0.pdf

Proof the Ownership: Either a completed bill of revenue or your current Colorado Parks and also Wildlife Motorcycle (OHV) registration Card. https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/sites/default/files/Bill%20of%20Sale.pdf


INSPECTION: You will require to call your regional Colorado State Patrol Office come schedule one in-person VIN and Compliance Inspection. Girlfriend are forced to trailer/truck bed/moto-hitch her motorcycle(s) to your location. The cost is $50.00 every motorcycle. https://csp.colorado.gov/get-a-vin-inspection


The Trooper will should see your VIN, so be prepared to unstrap and also turn your handlebars to a direction allowing easy visibility to your vehicles to know number. Also, be all set to begin your motorcycle if no equipped through a battery for indication of her lamps circuit.

TAIL LAMPS and also REFLECTORS: Equipped v one tail lamp mounted on rear shall emit red irradiate plainly visible from a distance of 500 feet. Elevation measured not much more than seventy-two customs nor less than twenty inches. Every motorcycle shall carry at least one reflector conference the needs of this section (5). (Again, an aftermarket tail-light assemble that is LED will reduce stress top top a manufacturing facility stator.)

STOP LAMPS: All motorcycles produced or assembled after ~ January 1, 1958 shall be equipped v at least one protect against light meeting the needs of this section. (A brake light switch is a basic installation. You have the right to use a hydraulic or hands-on switch attached come your behind brakes grasp cylinder.)

BRAKES: Equipped with brakes to control the movement and to stop and hold a vehicle. One wheel shall it is in equipped through brakes.

HORNS: Equipped v a horn in an excellent working problem with an audible sound of two hundred feet. (The days of a squeezy “clown horn” are behind us. Luckily countless manufactures currently offer USB rechargeable horns that require no wiring.) 

MIRRORS: Equipped through a mirror complimentary of obstruction that views a street of 2 hundred feet to the rear.

RESTRICTIONS ON tires EQUIPMENT: Must be marked DOT on-road use.

SPECIAL tools OR MODIFICATIONS: All initial safety equipment must be in appropriate working condition. (If her motorcycle is equipped through something, it have to work. Example, if you have turn indicators/blinkers installed on her bike, they have to function.)

TITLING/REGISTRATION: The following step is come take her completed paperwork to the DMV.

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You will require your DR2686 (Certification of tools compliance two pages), DR2704 (Certified VIN inspection), DR2444 (statement of odometer), completed DR2395 (Application for Title and/or Registration), your current and also valid drivers license v a motorcycle endorsement, proof of existing insurance because that the motorcycle you intended on registering), and also your proof of property (bill of revenue or CPW OHV registration card).

CPW OHV PERMIT: Once her motorcycle is plated, you can now obtain a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Off-Highway car Permit. Much more information can be found here: https://cpw.state.co.us/buyapply/Pages/RegistrationsOHV.aspx