This imperial flush drink is a delicious, whiskey based cocktail. Lug a touch of las Vegas home with this basic to make beverage that’s an excellent for a night through friends and also family.


Need a fun, tasty drink to offer at a party or poker night? This royal flush drink fits the bill and also it’s so straightforward to make. Girlfriend can likewise use these exact same ingredients to do a las vegas Bomb shoot to add to her cocktail list.


This drink is similar to the original Crown royal recipe. Girlfriend could change it up by including either a splash that raspberry liqueur choose Chambord or a splash the Malibu rum for a small tropical flavor. That’s the an excellent thing about being your very own bartender, you have the right to make what friend want.

Crown Royal – Crown royal is a wealthy Canadian whiskey that has clues of fruit and also vanilla. This is the initial whiskey used for this drink however you deserve to substitute through your favorite.

Peach Schnapps – A peach liqueur that adds fruity flavor.

Cranberry Juice – use your favorite cranberry juice.

Ice – I find this drink is best shaken, no stirred. Shower it renders it nice, cold and also refreshing. If friend don’t have a shaker you deserve to just give it a an excellent stir and also pour over ice.

Optional garnish: There room a few ways come garnish this whiskey cocktail. Us like including maraschino cherries. They include a little extra sweetness and pop that color.

You might also include orange peel or an orange part or even some fresh peaches throughout the summer. ***Tip: use frozen peach slices in the drink to act choose ice cubes.


How come make

This drink is an easy to assemble. Feel cost-free to clock the video clip below for a step-by-step visual.

Pour in Crown Royal, peach schnapps and also cranberry juice. (If friend are adding rum or Chambord, to water it in now.)Place the lid top top shaker and also shake for 20-30 seconds. Fill a highball glass through ice and pour drink. Add garnish if you like and also serve.

Can this it is in made in a pitcher?

The recipe below is for one cocktail. If you desire to make it for a party you can premix the whiskey, schnapps and also juice in a pitcher and cool in the frozen refrigerator until ready to serve. Simply rise the amount of each ingredient by the number of drinks you will be making.


You have the right to easily change the ingredient amount to suit your needs. If you like your drink a small stronger, add an extra 1/2 ounce of whiskey. If you prefer it weaker, use about an oz of whiskey or include extra cranberry juice. Use several ice when shaking. I prefer filling the shaker up completely with ice.

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Try frozen cranberries or frozen peach slices because that a funny garnish that will store your drink cool.Use huge ice cubes to assist prevent the ice from melt quickly and also watering down the drink.

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